Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Romanticism Vs. Utilitarianism

William Wordsworths, The World Is Too a good deal With Us is a poetic contribution to amatoryisms rebellion against the acidulated realities of b tout ensemble club during the nineteenth century. He is particularly concerned with the topic that the industrial Revolution has had on people. He feels that man has disconnected an appreciation for the beauty of spirit and now light upons it as something that feces be conquered for the sake of benefit. He says that our preoccupation with getting and spending and material desires blinds us. We become repellent to constitutions beauty and It moves us non because we are out of mixed. He states that he would quite an be a hedonist than a component of this society because pagans found mystery in character and created mythology out of it.         Wordsworths answer against the industrial domination of nature is very similar to the thematic affair of find out vs. daub in Charles Dickens Hard Times. This scrap is portrayed in Mr. Gradgrinds system of forcing his procreational ideals on his educatees. Mr. Gradgrind represents the Utilitarian tenet of maximum energy. He believes that hard incidents and statistics are the just now things of value. His system of education has no populate for poetry or expression. He thinks that creativeness and Fancy are a drive off of time and distractions from productivity. His primary(prenominal) concerns are profit and loss and his unless pauperization is self-interest.          nance Jupe, Girl #20, is not accepted in his classroom because she is the direct electric resistance to what he believes is important in invigoration. She represents the Romantic principles of creativity, imagination, and a tough sense of self. Mr. Gradgrind go outs her as champion of his losings because she wont conform to what he believes is socially acceptable. She admits that she would decorate her room with representations of flowers because she is kindly of them. He sees her ideas as illogical but her radio link to Slearys genus Circus is an even worse crime. The circus stands for freedom of expression, which is unimaginable because it is not regulated and governed by fact.         Originally Mr. Gradgrind planned to carry off queer from his school because he sees her as an unfit student to give instruction and believes that she leave corrupt the otherwise children. When he finds out that her baffle has remiss her, he decides to take on the responsibility of clay engrave her into a productive member of Coketowns society. He feels that it is his duty to pillow slip poof of her shadowy aesthetic ideals and turn her into a fact machine kindred he did with his own children. The battle betwixt the Romantic value of Sissy and Utilitarian determine of Mr. Gradgrind furor on passim the novel. It isnt until Mr. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Gradgrind sees the errors of his ways when his family travel away, that he realizes that Sissy was right all along.         His whole system of facts falls apart when he sees how dreadfully it has failed his students (children). His daughter Louisa ends her miserable espousals with Mr. Bounderby, a man that see never loved (having never know what love is). His countersign gobbler robs a rely and thusly frames innocent Stephen Blackpool. past to top it off, Bitzer, one of his almost successful students, plans to turn Tom in for the sole target of gaining a promotion to Toms agent job. His whole motivation is base on self-interest and greed, the only feelings that exist in a biography void of emotions.         This finale only further justifies William Wordsworths doctrine that we sop up given up our hearts away and interchange our souls in the pertain of profit. The Industrial Revolution has caused men to view each other as dollar signs and nature as a imagination to be bought and sold. Wordsworth and Dickens both remind us that the longing for pecuniary gain should not defame our vision of what life is real all about. Men should fudge the best of it (life) not the bruise. If you want to get a full essay, stage it on our website:

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