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[ Art ] Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Art Assignment - search ExampleSobek is also known as the idol of the crocodiles. The people pray to Sobek to nourish them as they run low towards the Nile river to fetch drinking water. As time went on, Sobeks powers included other matters, not only defend the people from the sudden deadly attacks of the crocodiles. Egyptian Mythology states that Sobek, not another popular god, Nun, created the world. Sobek was depicted as the god who rose from within the River Nile to take the form of a man having a distinct crocodile shape. Specifically, the people of the Fayoum (Arsinoite nome), Kom Ombo, and split of Thebes worshipped the crocodile god Sobek. The numerous temples were erected to pay religious homage to Sobek. The people prayed to Sobek to give them plentiful harvest. The bring forth lands were dependent on the Nile River. The Nile Rivers drought would reduce the Egyptian Nile River lines farm crop outputs. The people pray to Sobek to keep the Nile River flowing. With t he Nile Rivers flowing, the farm lands have a steady supply of irrigation water. In the temples, the priests would bring a live crocodile into the temple. The people would take care of the crocodiles every need until its death. After the crocodiles death, the crocodile is mummified. In Egyptian history, the pharaohs were considered as gods. Consequently, the pharaohs are mummified after their death. Just like the Pharaoh gods, the mummified body of the crocodile is buried in special(prenominal) god tomb (Verhoogt 8). Later, Sobek became the patron of the Pharaohs army. Sobek was described as either a crocodile or a man with a crocodile head. Sobek is described as holding an ankh. The ankh is the symbol of Sobeks power to destroy or reverse evil acts. In addition, the ankh was described as having the power to bend knives in order to protect the king from life-threatening danger. Sobek was described as having the speed and strength of a crocodile. Sobek was not selfish.

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Linguistic and Academic Needs of Korean ESL Students Essay

Linguistic and Academic Needs of Korean ESL Students - Essay ExampleContent-based row belief is expected to produce self-directed/autonomous learners and motivated students capable of critical thinking (Snow, 2001).The content that are integrated into language study are subject matter and authentic text, and the subject matters whitethorn include literature, economics, mathematics, journalism, sociology, political science, art history and filmmaking (Byron, 2006).Content-based ESL instruction is much needed in Korea, where globalization is familial on but where the ESL system is rooted in rote memorization (Cho & Krashen, 2001).The type of topics ideal for the CBI teaching of English depends on the students needs and interests. In adopting CBI, there is no need to discard the existing ESL course of study aimed at developing the students language skills. All the school needs to do is introduce the CBI concept to better the method. CBI is noted for its flexibility such that it ca n be adapted to any ESL settings and curricula. MethodologyThe study apply the qualitative approach to research through the primary data collection tools of questionnaires and semi-structured interviews with Korean teachers and students in ESL classes. such interviews are semi-structured if the triangulation method is employed, which is done by checking out the consistency of data obtained from the interviews with those found in the on hand(predicate) literature. The references used for this purpose are led by Mohan (1986), Kramsch (2002), Mohan (1986) and Brinton, et al. (1989) for those making a case for CBI in general, and Cho & Krashen (2001), Li (1998), Sook (2002) and Lee (2002) for those focusing on the specific need of Korea for content-based language instruction. For... This paper has demonstrated how multi-lingual collaboration in a socio-linguistics course creates an active atmosphere where the discussion and negotiation of content-based meaning or cooperative dialog in communities of learners have been evaluated as being motivating to the students. It is argued here that such interaction is necessary in the teaching of socio-linguistics, firstly, as the subject-matter in the syllabus is best enhanced by student experiences and perspectives, and secondly, since it raises and sustains the general level of comprehension for potentially challenging themes. The evaluative framework has also contributed to this motivation, since it is based on active corporation in this process rather than accuracy alone. This methodologically hybrid approach to teaching and learning is argued, in this case, as being a direct influence from the language-sensitivity and group-work orientation in the EFL training and experiences of the instructor. Future courses must, however, regaining into consideration the academic culture shock of the demands on students of the interactive lecture which requires students to adopt a student-centered, collaborative learning mode.

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Conceptual Approaches to Learning Research Paper - 1

Conceptual Approaches to Learning - Research Paper compositors caseThis research paper mentiones that there are many approaches that teachers and other experts take when approaching acquire, and three approaches is discussed in this paper the cognitive approach, behavioural approach and neuroscience approach to learning. The cognitive approach to learning suggests that learners rely on their five senses to learn. This means that it is important for them to listen, touch, read or experience what they area learning. The cognitive answer get out provide the structure that steps in other types of tasks would provide In contrast to the cognitive approach, the behavioral approach sees learning as the process of changing behavior. The behaviorists looked at how the environment would influence learning and how this process affected the undivided. The neuroscience approach to learning is most closely compared to the cognitive approach to learning because it involves the mind, the nervous system, perception, memory board and mind. The neuroscience of learning also depends on changes that the neurons in the brain make in order to trigger learning and memory. On a cognitive level, the individual is engaging in implicit learning, which is the type of learning an individual does without even thinking about it. This means that cognitive learning and neuroscience work together to bring into an individuals consciousness the understanding of what they are learning. The researcher then compares the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and concluds his opinions on the topic.

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Business Models and Planning Chapter Questions Assignment - 1

Business Models and Planning Chapter Questions - date ExampleThis saw poorly thought out employment poses become the downfalls of many dotcoms. On the separate hand, however, vexation model is said to date back to the earliest days when communication channel just begun and exactly used to describe how a company generates it money. There is a variation in simplicity or complexity of a business model. For this case, business model can be either simple or very complex. Looking at an example of a business model, a restaurants business model is described as to hand money through cooking and serving food to the sharp-set lot of clients. This is an example of a simple business model. A televisions business model may seem to be not clear as it is not very vivid how they guide their money. Some make money through advertising for other companies while others get money by selling particular products. This makes this kind of business model to look very complex.2. What does it mean to i nnovate the business model? Sometimes a business can reach a stage where it does not make any positive proceeds anymore. Mostly, this takes place at a stage in a business known as decline stage. At this point, the business has lost competition in the market to rising entrants or aggressive competitors. The level of revenues has reduced and the business is nearing its end time of closure. To enable the business pacify alive and regain its competitive edge so much that it makes profit once again and find company growth, the management must reinvent the business. By this, new strategies must be put in place and all such strategies must be aimed at a major element which is customer satisfaction. This is process of business reinventing itself to regain competitive edge and improve business growth is what is known as business model innovation. When working on a business innovation model, the management needs to lot factors such as the weakness of the current business. This gives the m anagement a point of action in graze to improve competitive edge by working to

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Apples pies as a totem food and its impact on American Health Annotated Bibliography

Apples pies as a totem food and its electrical shock on American Health - Annotated Bibliography ExampleThe book is useful to a variety of people including travelers, chefs, and anyone unbidden to use the recipes at home. The Thorndike press produce the book in 2007. It has one hundred and ninety twain pages.John T Edge is qualified to provide information on this article because he holds a masters degree in southern studies from university of Mississippi. He is also the director of southern food ways alliance and a contributing editor at gourmet. The source provides information approximately how apple pie has moved(p) health in Americans because it begins from the history of apple pie and its impact generally on the regional and ethnical America. The source however is limited because it more leaned towards the southerners and the information is short, and not given in details.The next source is sustenance Fight The inside story of the food industry, Americas obesity crisis, and what we can do about it. Kelly Brownell and Katherine skirmish Horgen wrote this book. The book deales the reasons why obesity especially in children is on the rise. It also discusses the feeding habits of American children, and how they lead to obesity. It further gives suggestions on what people should do to reduce obesity in children. McGraw-hill professional publishers published the source in 2004. The book has three hundred and fifty six pages with different sub topics that discuss food habit, nutrition and its impact.Kelly Brownell is qualified to give information on this topic because he has a PhD in nutrition and weight disorders. He is also a director of the Yale center for eating and weight disorders. Katherine Battle Horgan is also a professor in the same field and co-worker at the Yale center for eating and weight disorders. The article can be used to address the eating habits of American children. Their consumption of likewise much debauched foods including app le pies and how these fast foods lead to obesity. It also gives solutions on how to stop consumption of fast food to

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Computer Networking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Computer Networking - Essay ExampleSometimes attackers with the help of unauthorised access give extensive amount of damages to IT companies. Because with the help of attack on their Wlocal area network they get exclusively the important training and data. Radio signal interference is used to remove that signals which can interrupt original signals from radio receiver devices further these radio IP interface can effect the connectivity of original signals, poor throughput and low data rates. radio set equipment privacy is used at data link and physical layer of OSI model. As name implies, radio Equivalent Privacy goal is to provide an equivalent amount of security to all wired LAN networks.Wireless network is a type of computer network that has become vital for modern existence. The divergency between wired and wireless networks is that multiple computer or devices can flexibly share resources without whatsoever additional installation of wiring. These resources can be a sha red data, internet, printers and domain connectivity. In wired networks all communications can be possible by using some sort of any physical medium only, while wireless telecommunications networks are generally implemented and administered using radio communication over one or more access points.Some of benefits of wireless network are convenience, flexibility, productivity, easy setup, maintainable, expandable, square-built security protection and cost. However, the disadvantages include interference in wireless signals because of any obstructions like wall or other wireless devices etc Cooper,4,2004.Nowadays, wireless networking is quickly become famous for both home and business networks and wireless products. Major organizations like IEEE, IFTF and Wi-Fi alliance are continually working to make improvement in this area.As stated above 802.11 was the original standard of the IEEE which could deliver 1-2 Mbps over 2.4 GHz range.

Book Memo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Book Memo - Essay ExampleImmigrants usually migrate from slip to place until they get to the place that is most suitable to them, while settlers would remain fixed and would try to find things better for themselves in the region they reside. Undocumented immigrants come to the United States and whatsoever some other major nations of the homo in search of better life considering the fact that these countries are more developed than their native acres (Kivisto & Faist). The immigrants would first be separated from their loved ones and this is usually difficult for them, considering the fact that they had a sort of unrestrained attachment to these people. Transition is the experience that the immigrants have when they enter and become a member of a busy society. Incorporation is the phase that the immigrant identifies with the new community they migrate to and this does not mean they have to accept the value of this community. And this is just like the rite of passage as it take s place when someone makes a reasonable hand by changing from one status to another (Kivisto & Faist). One question this that should be asked is that what are the reasons that some immigrants, both the documented and the undocumented ones chose to reside permanently in the United States of America and some other major nations. Work Cited Kivisto, Peter, & Faist, Thomas. Beyond a Border The Causes and Consequences of Contemporary Immigration.

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Stylistic Devices in the Novel The Big Fish Essay

Stylistic Devices in the Novel The Big Fish - Essay ExampleTo begin with, Wallace uses the first person narration proficiency to deliver his message to the audience. This is evidenced the first chapter of the novel in which the narrators experience was born. As Edward narrates, his father was born during one of the worst summers, drought and famines that were experienced in the land. In his own words, he explains how his father was born at a time when there was a scarcity of food. He in addition illustrates his feelings about the birth of his father which he attributes to be a blessing since it occurred on a showery and cloudy day. At the same time, William Bloom similarly uses first-person narration in the first chapter of the book to argue the cordial relationship his father had with animals. He explains that cows and horses liked his father, and they followed him around and chicken once put a mysterious small brown egg on his lap. At one time, he says, This is what is meant by last words they are keys to unlock the afterlife. Theyre not last words but passwords, and as short as theyre spoken you lowlife go. This implies that all these could only be ascertained during the death of Edward.William Bloom also uses a lot of symbolism as indicated in chapter one of the Big Fish. The element of symbolism is seen when William equates his father to a big fish. This is used to symbolize that Edward Bloom is an intelligent and companionshipable man. As a astray read person, he has a wealth of knowledge on philosophy, history, arts and other literary fields. Thus, his knowledge can not be compared to a librarian or any other person, but can only be compared to a big fish. Moreover, it symbolizes that he was a unique person who had an extraordinary talent to communicate to the animals. Therefore, symbolism helped Wallace to portray Edward as a mysterious person who could not be intimately understood.In conclusion, the Big Fish is a well-written novel. By maki ng a careful choice of literary devices and effectively using them, Wallace managed to bringout an outstanding story.

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Marketing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Marketing - question Paper ExampleThe customer oriented approach has won her numerous laurels and in one case the customer enters her entrepot, they keep coming every 7-10 days to purchase more products. Her success lies in offering what customer needs. Growth is a way of life and Kudler too wants to expand appropriately selecting right product mix and objective lensing potential customers. Currently, securities industrys and the demographics of the field are rapidly changing due to run of the people across the states and nations. Though Kudler offers a great promise as a discerning bon vivant store in the California region nevertheless, it becomes essential for the firm to conduct some essential market explore before putting its scarce and valuable resources on the business expansion. Identifying and Defining Marketing Issues In order to expand, Kudler needs to identify places where it can open new gourmet stores. After a shock from Del Mar location, the partnership is quite conscious of noteing the most lucrative locations in California. Del Mar was a small town with not enough population to support its store. Through the market intelligence, the company has already identified some of the promising locations such as San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Palm Springs but before starting its store at any of these locations, the company must ensure through a proper market research that its decision to expand will not backfire. Carlsbad is one such site that shows enormous potential and once store at Carlsbad gets steam, Del Mar store may be gradually phased out. Marketing Research for decision Potential Locations The company is intimately aware of the fact that the most supererogatoryty gourmet stores are located in the eastern half of the US and they do a roaring business there. In the uttermost few years or so a sizeable population has moved from Philadelphia, bleak York, and New Jersey to the west coast due to job prospects in techno logy sector and these populations are well aware nigh the concept of gourmet stores. In view of the various alternatives, the major issue is to find the most promising locations where residents of the field of honor are aware about the concept and would incessantly be calibre to patronize such stores if they find one in their area. Before taking a final plunge, the company needs to conduct a survey in the towns of Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and San Francisco. The survey will involve communicate a set of questions through a skillfully prepared questionnaire to the randomly selected but representative target customers to explore the veridical potential in the area. The questionnaire needs to be designed skillfully so that the real objective of the survey to find the most potential location is fulfilled. This is crucial because once the store is subject making huge investments on infrastructures there is no way out to go back. Marketing Research for Choosing Appropr iate Product-Mix Moreover, the company has been thinking to open Asian Specialty Produce Department at San Francisco area to meet the needs of Asian population especially the fresh herbs, and spices. The idea is to serve a special group of Asian customers who can not only afford the special product offerings but always eager to patronize the store quite often. That simply means that before opening a take a shit at this area, it would be advisable to do some market research that will decide about the core Asian community group such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Indian subcontinent region that the company wants to target at. These Asian groups differ in their taste and

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Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Essay

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative music - Essay ExampleEven in those cases where patients have been able to afford such(prenominal) transplants, other problems such as pipe organ rejection and incompatibility have deprived them of their precious lives. The gravity of this situation has led to inexorable research on stem cells, create from raw stuff engineering, and regenerative medicine, which are promising and hopeful alternatives to organ transplants. By 2009, in the United States, about 50 million people had survived because of some or the other form of celluloid organ therapy (Khademhosseini, Va discountti and Langer, 2009). This gives a clear indication that artificial organs are the hope of the future. This research marriage offer aims at providing a brief yet objective overview of how an organ can be fabricated by starting with single cells and proceeding to tissue replacement. The proposal is intended to explain how vital organs can be fabricated through bioengineering . The solutions for problems that are usually encountered during fabrication of living organs are excessively dealt with. Important challenges include optimization of the decellularization process for the preservation of vascular architecture and for limiting immunogenicity. Overall, this proposal gives a precis on solving cardiovascular diseases by stem cells, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Approach to organ fabrication 1. Procurement of stem cells The first step would be to procure embryonic stem cells that would proceeding as progenitors for the cardiac cells. With the help of embryonic stem cells, it is possible to generate both mature cardiocytes as well as the vasculature (Ott et al, 2007). The most provide conditions for the growth of these stem cells pass on be identified and these give be allowed to grow, mature and differentiate before being seeded on a protein intercellular substance for tissue formation. 2. Identification of suitable decellularization procedure for obtaining protein matrix The protein matrix for the generation of tissue and vasculature will be obtained from brain dead patrol wagon procured from appropriate facilities. Using suitable detergents and chemical treatments, the organs will be decellularized to reveal the protein matrix. confused techniques will be tested before arriving at the most appropriate decellularization agent. 3. Seeding of the protein matrix with progenitor cells The protein matrix will then be seeded with the cardiocytes so that they can innately develop into tissues and vasculature of a natural heart. Because of the provision of a natural protein matrix and scaffold material derived from a real heart, it will be easier for the cardiocytes to grow three-dimensionally through a natural mechanism. 4. Testing the functionality of the artificially produced organ The functionality of the manufactured heart will be tested and monitored for normalcy of pulse rate and other vital parameters. 5. Animal studies The artificially produced hearts will be transplanted into adult mice and will be tested for development of immunogenicity and health parameters. Possible Problems during prevarication A major problem during fabrication of an artificial organic heart would be to achieve appropriate tissue vascularization having the vascular structure of a natural

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SIM #11 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

SIM 11 - Essay ExamplePaul expounds on the range of mountains of leadershiphip and the responsibility of every leader.1 Thessalonians 512-24 is an important text because it defines the attitude that people should express towards leaders in the community. Paul puts into perspective a number of issues such as the faint hearted and those who argon bound by passion to respond to the call of the community of believers. There are weak believers who sham differently from the rest of community of believers2. Paul states that leaders should strive to deal with individuals who are deemed deviant in the community as a consequence of making them have a sense of belonging. Consequently, Paul appeals to the leaders to encourage the faint hearted and the weak. In Mark 10 42-45 the Bible says that an appropriate service commands respect that is shown by dint of love.In the subsequent passages Paul elaborates on the life of a believer and the various tribulations that Christians face. The apostl e Paul tells the believers to walk on air despite the tribulations and advises on the essence of prayer. Additionally, Paul underscores the importance of living a life that is guided by the spirit. He notes that spiritual well-being brings a connection to the divine. Paul also integrates the importance of the gift of prediction among the believers. Ideally, leaders and the followers should have a relationship that is based on mutual respect and thought everyones

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Mussolini's Ousting from Power in July 1943 Essay

Mussolinis Ousting from Power in July 1943 - Essay ExampleHitler was facing a crucial strategic problem of opposing the Allies evident reentry in Europe territories conquered by Germany were so immense (from Frances west coast to Greeces east coast), that it was practically impossible for him to gauge the erupt the Allies were going to strike next. On the other hand, the wide choice of possible objectives and the superior sea power were the crucial strategic advantages of the Allies.Having lost its forces in Africa, completely 10 Italian divisions and 2 German panzer units were available for the Axis in the middle of summer 1943. The Allies, mean date, were preparing to throw some 478,000 men into the island 150,000 of them in the premier(prenominal) three days of the invasion. The air superiority of the Allies in the Mediterranean theatre was also big by that time, more than 4,000 aircraft against some 1,500 German and Italian ones (Sicily and the Fall of Mussolini, July-Augu st 1943, 1999).So, on 10th of July 1943 Allies man invaded Sicily from the sea. The coastal territories, guided mainly by Sicilians, were given up fast enough due to the involuntariness of Italians to let their motherland be turned into a battlefield to suit Germanys interests. In only three first days of the invasion, the British forces had been able to clear the whole southeastern part of Sicily. and so the British moved toward Messina taking a circuitous route around Mount Etna while the Americans moved in an eastward direction and occupied Palermo in the west of the northern coast on 22nd of July.

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Explain The Relationship Between Money Supply And Inflation Essay

Explain The Relationship Between property Supply And Inflation - assay ExampleWhen funds increases in quantity, the demand for it devalues consequentially. According to Austrian Economics an increase in the cash allow should allow in inflation as the value of each old dollar is reduce by the printing of new dollars (McMohan, 2009). Different theories of economy offer different explanation for the influence of money summate on inflation. According to the corpse of quantity of money, which is often referred to as monetarism, relationship between the two terms is interpreted as MV = PT, where M = money generate, V = Money Velocity, P = bell Level, and T = Transactions (Ellis, 2011). Other terms being constant, price level is controlled by the money supply. As the velocity of money and the transactions generally remain constant, this essentially means that increase in the supply of money directly increases the price. Likewise, decrease in money supply decreases inflation. On the other hand, the Keynesian theory suggests the existence of several other factors that can influence inflation and price level, in addition to the supply of money. Generally, the Keynesian theory stresses the relationship between total or aggregate demand and inflationary changes (Ellis, 2011). Money supply is often varied to control the inflation. When the government intends to lower the inflation in a veritable region, central banks stop lending the money frequently and raise the graze of interest. As a result of this, inflation drops. However, when it goes below the intended level, the lending patterns are loosed so that the economy may be stimulated. In other cases, when release of money becomes unreserved, it results into the situation of hyperinflation. When a bank issues loan, it adds to the amount of money in circulation, without a net increase in the wealth (Anon., n.d.). Economists mutually consent that an increase of inflation above 50 per cent per month is the symb ol of inflation. The inflation typically increases when the increase of money supply is not attach to with an equivalent increase in the production of goods. In a vast majority of cases, the federal banking system is used to impose limits of the trends of lending and setting interest rates. If more money is supplied at equilibrium, it makes the interest rate ti go down because the supply of money far exceeds the demand (Hornle, 2007). In order to reenforcement that from happening, the federal banking system decides the limits making use of the economic data. Sometimes, it becomes hard to estimate the money supply, particularly when the trends changes constantly. The supply of money may increase frequently as a result of change in the patterns of terminal of money on the part of people. The following chart displays the supply of money from 1985 to 2008. The per cent change in money supply of one year has also been shown Supply of money vs inflation (McMohan, 2009). M1 is generally considered as the close accurate measure of supply of money in that M1 measures money in just its most liquid relegates. M1 is just limited to the currency that is in the publics occupancy in mixed forms which admit but are not limited travelers checks, and checks for money deposits. Sometimes, increase in the supply of money may not cause the inflation to increase. Certain factors play a role in it that include but are not limited to the speed of circulation of money, increase in the capacity of productivity and the state of economy. Increase in real output is one

Argue whether Jennie Livingston's Paris is Burning is primarily a film Essay

Argue whether Jennie Livingstons capital of France is Burning is originally a ikon about class, race or gender and why. Argue from 2 contrasting perspectives - Essay ExampleThe film extensively features the groupings and team formations of the members of the earth culture, with such social formations be the basis of the contestants protection strength. Thus, the film features a shift from the ballrooms contesting activities to interviews with the major participants in the contests, to clearly paint the prove of the LGBT community in New York, and summarize the theme of gender, sexuality and social classes as informing the ball culture (Leila and Verta, 44). Further, the themes of racism, homophobia and poverty also features in the film, to complement the experiences of the LGBT community encountered from interacting with the larger heterosexual community. Therefore, this discussion seeks to break apart the major themes exploited in Jennie Livingstons Paris is Burning, with a view to argue from two different perspectives. The first perspective of the discussion will hold that Paris is Burning is primarily a film about gender while the second perspective will argue that Paris is Burning is primarily a film about race.Jennie Livingstons Paris is Burning is primarily a film about gender, considering that it features the potent gender that consistently tries to embrace the female genders culture, behavior and mannerisms, predominantly with the black and Latino men being featured in their gay context in New York (Rafferty, n.p.). In the film, the dismal and the Latino gay men are involved in a series of competitions, and in them, they suck up devised cross-gender dressing and fashion style, which they then complement with the founding of the voguing dance style (Dean, 22). The film is primarily a portrayal of the Black and Latino gay men imitating the female poses, dance style, fashion dressing and go style, which forms part of the gay mannerisms. In th is respect, the film is a representation of the

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Procurement and Inventory Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Procurement and Inventory Management - Essay ExampleThere is in like manner truly high equal of stocks which occur as a result of the unskilled staff failing to analyse prices from a number of providers.There is poor record keeping technique such that it is always tricky for the confederation management employees to retrieve updated data along with more current entire companys level of stock. It is also hard for the auditors to retrieve the same data a thing that will result in ill-timed auditing thus creating room for theft in the company. The resultant effect is failure in closely authoritative the companys working capital thus failing to monitor correctly the true business progress.The whole scheme misss accountability due to the fact that stock check over and purchasing performance are not really well monitored making the staff determine their own precedence thus unbalanced cost considerations a thing that can greatly contribute to the failure of the company.Invoices are settled without a delivery demonstration or even a certification as to whether the items received are the actual quantities reflected in the invoice. This has seen the company loose cash as a result of buying similar items from a supplier at varying prices.The company has been greatly undermined by the suppliers who feel that Sound Electric Ltd has poor specifications. There is lack competition when it comes to purchasing, requires no confirmation as to the obligations met by the contractors, does not negotiate for price reduction, lacks knowledge on suppliers cost, the companys contracts fails to have conditions attached and lacks important knowledge about the contractors financial capability. The company has been favouring a single supplier a thing that has led the supplier enjoy monopoly in supply, contracts and money orders fails to have price quotations and at last the unskilled staff failed in the production of the documents involved in procurement. There is ineffective cost control in each and every project of Sound galvanizing limited. This is because the concerned staff member fails in putting together the cost figures for each project of the company. The scattered cost figures of the company will never allow an effective cost control measure to take place thus Sound Electrical limited will end up losing a lot of money as a result.It has resulted into increase work load for the companys property administrator making it impossible for him to carry out his duties effectively. With such increase workload the property administrator will be confused on which contracts should concentrate on and he will end up doing very little as opposed to when the workload is manageable. This has in return interfered with the contracting, tendering and the cost of control, making it almost impossible to handle twenty contracts at a go.There has been considerably increased expenditure on miscellaneous purchases following the fact that some purchases are made by the handler in charge of the head office post room while others are

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Communication's course assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Communications rail line assignment - Essay ExampleThe tenets of rhetoric that facilitates the persuasion of the audience include logos, ethos, and the pathos. In addition to these, in that location are overly the five canons which are also utilize in the design and package of the weighty speech so that it becomes more palatable to the audience, they include the following arrangement, invention, memory, delivery, and style.In the three presidential debates that took drift between the incumbent president Barrack Obama and the former governor Mitt Romney, the duo extensively used rhetoric to persuade and appeal o the audience in all the three occasions they confronted whiz another in the debates. In the first presidential debate, rhetoric took a fair chunk of the era when the two presidential aspirants were asked about the inequalities at the work place. President Obama made the first remark on the glass ceiling that his grandmother had to go through during her time working in a bank, this was a perfect pathos appeal used at the right time to emotionally connect with the audience. The communicative phrase propelled Obama and the women could infer that Obama understands the problem the women have faced thus stands the best chance to find solutions to them. Obama also extended by making passionate logos appeal to the women on this consciousness about them in the work place, in this regard he mentioned the Lily Ledbetter Act that he signed during his first tenure as a vivid clarity that his concern for the women is real and not a pretence.Romney responding to the same did not run into him any point given the emotional connection Obama created by using effectively the pathos and logos. Romney in response to the equality of the women at work place did not explore the effective use of rhetoric, in fact, his statement about women flexibility at work to enable them attend to household chores. This statement worked against him as it was interpreted that he perce ive women as homemakers and not as people who

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Leiningen Essy Essay Example for Free

Leiningen Essy EssayThroughout the ages, man has evermore been forced to battle with nature. Leiningen versus the Ants by Carl Stephenson is about a landowner, Leiningen, in Brazil who is warned by a Brazilian official that an forces, ten miles long and two miles wide, of ants is headed straight for his plantation and are expected to reach his plantation in two days at the latest. But Leiningen believes that the Brazilian official is pulling his leg when he advises him to evacuate the plantation because of ants. Against all odds, Leiningen is able to defeat a twenty square mile army of ants by ossessing leading, presumption, and intelligence. One of the chance on reasons that Leiningen is able to defeat the army of ants is his bang-up leadership skill because with a outstanding leader who every star trusts in, the group or army will be united as superstar and work as one. After Leiningen has been informed of the ants that are approaching his plantation, Leiningen prepare s for the battle by moving the women and children and cattle to safety. The women and children, then the herds of cattle, were escorted by peons on rafts over the river, to remain on the other side in absolute safety (2). Leiningen is keeping the people and animals that laughingstocknot fght safe, which demonstrates his leadership and control over the plantation and everything living on that point while also illustrating his care for the women, children, and cattle. After the battle has begun, Leiningen is forced to make quick decisions, including the decision to cast out a match into the petrol-filled ditch. Everyone back from the ditch roared Leiningen.The men rushed away, without the slightest idea of his plan(9). Leiningens men show great obedience to Leiningen when they rush way from the ditch without details of his plan demonstrating that Leiningen is a reliable leader who they can trust. Finally, Leiningen displays that he is a respected leader who will congeal his own life at assay to save those of his men. Listen, lads he shouted. Theres still a chance to save our livesby flooding the plantation from the river. Well, Im not deviation to let you try it if I did Id be worse than one of those ants.No, I called the tune, and now Im going to pay the piper(11). There are few leaders in todays society, or even in history, that would put their own life at risk nstead of the life of one of their men. Leiningen shows absolutely incredible leadership in this instance where he is basically willing to give his life for the lives of his men. Leadership played a key role in Leiningens success because Leiningen was able to lead his men and bring them together as one unit as oppose to individuals working by themselves. In addition to leadership, Leiningen possesses a vital divisor of success, confidence.Leiningen believed that he could defeat the ants, which gave Leiningen and his men confidence in every precaution, and action they were taking in he steps t owards defeating the ants. Leiningen had made every precaution his mind could think of, And now he was sure he would prove more than a match for the irresistible ants(2). Leiningen believes that he will defeat the ants due to the great precaution that he has taken to stop them. By believing that his precautions would be successful, Leiningen illustrates confidence not completely in him, but also in his actions.Speaking to the Brazilian officer about the claim he had made about the ants being an act of God, Leiningen replies, Act of God, my eye Anyway, Im not an old woman merely needs confidence in what he has done, but also in what he is capable of doing. Leiningen demonstrates that he has confidence in his capability to hold off the ants and defeat them. In the same reply to the Brazilian officer who described to Leiningen the vastness and power of the ant army, Leiningen states, l use my intelligence, old man. With me, the brain isnt a second blindgut I know what its there for(l ).Again Leiningen illustrates confidence that he will have no problem holding off the ants simply with his intelligence. Leiningens success can be greatly attributed to his characteristic of confidence because believing that he was able to defeat the ants caused him to strive towards that goal and become successful. Intelligence is more than undecomposed having smarts it is knowing how to apply those smarts to real-life situations. Leiningen is a man with great intelligence who is able to use his intelligence, along with leadership and confidence, to aid in his defeat of the vast army of ants.

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Smiths Clothing Essay Example for Free

metalworkers Clothing EssaySmiths Clothing Store has remained profitable scarcely not to the companies expectations. Over the past 10 years a set of five or sixsome aggressive, high- formulate into or within Bayview (Bayview is Smiths primary store territory) (Marketing enquiry, 9th Edition, Aaker/Kimar/Day, pg. 343). Due to this new accessibility to voguish fashions, Smith Clothing Store is looking to assess if its genuine business model of tralatitious upper class clothing fashion needed an upgrade to keep its edge in the Bayview market place. Through research they hope to gain a better understanding of who their customer is, and what they want.What is the customers image of Smiths Clothing store, whom is there customer, and how do they differ from Smiths competitors? In performing this research they will gain a better understanding of their current clientele as well as the strength customer.The current customer of Smith Clothing Store is perceived as an upper class cla ssic design female person. Due to the recent growth of the current trend market in the Bayview area, the store has not seen the growth expected from their current client base. Through an at planetary house survey they hope to gain a better knowledge of their current and potential customers needs and if they are currently being met. If this research shows that they still hold a majority of the upper class female market in Bayview for classical dress, then they can continue the road they are on. However, if the research shows that their current and potential customer is craving the new and trendy designs, they need to adjust to meet their client and potential clients need to show growth to compete in their market.An in-home, self-administered questioner appears to be the research tool that Simpson Research feels would best gain insight to what the high-fashion customer in that area. Specifically, on Smiths current customers age, where they shopped, their fashion preferences, and the ir purchase profile. The uncertainty of the accuracy of such a questionnaire was that it was to address a finical bracket that was in a higher place median income.Once the selective information is collected it is then to be analyzed using data-processing steps trail up to an analysis. Simpson Research will then inspect the questionnaires for completeness and reasonableness of responses. These responses to each question are to be coded to ensure standardized entry into a computer. The data from the questionnaires is to be stored in computers and analyzed using motley statistical techniques. Simpson Research will then interpret the results and conclusions based on those results will be made.A documented and written report of the findings of the questionnaire and the conclusion Simpson Research has drawn will be presented to Jim Andres, the president of Smiths Clothing. This report will contain the specific research question that were asked, the method of approach, research design, data collection, data analysis and present the results and major findings.

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Environmental Pollution Essay Example for Free

environmental Pollution Essayenvironmental pollution is not a new fact. It is one of the biggest problems the world faces today. It is a big matter which is disturbing us economically, physically and our normal life. According to the Scott Forseman, pollution is defined as the addition of any substance of form of energy to the environment at a rate instant(prenominal) than the environment can accommodate it by dispersion, decomposition, recycling or storage in some atoxic forms. Our precious earth is daily polluted in a variety of ways such as air pollution, water, soil, chemical, smoke, noise, radioactive, thermal, waste, energy, oil and urban pollution. Pollution began to draw major public attention in the fall in States between the mid-1950s and early 1970s, when the congress passed the clean air act, clean water act and National Environmental Policy act. (W.A Andrews and D.K Moore).It was the industrial revolution that gave the birth to environmental pollution as we know i t today. Growing distinguish of local and global pollution and an increasingly informed public over time have abandoned to environmentalism and the environmental movement, which generally seek to limit human being impact on the environment. Scientists believe that all cities with populations surpassing 50,000 have some degree of air pollution. In this essay I will show that how human activities are producing pollution which is negatively affecting the whole world and environment and there are as well as two main solutions for this problem why it needs to be addressed.Pollution is ca exploitation by a lots of activities we do every day. Global economic production creates global pollution .Burning fossil fuels to bar factories, motorized vehicles and power plants are producing huge amount of pollution everyday. Motor vehicles produce high direct of Carbon monoxide (CO) and major source of hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxide (NO) which is very harmful for our environment. The o ther major cause is fertilizers using in the crops, it also creates pollution because it negatively affect the human health, water and the plants. One another type of pollution is oil pollution in the oceans. It is release of liquid petroleum hydrocarbon in the environment payable to the human activities.

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Pollution Essay Example for Free

Pollution EssayPollution happens short everywhere, every single second of the day, everywhere on earth. You can find defilement in cars, house electronics, personal hygiene products, natural disasters, and even your own home. Pollution is when fossil fuel is burnt and allow into the atmosphere. The three types of pollution is bestow pollution , air pollution and irrigate pollution. Pollution is related to the derive of pot in the world because if we have too much people on earth , indeed their is going to be too much pollution. What is land pollution? Land pollution is the wearing put through of earths land caused by human activities. Land pollution can affect people , especially children because they can step on a broken bottle or a grey firearm of discarded metal. Medical and sanitary wastes are biohazards that can make people sick. The cause of land pollution is littering.What is air pollution? Air pollution is releasing gas particles to the air. few causes of air pollution is factories. Because of air pollution living things have been having birth defects. Animals that are at the top of the food image end up with the largest concentrations of toxins in their bodies.What is water pollution? Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies. Some causes of water pollution is trash and sewage waste dumped into the ocean , smoke , chemicals dumped into the water , oil leaks , and gunks. Because of water pollution , this caused death of aquatic animals , disruption of food chains , diseases and etc . Water pollution is coming keystone to hurt humans in many ways.What can be done to stop pollution from destroy our environment? To help stop pollution , we can stop littering , throw the garbage into trash-cans instead of onto the paving material or the side of the road. We can also carry around small bags and if we see a piece of litter on the ground while were walking , we can pick it up and go it out in a trashcan. And if there isnt enoug h garbage cans on the street , past we can send a letter to the local government , asking them to put more trash-cans in order to help stop pollution. I would write a letter to the local government if I see a big issue about littering.From this essay I learned the 3 types of pollution ( air pollution, land pollution and water pollution) . I also learned the causes of pollution. I will pick up to inform others about pollution by telling them the causes of pollution.

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Experiences of Child Poverty Essay Example for Free

Experiences of Child Poverty tryLon wear is the capital of the United Kingdom. The administrative structure in Greater London consists of 32 counties (boroughs) and the metropolis of London, extending over 1584 kilometers . The universe of London is around 7.5 m lightion however throughout Greater London well-nigh 13 million masses live. The GDP per capita for The UK is $36,500. London is the richest part of Britain and yet it has the highest rates of indigence in the UK. Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria. With an estimated population of 8.8 million inhabitants in the city, or rather 10. 7 million in the metropolitan ara, Lagos is the second largest city in Africa. The UN estimates that at its present growth rate, Lagos state leave be third largest mega city in the world by 2015 after Tokyo in Japan and Mumbai in India. Lagos is the primary(prenominal) city of the south-western part of Nigeria, Africa. The GDP per capita in Lagos is $3,649. Over 10,000 plenty arrive at Lagos all week in search of jobs and most end up in the citys mega slum do to the inadequacy of job opportunity.Children hold in s lottiness be those who experience deprivation of the material, spiritual and emotional resources unavoidable to survive, develop and thrive, leaving them unable to enjoy their lives, achieve their full potential or participate as full members of society. The easiest way to quantify baby bird poorness is by setting an absolute or congenator monetary threshold. If a family does non earn above that threshold, the children of that family will be considered to live be low gear the mendicancy line. Absolute poverty thresholds are fixed, whereas relative poverty thresholds are developed with reference to the actual income of the population and reflect changes in consumption. This is not always accurate, as it is only an average and on that point are people earning millions who affect that average GDP per capita. In scant(p) areas of London there a re many problems that formula children. The poor areas tend to be in places that lack jobs and job opportunities e.g. hackney carriage, Such poor areas outhouse unfeignedly affect the childs breeding referable to their living conditions.These children are living in relative poverty as they do puzzle access to clean irrigate, forage and shelter which is provided by the state, provided are considered poor to the rest of society as they cant afford luxuries and normally numerate upon benefits to get though life. These areas that lack job opportunities restrain high unemployment rates and so people have low incomes and often relate to crime as it is the culture of the area and people feel they do not get enough aver from the government and feel let down and ignored. These poor areas are prime spots for drug dealers and drug addicts. This is significantly bad as they have a low income and so cant afford the drugs and so they use the money which would have been spent on the c hildren E.g. quality food. Rather than spending the money on better quality food they spend it on the drugs they are dependent on as they are addicted and so the child looses out as they tend to be mall nourished.Being mall nourished can profit the chances of becoming ill which then in turn heart and soul the child is less homogeneously to spend time in school as they are off ill. This then affects their learning and they infra achieve which authority they have a less chance of ever getting a job and so they are pin down in the poverty cycle. It is then rely difficult for the children to break out of the poverty cycle due to many factors that affect them. Whereas Children living in the slums of Lagos in addition suffer from poverty, however the majority live in absolute poverty as they do not always have access to clean water, food and shelter, for example these children dont have access to clean water and so most of the water is contaminated with diseases like cholera. Allot of children catch cholera from drinking dirty water which makes them ill and as most of the children have no access to health care due to their parents being born they can remain ill for a long time and it can be fatal.Being ill means they cannot helper to provide for the family and the money being spent on their health cannot be spent on some other vital things like basic food stuffs. It is hard to get out of both cases of poverty however the children in the slums of Lagos are worse off and have a lower standard of living than the children living in Hackney. The majority of children living in poverty in Lagos are born to poor parents. Be display case of things like adult poverty, lack of education, unemployment, disabilities and discrimination significantly affect the causes of child poverty. Lack of parental frugal resources such as disposable income restricts childrens opportunities and therefore the children are unable to go to school and yield of these children are forced to work. The problem is that allot of these jobs where children are forced to work are very hazardous and can cause injuries, health problems and even death. E.g. the recycling of old oil drums that contain harmful toxins.The main reason why the children in Hackney are trapped in the poverty cycle is because of the parents/Careers as well. The cycle of poverty is when a family remains in poverty over many successive generations. Family issues can play a monstrous part in the reason for the child being submitted to a life of poverty. If the parents get in debt then this can be the cause of allot of stress, this can also cause the child to have stress which can affect their learning ability and health. Stress can also cause breakups between couples this can lead to single mothers who are left on their own to support the child and themselves, which can also lead to father stress. Most single parents are unemployed because they helve to look after the children and so they rely on bene fits. Teen pregnancies in both MEDCs and LEDCs are big causes of child poverty.Children resulting from unwanted pregnancies are more likely to live in poverty raising a child requires allot of resources, so each additional child increases demands on parental resources. Families raised by a single parent are slackly poorer than those raised by couples. This can be a big issue in LEDC countries such as Lagos. Many teens abandon their children as they simply do not have the resources available to support their child as they cannot claim benefits as they do not exist. Where as in MEDCs, teen moms are supported by the government and family. The problem in Lagos is that children generally suffer from absolute poverty however there is also relative poverty. With absolute poverty children generally do not have what they need. They are short of basic food, water, shelter, clothing and adequate or ample health care.Where as in Hackney people do not suffer from absolute poverty and so are b etter off, however they live in relative poverty that is poverty under relative terms is viewed as being what some people lack in relation to other people. In my opinion the worst experience of child poverty in Lagos would be the lack of whitened water which causes a significant mensuration of deaths and illnesses and affects the family as a whole as the money apply to pay for the childs healthcare comes from the money normally spent on other necessities like food or education. The government of Nigeria could provide communities with wells however it would cost a phenomenal amount of money , and the majority of the people dont live on legal grounds as they have just moved there and have not actually paid to live there and so the government would not be allowed to build wells as most of the people dont have permition to live there in the first place.The worst experiences for children living in Hackney would be the culture of the area and so children grow up with crime related expe riences, this then means that most of the children get brought up with crime and this can keep them in the poverty cycle. The government of Britain could increase prison sentences and increase policing in these areas. This policy would be expensive however it would increase the standards of living for these people and help them get out of relative poverty. Both cases of poverty affect the childs opportunities in life. This means they are limited jobs available to them or unemployment if there is a lack of job opportunities.There future generations will probably also live in poverty, whether absolute or relative. They will rarely experience if at all the luxuries and experiences we take for granted. Their only hope getting out of poverty is if the government adopts a poverty drop-off strategy paper (PRSP) and use schemes like the growth of the cities and urban development, employment opportunities and poverty reduction and housing schemes. Also the best way to reduce child poverty w ould be to reduce child labour and increase accessibility to education by building more schools and improving the quality of education. This is a key point that governments need to adopt in order to reduce child poverty and help break the poverty cycle.

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Measuring Youngs Modulus of Copper Essay Example for Free

Measuring Youngs Modulus of blur EssayAimTo study the stress/ turn over behavior of atomic number 29 telegram and estimate the Youngs modulus of copperApparatusCopper disclosefit s.w.g.32 about 4 mG-clamp ?1Wooden block ?2Metre rule ?4Pulley on clamp ?1Micrometer bum suppose ?1Hanger (0.01 kg) ?1Slotted mass (0.05 kg) ?8Slotted mass (0.1 kg) ?6Slotted mass (0.2 kg) ?4Slotted mass (0.5 kg) ?1White go aft(prenominal) sticker ?1Safety goggles ?1Rubber tile ?1TheoryWhen a force F is applied to the end of a wire with cross-sectional firmament A along its length, the bendable stress =If the appendix of the wire is ?l, and its original length is lo, the tensile strain =Under elastic conditions, a modulus of elasticity of a wire, called the Young modulus E, is defined as the ratio of the tensile stress applied to a body to the tensile strain dumbfoundd. where E is expressed in N m-2 or Pascal (Pa).E is a constant when ?l is small according to the Hookes Law which verbalize that the stress applied to any solid is proportional to the strain it produces for small strain.Therefore, when a material has a larger the value of E, it resists to the elastic deformation strongly and a large stress is required to produce a small strain. E is thus a measure of the elastic stiffness of a material.However, when the backstage (deformation) of the wire is likewise large, beyond proportional limit, solid will no longer obey Hookes equity i.e. E is no longer a constant.As the stress further increases, beyond the elastic limit, the wire has a permanent lengthening that the wire is no longer elastic and it undergoes plastic deformation. The extension increases apace as the force on the wire is further increased. The wire elongates and breaks. The stress just before the wire breaks is called the breaking stress.ProceduresSet-up of the apparatus1. The apparatus was set up on the bench top as shown to a lower place The wire was firmly clamped by using a G-clamp so that it does not slip. A white label sticker was fixed on to the copper wire to act as a marker much(prenominal) that it is about 50 cm from the blocking. A metre rule was fixed alongside the wire with the manufacturing business for measuring the extension.Performance of the try1. The hanger was tied to the end of the wire so as to straighten out the kinks in the wire and the unstretched length (lo) of the wire from the edges of the wooden blocks up to the marker was measured.2. A micrometer screw gauge was used to measure the diameter of the wire at different angles for each of the 8 mess along the wire.3. The wire was loaded with slotted mass m insteps of 0.10kg and then 0.05kg and the extensions ?l after each loading were recorded until the wire broke.Data tableOriginal length of wire lo = (3.000 0.001) m component part error in lo=Diameter of the wire (mm)0.2550.2500.2250.2300.2250.2550.2250.255Average diameter of the wire = (0.240 0.005) mmPercentage error in d =Readings for the chartLoad m / kg0.100.200.300.400.500.600.65Extension ?l / mm0. m / kg0.700.750.80.850.900.951.00Extension ?l / mm3. analysisYoungs modulus,where F is the tension in the wire and A is the cross-section areaSince andFrom the graph, the lurch of the best fit cast through the points of the straight line portion of the graph,Assume that the cross-sectional area did not vary as the stress increased.Errors accuracyFrom the graph,the slope of the best fit linethe maximum slopethe minimum slopeDeviations m+ m = 12.1Deviations m m- = 26.0The maximum error in slope = larger of the deviations = 26.0Slope of load-extension graph = (192.7 26.0)Percentage error in slopePercentage error in E= % error in slope + % error in lo + 2 ? % error in dYoungs modulus of copper, E = (125 22) GPa conclusion The stress applied to a copper wire (s.w.g. 32) is directly proportional to the strain it produces before the extension becomes 3.5mm. The ratio of stress to strain will get smaller and not constant when the extension beyond 3.5mm (proportional limit), i.e. after the extension reached 3.5mm, small increase in stress can produce a gigantic increase in strain. Copper obeys the Hookes law. The Youngs modulus of copper is (125 22) GPaSources of Error1. The copper wire did not break a constant cross-sectional area along its length.2. There was fractional force out-of-pocket to the pulley applying to the wire.3. Reading error in measuring the extension and the unstretched length.4. Fluctuation of room temperature might change the diameter of the wire during the experiment.5. The wire in the experimental set-up was not exactly horizontal that made our measurement of extension not accurate.6. The cross sectional area of the wire got thinner under stress so that the pass judgment stress would be less than the stress actually applied.Improvement of the Experiment1. Fixed the metre swayer by another G-clamp so that measurement of the extension can be more accurate.2. In devote to measure extremely small extension with high precision, optical lever (a mirror mounted on a small pivot) can be used instead of just using a guileless meter stick.3. Repeat the experiment several time and take come of the extension values so that more accurate result can be obtained4. The experiment can be repeated as below so that the small extension of the wire can be measured accurately by vernier scale moreover, there will be no extra fractional fore due to the presence of pulley.5. Repeat the experiment by using copper wire with different s.w.g and take an average of the Youngs modulus obtained so that we can estimate the value of Youngs modulus of copper more accurately.Precautions1. Wear safety goggle during the experiment so as to protect our eyes when the wire breaks eventually2. The load should not be too high off the floor, and there should be a suitable soft landing platform, such as runner tile right below the load.3 . The unstretched length should be at least 3m for the wire to extend.

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Central Group and Jirathivat Family Essay Example for Free

primordial Group and Jirathivat Family EssayTiang Jirathiwat moved from China to Thailand with no asset. In 1947, he started a general line in in Samphanthawong district, Bangkoks Chinatown. In 1957, his son, Samrit Jirathiwat, opened the first commutation Department Store in Wangburapha and develop later on. In 1968, Central Silom was run with loss because people thought the imported items might be too expensive After two years, the Jirathiwats changed the strategy and made profit. Some family members (2nd extension) were sent to study abroad and came back to develop Central Chidlom with Siblings and relatives. So, Central Chidlom made profit since its first year.Management Styles First Generation Tao Kae (concerned on cost of goods, loss and profit) Second Generation Committee (concerned much on investment and finance) deuce-ace Generation Family Council(development by family members under the familys rules and regulations)The vexation transition from the first to the second generation was non complex, but from the second to the third generation was more complex, since nowadays there were much more wrinkle factors. For Central Group, which has been operating with many family members, there must be the rules and regulations besides the crinkle issues. To be more focused on the third generation, they must work together and compromise conservative and with the aggressive styles gyration and DistributionWhen to condescension turns to be more complex and operated by the larger numbers of family members, to make decisions is not simple. completely Jirathiwats must know all A, B, C and D steps. Moreover, since the family members ar graduated and have experiences in various fields, the work rotation and distribution ar actually efficient. Different families of Jirathiwats will work together, which leads to the family social intercourse and unity. Jirathiwats is in charge of knowledge and experience of all family members. They focus both on Drive and see to it as hale as Transition of the family business. The elements of strong business are Strategy, Money and People money will bring strategies successful, but without good people, there wont be an effective execution of instrument. (Tos Jirathiwat, chief executive officer of CRC since 2002)ChallengesIn general family business, the CEO is wearing three hats head of the family, business owner and the administrative CEO. This person must well balance all three actions, to be more specific, if he is commission more on business issues, the family relationship can be weak. He should support the family members to be piecemeal evolved the business to make the members feel with this family business and are willing to involve of the business continuously. Hence, the conflict of worry will not be existing among the business performance and family harmony. This will make the transition to the adjoining (4th) Generation the most possibly efficient. The business competitio n is analogous as the war, which needs not however the individual ability but team work PreventionsWe must separate into two main issues issues among family members and issues among stakeholders (Tos Chirathivat, CEO of CRC since 2002) 1. Family Council From this reason, Family Council has been set in order to direct all Jirathiwats and give them dears and compensations. Here are some issues on Family Council Descriptions of a good member of Jirathiwat The Rights that all Jirathiwats will receive, for instance, funds of birth giving, education, infrastructure expenses in family house, health care and hospitality.2. Family Business temperamentFamily constitution is strategies and solutions which should be implemented to deal with family-related matters that impact on business issues. It is necessary for family business to set regulations or rules in order to prevent conflicts that can happen. By the way, conflicts are the cause that creates regulation or rules. An effective F amily Business Constitution might include criteria for joining the family business a definition of roles responsibilities of active mechanisms to be adopted for the transfer of ownership and leadership. Jirathiwat Family also has a Family Constitution which will maintain harmony and co-operation, also solve conflicts. Agreements for family business are a clear, simple, understandable and enforceable set of guidelines for the effective operation and continuance of the enterprise. The 8 following issues are the Family Constitution of Jirathiwat, which seems to be very strict, but to link all family members together and to the family business 1. All Jirathiwat families must stay in the same house, doing all activities together. 2. Everyone must respect in seniority, for example, parents will drill children, elder brother will teach his younger siblings. 3. Ranking is more important than age.4. Democracy comes first and everyone has a right to express ideas. 5. All boys must be sent t o Assumptions, girls to Mater Dei and everyone should be sent abroad. 6. The responsibities in business will be distributed to each, based on age, not seniority. 7. A bad action will be broadcasted to all family members as a bad example. 8. Instead of giving compliments, those persons who have good outcomes, will receive more business tasks and responsibilities. Lesson LearnedJoel Arthur Barker said that a set of rules and regulations (written or unwritten) that does two things which are 1. It establishes or defines boundaries For Central Everyone must have 6-year-experiences outside before coming back work with family 2. It tells you how to behave inside the boundaries in order to success For Central Not doing business that competes with family business family business or relies on the situation family business.Prevention Before Solve by setting regulationsPut the right man on the right job separate people up to their potentialLast but not learst, as Jirathiwat has a policy in a f orm of Executive Committee operated by CEO group, business issues are apart from family issues. This is why they can have a strong family relationship, in the meanwhile, the business has been very well operated and continuously worldwide expanded only by family members.

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Amazon Database Essay Example for Free

amazon Database Essay amazon.com is developing a schema to gather and keep massive amounts of intimate tuition about its millions of shoppers, including their religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity and income. The infobase, which would combine training expose voluntarily by customers with facts gleaned from public databases, conceivably would give Amazon a large or more than dilate profile of its customers than any other retailer. The Seattle-based company, with 59 million active customers, tell it has no nimble plan to implement such a program. Its ability to do so emerged in a detail indubitable use with the U. S.Patent Trademark Office, disclosed Thursday. A privacy expert verbalize customers should be wary about Amazon having the capability to gather such a large amount of expand information. She said the data could end up in the hands of the myriad retailers that do business with the company, or with government officials or hackers. Amazon never ceases to amaze me, said Lillie Coney, associate director of the Electronic seclusion Information Center in Washington, D.C. If they create this database, it allow for be used for other purposes. They are very creating slightlything worth a great deal of value that will help their company. The patent of invention disclosure comes at a epoch of heightened awareness over online security and a rash of recent security breaches.AOL lately published a list of more than 650,000 user queries that revealed names, addresses and Social Security numbers, and the company this week apologized and aloof the data, but its unknown how many copies of the sensitive information were made. Amazons pending patent, which would bar competitors from replicating the companys process for gathering information, exposit how it could compile data from customers to create a profile of products that a person might want to buy. such(prenominal) a database would include the gender, date of birth, interests, occupatio n, education, income level, residence, race and ethnicity of customers for Amazons gift clustering program. Customers already willingly disclose some personal information on the site to create a wish list of desired products, for example. The larger potential database would go beyond that. Even if a customer does non know demographic information or interests of a possible recipient, the system may be able to access such information from a user profile for the recipient, from past prepareing patterns of the recipient, or from publicly accessible databases, the patent application said.Company spokeswoman Patty Smith said Amazon.com has no current plans to implement such a system. non every company uses a patent it has in its name, but it may have a patent in portfolio, Smith said. Who knows 10 years ingest the road or five years use up the road? It might be good to implement. We want to protect our intellectual property. Smith said the entry released Thursday is an addendum to a patent Amazon sought in October 2000 and received in February of this year. She said much of what was in the original patent was also disclosed Thursday, but she didnt have details on what was new. Smith said that six years ago Amazon was trying to figure out shipway to make it easier for customers to find information on the companys wish list feature for gifts.Amazon is always circumspect how it uses customer data so the customer experience will be as good as it move be, she said. The system described in the patent would give shoppers, with the click of a mouse, additional detailed information at the discretion of the gift recipient. Amazon already groups or clusters gifts, such as live items or back-to-school goods, and then suggests them to buyers based on generic factors such as price, the relationship between the giver and receiver or the recipients age or gender. The patent disclosure also comes at a time when Amazon, origin every(prenominal)y an online bookseller in 19 95, is moving into new ventures to boost profits.The companys stock took a huge hit tolerate month after Amazon reported disappointing second-quarter earnings and company executives said there would be continual heavy spending on technology. Amazon recently started its own toy and food stores. The patent application, filed Dec. 9, 2005, by Amazon inventor Amit Agarwal but made public Thursday, could take years to be approved, gibe to Brigid Quinn, a Patent Trademark Office spokeswoman.Quinn said theres a backlog of more than 700,000 patent applications, and the commission reviews about 300,000 a year. Its in the early stages. Its not even on an examiners desk yet, Quinn said. But they could use it without it cosmos patented. The patent only prevents others from using it. Greg Linden, a former technology team leader at Amazon, said it sounds to him like Amazon is just protecting its wish list feature. Linden, founder of Findory.com, an online news site, also warned not to read t oo much into a patent application because lawyers throw in everything they can compute of to keep competitors from copying an idea.Read more http//www.seattlepi.com/business/article/Amazon-database-would-put-shoppers-intimate-1211419.phpixzz24rlGoBichttp//aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/amazon-oracle/AWS Case Study Amazon.com visionary DB Backup to Amazon S3Amazon.com is the worlds largest online retailer. In 2011, Amazon.com switched from put down backup to using Amazon simple-minded Storage Service (Amazon S3) for bread and butter up the majority of its Oracle databases. This strategy reduces complexity and chief city expenditures, provides faster backup and restore performance, eliminates mag tapingline capacity planning for backup and archive, and frees up administrative staff for higher(prenominal) value trading operations. They were able to replace their backup tape recording nucleotide with spoil-based Amazon S3 storage, eliminate backup software, and exp erient a 12X performance improvement, reducing restore time from around 15 hours to 2.5 hours in select scenarios.The crinkle ChallengesAs Amazon.com grows larger, the sizes of their Oracle databases continue to grow, and so does the sheer number of databases they maintain. This has caused growing offends related to backing up legacy Oracle databases to tape and led to the consideration of alternate strategies including the use of Cloud run of Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of Amazon.com. Some of the business challenges Amazon.com faced included consumption and capacity planning is complex, and time and capital expense budget are at a premium. probatory capital expenditures were take over the years for tape computer hardware, data center space for this hardware, and enterprise licensing fees for tape software. During that time, managing tape infrastructure required highly skilled staff to spend time with setup, certification and engineer archive planning instead of o n higher value projects.And at the end of every fiscal year, projecting hereafter capacity requirements required time consuming audits, forecasting, and budgeting. The constitute of backup software required to support multiple tape devices sneaks up on you. Tape robots provide basic read/spell capability, but in order to fully utilize them, you must invest in proprietary tape backup software. For Amazon.com, the cost of the software had been high, and added substantively to overall backup costs. The cost of this software was an ongoing budgeting pain point, but one that was difficult to address as long as backups assumeed to be create verbally to tape devices.Maintaining reliable backups and being fast and efficient when retrieving data requires a lot of time and causal agent with tape. When data needs to be durably stored on tape, multiple copies are required. When everything is working correctly, and there is minimal parameter for tape resources, the tape robots and backup software can soft find the required data. However, if there is a hardware failure, human intervention is necessary to restore from tape. Contention for tape drives resulting from multiple users tape requests slows down restore processes even more. This adds to the witnessy time objective (RTO) and makes achieving it more challenging compared to backing up to Cloud storage.Advantages with Amazon Web ServicesAmazon.com initiated the evaluation of Amazon S3 for economic and performance improvements related to data backup. As part of that evaluation, they considered security, availability, and performance aspects of Amazon S3 backups. Amazon.com also executed a cost-benefit analysis to ensure that a migration to Amazon S3 would be financially worth musical composition. That cost benefit analysis included the following elements Performance advantage and cost competitiveness. It was important that the overall costs of the backups did not increase. At the same time, Amazon.com required f aster backup and recovery performance. The time and effort required for backup and for recovery operations proved to be a significant improvement over tape, with restoring from Amazon S3 running from two to twelve times faster than a comparable restore from tape.Amazon.com required any new backup medium to provide improve performance while maintaining or reducing overall costs. Backing up to on-premises disk based storage would have improved performance, but missed on cost competitiveness. Amazon S3 Cloud based storage met both criteria. greater durability and availability. Amazon S3 is designed to provide 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability of objects over a given year.Amazon.com compared these figures with those sight from their tape infrastructure, and determined that Amazon S3 offered significant improvement. Less operational friction. Amazon.com DBAs had to evaluate whether Amazon S3 backups would be viable for their database backups. They determined that using Amazon S3 for backups was easy to implement because it worked seamlessly with Oracle RMAN. Strong data security. Amazon.com found that AWS met all of their requirements for physical security, security accreditations, and security processes, protecting data in flight, data at rest, and utilizing suitable encryption standards.The Business BenefitsWith the migration to Amazon S3 well along the way to completion, Amazon.com has realized several benefits, including Elimination of complex and long tape capacity planning. Amazon.com is growing larger and more dynamic each year, both organically and as a result of acquisitions. AWS has enabled Amazon.com to keep pace with this rapid expansion, and to do so seamlessly. Historically, Amazon.com business groups have had to save annual backup plans, quantifying the amount of tape storage that they plan to use for the year and the frequency with which they will use the tape resources. These plans are then used to charge each organization for their tape usage, spread head the cost among many teams. With Amazon S3, teams simply pay for what they use, and are billed for their usage as they go. in that respect are virtually no upper limits as to how much data can be stored in Amazon S3, and so there are no worries about running out of resources.For teams adopting Amazon S3 backups, the need for formal planning has been all but eliminated. Reduced capital expenditures. Amazon.com no longer needs to obtain tape robots, tape drives, tape inventory, data center space, networking gear, enterprise backup software, or predict future tape consumption. This eliminates the burden of budgeting for capital equipment well in advance as well as the capital expense. Immediate availability of data for restoring no need to locate or retrieve physical tapes. Whenever a DBA needs to restore data from tape, they face delays. The tape backup software needs to read the tape catalog to find the correct files to restore, locate the correct tap e, mount the tape, and read the data from it. In roughly all cases the data is spread across multiple tapes, resulting in further delays.This, combined with contention for tape drives resulting from multiple users tape requests, slows the process down even more. This is especially severe during critical events such as a data center outage, when many databases must be restored simultaneously and as soon as possible. None of these problems occur with Amazon S3. Data restores can begin immediately, with no waiting or tape queuing and that means the database can be recovered much faster. Backing up a database to Amazon S3 can be two to twelve times faster than with tape drives. As one example, in a benchmark test a DBA was able to restore 3.8 terabytes in 2.5 hours over gigabit Ethernet. This amounts to 25 gigabytes per minute, or 422MB per second. In addition, since Amazon.com uses RMAN data compression, the effective restore rate was 3.37 gigabytes per second.This 2.5 hours compares to, conservatively, 10-15 hours that would be required to restore from tape. Easy implementation of Oracle RMAN backups to Amazon S3. The DBAs found it easy to start backing up their databases to Amazon S3. Directing Oracle RMAN backups to Amazon S3 requires only a configuration of the Oracle Secure Backup Cloud (SBC) module. The effort required to piece the Oracle SBC module amounted to an hour or less per database. After this one-time setup, the database backups were transparently redirected to Amazon S3. Durable data storage provided by Amazon S3, which is designed for 11 nines durability. On occasion, Amazon.com has experienced hardware failures with tape infrastructure tapes that break, tape drives that fail, and robotic components that fail. Sometimes this happens when a DBA is trying to restore a database, and dramatically increases the mean time to recover (MTTR). With the durability and availability of Amazon S3, these issues are no longer a concern.Freeing up precious human resources. With tape infrastructure, Amazon.com had to seek out engineers who were experienced with very large tape backup installations a specialized, vendor-specific skill set that is difficult to find. They also needed to hire data center technicians and dedicate them to problem-solving and troubleshooting hardware issues replacing drives, shuffling tapes around, shipping and tracking tapes, and so on. Amazon S3 allowed them to free up these specialists from day-to-day operations so that they can work on more valuable, business-critical engineering tasks.Elimination of physical tape manoeuvre to off-site location. Any company that has been storing Oracle backup data offsite should take a hard seek at the costs involved in transporting, securing and storing their tapes offsite these costs can be reduced or possibly eliminated by storing the data in Amazon S3. As the worlds largest online retailer, Amazon.com continuously innovates in order to provide improved customer experience and offer products at the lowest possible prices. One such innovation has been to replace tape with Amazon S3 storage for database backups. This innovation is one that can be easily replicated by other organizations that back up their Oracle databases to tape.

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John Grisham Essay Example for Free

John Grisham EssayIntroduction The Capital Area regimen Bank has been do 633,000 unprivileged residents in Washington D. C Metropolitan Area and 200,000 children whose standards of living are precarious inviting utmost cathexis and concern. There are 200,000 children who are in need of food. source U. S Census Bureau,2000 Food Bank distributes all(prenominal)place and above 62,000 pounds on daily basis and serves meals accounting to 1. 6 million per month apart from do 700 non-profit partnership agencies affiliated with Washington D. C. Metropolitan Area. The minimum wage of D. C. is $7. 00. Also the minimum wage is $6.15 in Maryland and $5. 15 in Virginia. sourceHunger in America 2006, Mathematica Policy Research CAFB definition of need The Capital Area Food Bank defines poverty based upon 185% of the poverty guidelines. This means that a mansion may earn up to 185% of the U. S. governments standard of poverty and still be considered in poverty. This measure (and some oth er multiples such as 125%, 150% and even 200% of poverty) is utilize determine eligibility for many government programs. 1 Contributing factors to Hunger and Homelessness 1. Unemployment The following narrates have the problem of unemployment 2005.Sno State High Low 1 Mississipi 2 Louisiana 3 South Carolina 4 Alaska 5 stat mi 6 Hawaii 7 compass north Dakota 8 Vermont 9 Virginia 2. National poverty indicators Sno (In millions Status For the year 1 25,350 Individuals 2005 2 5,146 Avg monthly individuals 2005 3 25,682 Avg monthly food stamp individuals 2005 4 38,196 Food insecurity-household 2004 5 7,591 sluggish individuals 2005 6 36,997 Individuals in poverty 2004 sourceHunger in America, Draft Report, February 2006 2. Food Insecurity 2002-2004 1 Oklahoma 2 South Carolina 3 Arkansas 4 Delaware .5 North Dakota 6 upstart Hampshire 7 Minnesota 8 Hawaii sourceNational Statistics on Hunger and Poverty2 3. States with poverty 20043 1 stark naked Hampsh ire 1 2 Minnesota 2 3 Vermont 3 4 New Jersey 4 5 Hawaii 5 6 Delaware 6 7 Masschusetts 7 8 Alaska 7 9 Virginia 9 10 Nebraska 10 11 North Dakota 11 12 Maryland 12 13 Wyoming 13 14 Idaho 13 15 Utah 13 16 Connecticut 16 17 Colorado 16 18 Iowa 18 19 Oklahoma 19 20 Nevada 20 21 Pennsylvania 21 22 Kansas 22 23 Rhode Island 23 24 Washington 23 25 Florida 25 26 Maine 25 27 Indiana 25 28 Ohio 25 29 Missouri 30 30 Illinois 30 31 Wisconsin 32 32 Georgia 33.33 calcium 34 34 Michigan 34 35 South Dakota 36 36 Montana 37 37 West Virginia 38 38 Arizona 39 39 North Carolina 40 40 South Carolina 41 41 New York 42 42 Arkansas 43 43 Tennessee 44 44 New Mexico 45 45 Texas 45 46 Alabama 49 47 Kentucky 50 48 Mississippi 51 57% of ache is prevailing in urban areas and 43% is prevalent in sub-urban/rural areas of U. S4. 4. Income fellowship Employment status 20065 sno Income (USD) per centage Employment percentage 1 0-999 60. 6 Full-time 14. 6 2 1000-2499 25. 3 Part-time 13. 2 3 2500 and above 2. 9 Une mployed 72. 2 4 Not known 11. 2 North Carolina A study.Statistics of hunger and poverty in North Carolina sno year Household income (Avg) % (+) (-) Increase in numbers From To Increase % 1 2000 2002 (-) $1749 (-) 4. 4 985,000 1. 07 mn 9 According to the survey of Wake Forest University School of Medicine, it was found that the overall percentage of hunger in U. S in 4. 3 and according to Quandt food insecurity is between 35. 6% to 41. 8% in four surveys conducted. North Carolina with a population of 8 million is having an account of 15. 2 % of individuals and 21. 2% of families with small children facing a risk of hunger. Statistics of Polkton.1 Total population 18,324 2 Households 7,908 3 Families 5,337 4 Average household size 2. 28 5 Average family size 2. 78 6 Household Median income $36,259 7 Family Median Income $45,096 8 Percapita Income $19,804 9 Male Median income $29,375 10 Female-Median income $23,070 11 beneath poverty line-18 under 11. 70% 12 Below poverty line-65 a nd older 8. 80% 13 Children under 18 23. 50% 14 Married couples 56. 30% 15 Female householders 7. 90% 16 Non-families 32. 50% 17 Individual households 28. 90% 18 65 and older living alone 15% 19 Below poverty line 10. 10% of population 20 Families below poverty line 6. 40%.The break up of people living is White 92. 26% African American 5. 89% indispensable American 0. 19 Asian 0. 247 Conclusion The result of 25 cities survey of status report on Hunger and Homelessness in U. S concludes that 83 per cent of cities surveyed that there is a dire need of aid in shelter and food which has risen by 15 per cent, still having 76 per cent of cities account to be increase. There are totally thirteen cities facing the acute and emergency need of situation and food. viz. , Burlington, Vermont,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania,Charlotte,North Carolina,Portland,Oregon, San Antonio and Texas.sourceMayors Conference. North Carolina crisis in budget is expected to exceed $1Billion. Some of the ot her contributing factors are increase in accommodation cost, unemployment, and employment problems, poverty, low income or lack of income, increasing utility rates, non-availability of transportation and handicapped and affablely disabled persons. There is an account of 1/5 of stateless persons who are mentally ill in the above cities. According to a survey 60percent of eastern North Carolina have participated in WIC program conducted by U.S Department of Agriculture, as compared to 40 per cent in Forsyth County. 6 Compared to other parts of the world, United States is free from food insecurity and hunger. The nations data accounts that 82. 4 per cent of households were secured with food and 13. 3. Percent of households were food insecure and 4. 3 percent were accounted with hunger. There are several biotic community based organizations and local head departments CBO, LHD which are working for North Carolina to assist people in every manner providing comfort for illness and food .There is a severe need for adult care for treating mental illnesses apart from providing all kinds of facilities for children. References 1 Hunger in D C Metro Area, Capital Area Food Bank http//www. capitalareafoodbank. org/hunger/statistics. cfm 2.A Report on the North Carolina 2003 Public Health Partnership suss out of Local Health Department and community based organization. http//www. schs. state. nc. us/SCHS/pdf/LHDCBOSurveyweb. pdfsearch=%22statistics%20of%20hunger%20and%20poverty%20in%20Anson%20county%22 3 Housing and thoroughgoing poverty of extreme poverty http//www. common-sense. org/journal/housing. html.

Organizational Behavior-Communication Essay Example for Free

organisational Behavior-Communication Essay1. Presend which channels of communicatings should be emphasized and how these channels pass on be use to ensure that the traditional departments (e.g., IT, gentle resources, customer service, and sales) at SWC headquarters have necessary accurate and well aged(p) tuition.Communication in an organization or company is very pregnant in achieving goals and objectives. It is oftentimes utilize in relaying information, messages and issues that concern the success of a company or organization. It is the medium apply by closely of the high ranking officials and members to have an organized and timely delivery of information in every major power or department for instance. Various types of communication or channels had been used. These communication channels are used by the companies to convey and interact well with the employees in order to improve and attain growth of the organization. at that place are two types of channelsindire ct and direct communication. Indirect communication is used when the interaction is non face-to-face. It uses medium such as different types of technologies like computers, monitors and among others. The most common type of indirect communication is the teleconferencing. On the other hand, direct communication is a face-to-face type of communication. This is common when all of the members of the team up are present in except unity area.2. Which channels will be key to those reckon teams with all members located in spite of appearance headquarters?In the case of SWC, all of the members of the team are within the headquarters, it is best to use direct communication. In relaying this message , a memo can be sent to the members of the team to inform them of the activity that will be done within the headquarters. It is a common fellowship that doing a encounter or gathering within a certain place when all of the deal are present, it is best to employ the direct communication.If the head of the department do not have the time to write a memo the most common thing done is to send an email to the members stating the information and issues that should be discussed and later on meet face-to-face with the members. It is not advisable that the leader will just send an email to all the members even if all are present within one area. On the other hand, an email tycoon be just to relay the information fast and easy entirely still it connotes something to the members. The members might think that the leader of the team is not interested in talking with them. So, there are also strengths and weaknesses of these channels. But in this case, a good leader boots a relationship with the members by dint of constant socialization, constant talking with them and assuring that the company is still wants them and will be like a friend that whenever the company decides to change leadership and people the members will be the first to know. It is showing of unassumingness with the members of the team.In a study done by the Harvard business condition, they projected what a good charabanc is. They found out that the effective manager spends more than 80 percent of their time in interacting with their force play and staff. Furthermore, their study said that interaction and conversations within the working area is important in leading a company or organization. It is human capital and social capital that is working in order to get and create what the company wants such as increasing productivity while enhancing innovation. In another enquiry done by Ron Burt from the University of Chicago, a leading researcher on the social capital of managers has found, done numerous studies, that certain patterns of connections that individuals build with others brings them higher pay, earlier promotions, greater influence, better ideas and overall greater career success. Burt believes that good social capital provides a much higher return on investment in human ca pital the two work together. (Krebs, 2005)In another research done at the Norwegian school of economics, a manager or team leader with a better social networking were more racy since they are sincere with their work, they can easily coordinate with the members without hesitation and coordinate tasks in order to cultivation a certain project and accomplish the goals and objectives of the project (Krebs, 2005).3. We may have virtual self-managed teams with members located in different parts of the world. The members have yet to meet each other. These teams are each focusing on figing and delivering specific products to certain customers by designated dates.On the other hand, while face-to-face interaction is important in achieving productivity the unveiling of versatile technologies cannot be ignored. Some of the teams of SWC are located in diverse areas where there is difficulty of meet face-to-face. In this kind of interaction, teleconferencing has been used by many organiza tions and companies in order to hold a opposition or to discuss an issue that concerns the company. Also, one of the successful interactions is through networking. This technology helps individuals communicate with each other even if it is across the world. It is a laborious and costly though but once it is set up many of the staff outside the headquarters will earn from it. From this networking there will be better information flow and exchange of communication among the team members(Lussier, 2005)If SWC were to ingest the virtual self-managed teams, below are some key areas that would be evaluated.A virtual self-managed team has been nigh the globe today. It is used by the outsourcing companies such as call centers, medical transcriptionist, and even tutorials online. Through the introduction of the technology people have embraced this and been nurturing and disseminating it to the others. But before going into a deeper context of the virtual self-managed team, a creation of t his team is very important such as choosing the right person to manage and publicize information.There are a lot of criteria in choosing the person. One of this is the knowledge and skills on the technology that will be used in the entire implementation of the project or program. Individuals who are adept with various types of technologies and willing to be trained again and again just to ensure that there will be no problems later on in the implementation. Individuals who have lots of connections and networks that can assist them with their problems in wrong of technology. Individuals who are willing to share later on their knowledge and not be tacit about(predicate) the new information and studies so that there will be transfer of skills., and someone that cannot only design programs but can facilitate information flow and sharing of knowledge.a. What communication channel(s) would you recommend for the initial meeting? For the initial meeting of the team, it would be best that is done face-to-face. This is the first meeting so it should build rapport with each other. Even if there are the use of technologies later on, at least during the initial meeting and introduction of each other there already a communication among them.b. What communication channel(s) would you recommend as key interactions (you are not limited to those channels listed in the exhibit)?Later on, after the initial meeting the team can discuss issues through teleconferencing, phone calls, chat messengers and among others that might not require the front of each other and spend costly fares just to be in one place. Organization of the issues in advance is also important because this will identify how urgent the meeting should be or is it just one of the meetings and phone calls would be enough.c. Explain how these teams will meet the challenges of each of the stages of group/team development.Engaging in this kind of set-up, virtual self-managed team, is difficult to maintain though. It will require energy because this does not only think communication but it also needs feedback and learning (source) among the team members. In order to meet these challenges there should be a constant communication even it is called virtual because through this monitoring can be done as well as learning along the way.d. What challenges does diversity present? What must be done to meet these challenges?Diversity in people is very challenging. Every person has its own personality, enculturation and attitude. Constant learning through trainings can be a good answer to it.e. From a communications point of view, what are the advantages and what are the disadvantages of virtual self-managed-teams?Virtual self-managed team is cost-effective. The only costs that will be incurred are the gadgets that will be used during the networking and conferencing. It can also be done anywhere and anytime of the day. scarcely put the set up and voila there will be a meeting in the nerve of beach. On the other hand, it has also disadvantages. Since it will not require the presence of the person it does not nurture a relationship and does not build rapport among the team. Oftentimes than not, the reaction and the feelings will be not be felt if it is only in the monitor or phone calls. Conversations can be faked and might build walls.