Friday, April 26, 2019

Apples pies as a totem food and its impact on American Health Annotated Bibliography

Apples pies as a totem food and its electrical shock on American Health - Annotated Bibliography ExampleThe book is useful to a variety of people including travelers, chefs, and anyone unbidden to use the recipes at home. The Thorndike press produce the book in 2007. It has one hundred and ninety twain pages.John T Edge is qualified to provide information on this article because he holds a masters degree in southern studies from university of Mississippi. He is also the director of southern food ways alliance and a contributing editor at gourmet. The source provides information approximately how apple pie has moved(p) health in Americans because it begins from the history of apple pie and its impact generally on the regional and ethnical America. The source however is limited because it more leaned towards the southerners and the information is short, and not given in details.The next source is sustenance Fight The inside story of the food industry, Americas obesity crisis, and what we can do about it. Kelly Brownell and Katherine skirmish Horgen wrote this book. The book deales the reasons why obesity especially in children is on the rise. It also discusses the feeding habits of American children, and how they lead to obesity. It further gives suggestions on what people should do to reduce obesity in children. McGraw-hill professional publishers published the source in 2004. The book has three hundred and fifty six pages with different sub topics that discuss food habit, nutrition and its impact.Kelly Brownell is qualified to give information on this topic because he has a PhD in nutrition and weight disorders. He is also a director of the Yale center for eating and weight disorders. Katherine Battle Horgan is also a professor in the same field and co-worker at the Yale center for eating and weight disorders. The article can be used to address the eating habits of American children. Their consumption of likewise much debauched foods including app le pies and how these fast foods lead to obesity. It also gives solutions on how to stop consumption of fast food to

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