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Readers are Leaders Essay

The difference between the gastric short-circuit and the Lap-band argon that they some(prenominal) restrict the measuring of nutrient intake except the gastric bypass reroutes where the stomach and part of the intestines connect causing temporary malabsorption. The lap-band only restricts the amount of food intake. With any surgery or alteration to the body clay there introduces the possibilities of complications and all surgeries come with risk. Complications of from a gastric bypass includes ulcers are holes or breaks in the protective lining of the upper part of the depleted intestine or the stomach causing pain indiscomfort. Ulcers sack up usually be treated successfully by medications.A stricture is when the new connection between the stomach and small intestine heals, but as it heals, it can forms scar tissue that can make the possibility of the connection smaller. This variety of gastric bypass side effects whitethorn even progress to the patient not tolerating any so lid food or liquids. Lapbandrisksincludeband slide,thetermbandslipiskindofdeceivingbecausethe band itself does not move and cause the problem. A slip occurs when the stomach that is below the band slips up or prolapses through the band.This causes the open between the pouch and the lower stomach to become even much narrowed or completely blocked. Obstructions after placement of the band brought on by overfilling the band can cause esophageal outlet obstruction. user interface and Tubing complications These complications represent a significant source of problems after lap band. Failure of the port and tubing may be related to automatonlike forces associated with change in abdominal wall anatomy after weight loss, as well as physical changes in the silicone tubing.

First World War Essay

exemplify of theparticipants in World War IAllied Powersin green, fundamental Powersin orange, and neutral countries in grey In the 19th Century, the major European reasons had gone to great lengths to maintain abalance of powerthroughout Europe, resulting by 1900 in a complex network of political and armed services alliances throughout the continent. These had started in 1815, with theHoly AlliancebetweenPrussia, Russia, and Austria. Then, in October 1873, German ChancellorBismarcknegotiated theLeague of the Three Emperors(GermanDreikaiserbund) between the monarchs of AustriaHungary, Russia and Germany.This harborment failed because AustriaHungary and Russia could not agree over Balkan policy, leaving Germany and AustriaHungary in an alliance formed in 1879, called the multiple Alliance. This was seen as a method of countering Russian define in theBalkansas theOttoman Empirecontinued to weaken. In 1882, this alliance was spread out to include Italy in what became theTriple Alli ance. After 1870, European conflict was averted largely through a carefully planned network of treaties between the German Empire and the final stage of Europe orchestrated by Chancellor Bismarck.He especially worked to grant Russia at Germanys side to avoid a two-front war with France and Russia. WhenWilhelm IIascended to the throne asGerman Emperor(Kaiser), Bismarcks alliances were little by little de-emphasised. For example, the Kaiser refused to renew theReinsurance Treatywith Russia in 1890. Two years later, theFranco-Russian Alliancewas subscribe to counteract the force of the Triple Alliance. In 1904, the United Kingdom sozzled an alliance with France, theEntente cordialeand in 1907, the United Kingdom and Russia signed theAnglo-Russian Convention.This dust of interlocking bilateral agreements formed theTriple Entente. HMS Dreadnought. A nautical accouterments head for the hillsexisted between the United Kingdom and Germany. German industrial and scotch power had grow n greatly afterunification and the foundation of the Empirein 1870. From the mid-1890s on, the government of Wilhelm II used this base to devote significant economic resources to building up theKaiserliche Marine(Imperial German Navy), established by full admiralAlfred von Tirpitz, in rivalry with the BritishRoyal Navyfor world naval supremacy. As a result, both nations strove to out-build each other in basis ofcapital ships.With the launch ofHMSDreadnoughtin 1906, the British Empire expanded on its significant advantage over its German rivals. 21The arms race between Britain and Germany eventually extended to the rest of Europe, with all the major powers devoting their industrial base to producing the equipment and weapons necessary for a pan-European conflict. Between 1908 and 1913, the military spending of the European powers increased by 50percent. Austria-Hungary precipitated theBosnian crisisof 19081909 by officially annexing the author Ottoman territory ofBosnia and Herzeg ovina, which it had occupied since 1878.This angered theKingdom of Serbiaand its patron, thePan-SlavicandOrthodoxRussian Empire. Russian political manoeuvring in the region destabilised peace accords that were already fracturing in what was cognize as thePowder keg of Europe. Ethno-linguistic map of AustriaHungary, 1910 In 1912 and 1913, the scratch Balkan Warwas fought between theBalkan Leagueand the fracturing Ottoman Empire. The resultingTreaty of London notwithstanding shrank the Ottoman Empire, creating an independentAlbanian Statewhile enlarging the territorial holdings of Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and Greece.When Bulgaria attacked both Serbia and Greece on 16 June 1913, it lost most of Macedonia to Serbia and Greece andSouthern Dobrujato Romania in the 33-day sulfur Balkan War, further destabilising the region. Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnian-Serb student, was arrested immediately after he assassinatedArchduke Franz Ferdinand of AustriaOn 28 June 1914,Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnia n-Serb student and member ofYoung Bosnia, assassinated the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne,Archduke Franz Ferdinand of AustriainSarajevo, Bosnia.This began a period of diplomatic maneuvering among Austria-Hungary, Germany, Russia, France, and Britain called theJuly Crisis. Wanting to finally end Serbian limp in Bosnia, Austria-Hungary delivered the July Ultimatum to Serbia, a series of ten demands intentionally made unacceptable, intending to stimulate a war with Serbia. When Serbia agreed to only eight of the ten demands, Austria-Hungary tell war on 28 July 1914. Strachanargues, Whether an equivocal and early response by Serbia would have made any difference to Austria-Hungarys behavior moldiness be doubtful.Franz Ferdinand was not the sort of personality who commanded popularity, and his demise did not postage the empire into deepest mourning. The Russian Empire, unwilling to allow AustriaHungary to eliminate its influence in the Balkans, and in support of its longtime Ser b proteges, ordered a overtone mobilization one day later. When the German Empire began to mobilise on 30 July 1914, France, angry about the German conquest ofAlsace-Lorraineduring theFranco-Prussian War, ordered French mobilisation on 1 August. Germany declared war on Russia on the same day.

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Ethical Decisions Essay

Every individual is faces with good conclusivenesss every day in both their psycheal and professional lives. To avoid devising wrong decisions, matchless must notice what leads to shortsighted decision making. Once a person knows what leads to the deplorable decision, they must find bureaus to resist making an wrong act. A person can non find the duty choice if they do not know how to avoid it. A loss leader must also know how to inspire honourable decisions within their staff. This paper covers ways to avoid making poor decisions and ways to making honorable ones.Poor Decision Characteristics eon there atomic number 18 numerous ways one can be ethical, M whollyor, Barnes, Bowers, & Langvardt suggest there ar three essential traits one makes when a poor decision is make (1966/2010, p. 115). The fist common mis postulate of poor decision-making is when one forgets the goal that was previous set by him or herself or the giving medication. A person or the organization must keep all of their goals in mind when making decision, and many times individuals forget these goals. certitude is another trait of poor decision-making. One aspect of certitude beingness that nobody give notice a little mis show made for correction later. For modelling, a manager may take a a couple of(prenominal) dollars from the business expecting to put it back later and then a some more and later still more. However tomorrow never comes and originally long, that first few dollars turns into hundreds or thousands. In the organization of my employment a small bring company as well as the proprietors stock car team on the side exists.The loan company sponsors the racing, and a year ago, the organization moved from the Midwest to the philia of NASCAR country. Once the owner arrived, he decided to buy the best equipment for the career team using funds from the loan company. musical composition the spending whirl may have been ok in the past, the owner did not take i nto account that need of hiring and training of new employees. When the new employees made poor lending decisions, combined with his spending, the organization almost went bankrupt. The other aspect of overconfidence is confirmation bias or wemust be doing things the right way because all has gone well in the past (Mallor et al., 1966/2010, p. 116).The overconfidence shows in the mannikin of the overspending by the owner of the organizations nationment Oh, it will all work out, because it always has. The last trait of poor decision-making occurs when the issues are too complex and not bring aboutd for their complexity. Individuals may not realize the complexity of the issue and underestimate the issue. In the lending business, should we as an organization not know the laws of each state when it comes to lending, we can face unspoilt legal issues should we make a loan to a resident of a state in which short term lending, such as we do, is illegal.Resisting wrong ActsResisting wr ong acts, many times, is easier said than done. In order to do so, a person must first recognize that what they are about to do is unethical (Mallor et al., 1966/2010, p. 116). The first way to avoid making an unethical decision is to buy some time onwards acting. An individual must take some time, analyze the situation, and if need be, find other ways to reach out the task at distribute without being unethical. The next tactic is to hear out help from a mentor or support group. While an individual may not have the ethical solution to a problem at hand, many times others will.There have been many times when I have sought the advice of others prior to making a decision, which I think may be unethical. Using the previous example of making a loan to someone in a state in which it is illegal, I may ask the advice of a co-worker to begin with I make the loan. The last way to resist making an unethical act is to find a better solution in which everyone wins. This goes hand in hand wi th one buying some time before acting upon an unethical act. Analyzing the situation, and getting all the facts may lead to a decision in which one makes an ethical decision while run across the requirements of the direction one has been given.Leading EthicallyWhen leading other individuals, it is overbearing that one be ethical themselves, in order to lead ethically. A person, who is unethical, is going to inspire unethical expressions in others. When members of an organization see that zipper happens to their leaders, others will fallinto the same unethical behavior and rationalize that what they are doing is ok as well (Mallor et al., 1966/2010, p. 119). Leaders must set the example of ethical behavior for others. Leaders must also communicate ethical values of the organization to the staff.How can an individual know what they are doing is unethical in the eyes of the organization, if they do not know what is expected of them? The leader must continually communicate to the st aff and remind them of what is ethical behavior. some other way to lead other ethically is to reinforce ethical behavior in the staff. When a leader sees an ethical decision made by a staff member, recognize their action. This will help that employee continue to make the right decision, and show others what is ethical behavior.ConclusionIn order to be ethical, one must know what makes ethical and unethical decisions in their lives. Recognizing what makes an unethical decision, and ways to avoid making them, will help one to makes the right choice. Analyzing the situation, weighing other options and alternatives will help one to make an ethical decision. For a leader, these tools will also help their staff make ethical decisions as well.ReferencesMallor, J., Barnes, A. J., Bowers, T., & Langvardt, A. W. (2010). Business law The ethical, global, and e-commerce environment (14th ed.). New York McGraw-Hill Irwin. (Original work print 1966)

Analysis Of Crooks in Of Mice and Men Essay

Answer Crooks is so look on to Lennie because although he and Lennie are quite resembling (they are some(prenominal) categorised as the weak ones) Lennie has the better life, obviously because he is white. Lennie is allowed in the dorm room and allowed to play cards should he choose to (if he even knew how to) whereas Crooks tailnot. Throughout the conversation, we chance Crooks character pose out of his shell, and be nice to people whom he normally wouldnt conversate with except Slim and the boss.Obviously, because hes black and because of segregation, he is toy with to those who disregard him because of his colour, but maybe there is another reason he is mean to Lennie, such as he is jealous of his lifestyle or he wishes he were white. Also, he is pretty low on the social totem pole and Lennie is an easy target for him. Crooks first reaction when Lennie visits him is that he wants to prove a point if he as a black military man cant enter white mens houses, past whites arent allowed in his room.He wants Lennie to crawl in that he has to have both(prenominal) sorts of rights. But Lennies inviting smile and Crooks desire for compevery government agency that Lennie can enter, and thus sidetracks the convo where we learn all roughly Crooks. Like Curleys wife, Crooks is a powerless character, and it seems that he seeks vulnerable characters to make himself feel good He starts suggesting that maybe George will never come back and only dough the cruel game when Lennie threatens him with physical violence.He shows us that his loneliness means he often has no-one to talk to and his character would like sympathy. He is in any case interested once Candy and Lennie start conversating and forgets all about his mean self. He has seen men of all sorts come on and off the cattle ranch and no-one has actually fulfilled the American vision which he is doubtful of because it seems this Dream does not apply to him due to the colour of his grate. This is w hy he scrutinizes others. forefront 2) Are there any similarities between Lennie and Crooks?Answer Lennie and Crooks are both marginalised from society Lennies lack of mental abilities keep him isolated and Crooks skin colour keep him isolated. For this, they are classed as the weak ones. When Lennie comes by, Crooks is immediately unfriendly. You go one get outta my room. I aint wanted in the bunk house you aint wanted in my room. However, both men long for company, and so begin talking. Their similarities wipe out any awkward silences and end their isolation. Crooks understands that Lennie has the better life and uses this against him to compare himself.I range ya, I tell ya a guy gets lonely an he gets sick. two men can be seen as lonely, not only are they marginalised, and even though Lennie has George, his mental challenges keep him alone because no-one can entirely understand him which emphasises his differences and Crooks colour leaves him excluded from the dorms. Ques tion 3) What does this conversation tell us about the relationship of Crooks with other men? Answer Crooks relationships are built slightly the fact that he is a victim of racism and is outcasted from companionship.We know from the start that Crooks takes a liking to Skinner and the boss, and since we dont get to know him until Chapter 4, this outlines his lack of status, credibility and power. We as readers are able to emphasise with Crooks because we are shown how black people were treated in the time of the Great Depression. We see how Crooks is able to open up to Lennie and he confesses all his feelings and thoughts because he sees him as a figure of trust as he is unable to ring what he is told. His relationship with Slim is tight because we admire Slim as a good, supporting member of society.

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Ethical Analysis of Baby Theresa Essay

Baby Theresa is a very remarkable case. Theresa Ann Campo Pearson was an infant born in Florida 1992, with Anencephaly, which is where the two most serious separate of the brain are missing, the cerebrum and cerebellum, as well as the top of the skull. With break through these move of the brain she would n ever so have had higher brain functions or consciousness. However, thither is still a brain stem connected so every last(predicate) the autonomic functions are still working, such as having a touchwood beat and breathing. Anencephaly is known as iodin of the worst ingrained disorders, thus these cases are usu completelyy detected during pregnancy and aborted.If non aborted, half(a) are stillborn or if born alive, they usually die inside a few old age. In Baby Theresas case, she died nine days after birth. Even though, knowing that Baby Theresa would not live colossal and never have a conscious animateness, her parents requested that her organs would not go to waste, bu t instead be donated for transplants for early(a) infants in expect before Theresas natural death. In fact, even physicians agreed that was a good idea because over 2000 infants need transplants each year.Unfortunately, the state of Florida prohibits euthanasia and that the organs solely be removed when natural death occurs. Eventually, deep down the nine days Baby Theresa organs decayed and were not employ because the Circuit Court Judge Estella Moriarty ruled that a Florida statute does not allow a somebody to be declared dead firearm any(prenominal) part of the brain is functioning. The hazard told the parents I cant authorize someone to take your babys life, only short, however unsatisfying, to give up another child. Which brings me to my first ethical argument, Its wrong to buck.According to Immanuel Kant and his Kantian deontological theory, the principle of morality and our perfect duties, which one happens to be its wrong to tear an innocent someone, comes from the categorical imperative. Kant states in the text on page 18 that, act in such a way that you always treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never simply as a doer, but always at the same measure as an end. This is basically saying you always respect another persons dignity.Thus, from aKantian standpoint, it is wrong to kill Theresa and take her organs to save others because then they would be using her merely as a centre to other infants ends. However, to play devils advocate, using a person typically means you are violating their autonomy- their right to live and decide for themselves according to their own desires and protects. With that creation said, Baby Theresa was not autonomous because she had no consciousness, she had no ability to ever decide what was in her best interest and desire. So, technically, the Judge of the circuit act was not respecting the parents dignity of abstracted to donate Theresas organs.For that reason, D. W R osss theory should have been taken into dependation. Indeed, I understand why the judge decided to make the ruling she did because if she did allow the physicians to take Theresas life before natural death took its course, it would have possibly undermined all physicians as untrustworthy, which could have ruined the patient-physician relationship. However, even though her ruling was very understandable, an important and very valuable theory should not have been over looked with a case as exceptional as this one, the Prima Facie handicraft.W. D Ross explains when to consider this theory on page 23 that, to provide a invulnerable account of cases of conscience, that is, situations that confront us with a conflict of duties. Meaning when a person is uncertain and unsettled, but still must make a decision, but yet does not know which direction to go, you make a Prima Facie Duty. Ross then went on to explain that, a Prima Facie Duty can be overridden by another Prima Facie Duty that in a particular set of circumstances is more stringent.With that being said, the employment of justice and the duty of beneficence can both be use here because the Judge should have respected the parents religion and wishes, in their time of distress, to make their own personal decisions with their daughter by do other beings in the world conditions better. Also, the its wrong to kill an innocent person argument can be debated as well. Yes, I agree, it is wrong to kill a person to save another person, but there are exceptions, like what even makes a person, a person? Should Baby Theresa be considered a person?Research shows that all people have minds and all minds are capable of conscious mental activity, which Baby Theresa did not any thoughts or feelings, she was basically just breathing, so she should not have been considered as a person by these terms. Indeed, many infants could have benefitted from Baby Theresas organs, leading me to believe that the Utilitarianism theory wa s the correct approach to take for this case. In fact, when Jeremy Bentham created the Utilitarianism theory, he also made a point to focus on the consequences as much as the positive outcomes, which was called the Hedonistic compaction.The Hedonistic Calculus is like a compare and contrast graph to weigh out the pleasures and pains of a situation because his main principle was, act to call forth the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest amount of people and less(prenominal) suffering to the less amount of people and pleasure is the only value in the world based on the hedonism. With this in mind, if the parents were happy with making other families happy by giving their child organs for a good cause without technically harming or killing Baby Theresa, they ought to do so and that is what Ethics is all about, what you ought to do in a dilemma.Where as, on the other hand, by not allowing the organs to be donated for transplants, not only was the Judge dissatisfying Theresa parents wishes, she was possibly causing a larger chain answer of disappointment and agony to the other families who would have been grateful and appreciative of Theresa organs, quite than allowing them to decay, causing pain to multiple parties.Ultimately, this case is a tricky one because I fully understand both the Kantian Theory summation the Utilitarianism and Consequentialist theory, but I see absolutely no benefits from overriding the parents beliefs and wishes of wanting to donate Theresas kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, and eyes because overall, many children could have tremendously benefitted from them.

Reducing Minimum Legal Drinking Age to Decrease Alcohol Related Consequences Among Youth

Angel Gallegos Source Analysis Es enjoin Rhet 104 Drinking get along At 18? How do we react when young adults are playacting obnoxious and totally out of control due to extreme downpour consumption? Over the geezerhood tensions and arguments call for risen to many peoples instinct intimately whether or non the minimum potcapable come on should be dismantleed to the hop on of 18 years old. This major topic has popped up in the heads of many U. S citizens all over the years due to the facts that down popped up by many science based and teachingal research programs. Where has most(prenominal) of the illegal age alcoholism been taking place?According to the cardinal authors of the scholarly reviewed term, Will Increasing Alcohol Availability By labored The Minimum Legal Drinking Age Decrease Drinking And relate Consequences Among Youths? Henry Wechsler and Toben F. Nelson, they state that in college is where most young adults take on the role of binge- insobrietye rs and take a major advantage of their ability to realise intoxicantic beverage illegally. The real question here is, should the imbibition age be lowered? And why? and we will see the methodology of both authors in their sagacitys on towards lowering the drinking age.Both authors main argument in the reviewed article is obviously to lower the drinking age. To lower the drinking age would besotted so much to the nation in their opinion because of the facts that feel been screening up in the U. S. According to the authors based on research that has been made, alcohol tops the list of causes for deaths and injuries in young adults. It is sad to see that this information is very(prenominal) true up to this day and both authors prove it very well by showing understands of the information they are stating from the National pass Traffic Safety Administration Fatality Analysis Reporting System.This image in the article seems credible because its coming from a administration in w hich they strictly focus on the fatalities caused by small drinking over the past 20-30 years and it is clearly visible that back when the drinking age was set at 18 years there were fewer deaths thusly when it was raised to 21 years and so since then only assumptions and arguments have been made to why those facts pop up. This evidence is effective to us the readers because if we were real interested in the topic we would be able to see the facts on the image shown on the article and be able to point the age differences in the drinking ages.The authors empower information on how in college is where the minacious binge drinking takes place for most of young adults. Based on a national survey, stated by the authors, found out that 1 out of every 10 students that consumed alcohol illegally underage inform experiencing any bad consequences for breaking the spirits/alcohol policies minded(p) at their respected schools. I believe that this is ineffective in a delegacy because if the government is imposing the drinking age to be at 21 then why arent they acting upon all the underage drinkers.Its not like they dont know how much alcohol consumption takes place at colleges. This is where their next argument arose and gave the knowledge about the The Amethyst Initiative Argument. They have reference to this predication, which involves presidents and chancellors of over one hundred thirty-five colleges in the signing of lowering the drinking age to 18 years of age due to various college drinking experiences. I find this petition to be sincerely interesting to me because of the way they use their words to argue that the drinking age should be lowered.The authors use words like not working to target the fact that the drinking age at 21 is not preventing young adults from consuming alcohol illegally. The credibility in everything they say can be easily accounted for hardly overall there could be few authorial bias coming from the presidents and chancellors o f these colleges because of the fact that it is hard to passably support the overall position of drinking but overall it does not seem to carry over the authors themselves because they are simply stating the information given by the presidents and chancellors.In this petition they state that 18 year old done the age of 20 year olds have driven underage drinking underground in unmonitored areas and it is bad to for the nation because only the underage drinkers are aware of what is going on but in reality they really dont know what can be the outcome of the darkness because they have as much access to as much liquor they would please. They argue how the government wants to reduce fatalities in the nation and underage drinking so why not lower the drinking age to 18 and let young dults do wise decisions on their own patch still being able to come out to the bars and drink responsibly in a more protected and controlled environment as oppose of their unmonitored areas. Lastly in the petition they say a decry that caught my attention over all in which I believe they could tax more as authors to the article and this sentence basically showed the comparison of horse opera Europes young adults ranging from 18-20 year olds drink more responsibly and they make that assumption because the drinking age in Europe is lower then the drinking age here at the United States.I see that both authors couldve made an effort to support this assumption better by going to another(prenominal) resources and getting information in where they show some type of facts that can be used to argue this statement against the drinking age and not only in comparison to Europe but to all the other countries as well, but other then that the authors have cited and backed up their information well even though a bias point of view can be seen because maybe other people view the idea of consuming alcohol completely different. In reflection to the article I believe I stand with the opinion or vie ws of those who want to lower the drinking age.Not because I am underage and just view it as I want to legally get drinks faster but I see it as a completely different way. I think that if the United States government is able to give drivers licenses to young adults, why not be able to give them the preference to drink as well. Driving is a big responsibility in which any person has to take on and I believe that if they rely a young adult by making a pickax to drive a vehicle and place their life in peril every day they do it then why not give them the trust to drink responsibly as well.I feel that given that decline it will ultimately lower binge drinking because they wont be doing it illegally. I support the views of the authors as well because even though it powerfulness come in a bias way at the balance of it, it really does not because we see that they will never be able control alcohol related problems but there are of all time ways to try and prevent more from breaking out. http//web. ebscohost. com/ehost/detail? vid=4&sid=8db21b3f-0745-49b5-b020-7285e730bd01%40sessionmgr114&hid=128&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3ddb=aph&AN=50616981

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Of mice and men †What u think happened in Weed Essay

It was depositting tenacious the hot humid winds blew from the star little sky all everywhere the tapers of exhausted facing pages workers in the quiet townspeople of Weed.George, a desire with the bide of his team headered towards the cabin as Lennie, the friendly giant followed foot. Today had been a long day every worker had been on the field for over twelve hours. Working over succession was the merely way to make an exceptional few dollars which was crucial to objet darty of the men. As they arrived to the cabin, angiotensin-converting enzyme by one the men washed and prepared for the next day. The clock hit nightspot and the cabin went silent, the sounds of George snoring echoed as the early(a)s slept in peace.The limited hours of sleep ticked by and were soon over. The next morning arrived as the alarms went glum, the sounds of tired men respire whizzed from bed to bed as the men got up for a stiff day of labour. Once again one by one they run along up for a wash and set of for the fields. As usual Lennie was finis to wash and so once again George had to wait as George and Lennie were as one force. George stuck by Lennie throughout his life as he was the only form of family he had. Lennies lacks of knowledge lead to him being Georges responsibility and so George stuck by him throughout everything. However both men left the cabin and set of for the fields.The sun was blazing protrude, droplets of sweat poured down their faces as they arrived to the fields. Both men had arrived late for the third time this week they got straight to work as the boss walked by inspecting how everyone was doctorting onYou late again georgy boy, draw out on this way and ull be hitting the road and that goes for the vauntingly one too pointing his short flex fingers to the direction of Lennie Wont happen again boss replied George hesitantly. The ranch workers were frighten of the boss, he was a mysterious guy, no one actually knew anything about h im let alone his actual name. He would spend his unharmed day walking through the fields aspect for someone in the wrong for him to pick on. George conscionable kept out his way as he didnt want no trouble just precious to make the money and head off to buy a elfin farm house and live the American dream.The day finally came to an end, and on top of everything it was a Friday, looking forward to the two days off George and the boys decided to go into town. As the men headed of for the cabin Lennie followed walking fractional a mile behind the rest as usual notification to him self. Go straight back to the cabin and go to bed, me and the boys gonna hit inta town so dont stay awake instructed George to LennieOk George replied the big fellow, repeating quietly the instruction from George. Lennie made his way back towards the cabin strolling through the muddy fields all alone denting gigantic footprints behind him.As he arrived back to the cabin all alone, he watched George and the other men making their way for a night out. Although Lennie never asked to conglutination them he felt left out, he felt different and less important as he was the only man left behind. jot sympathatic towards himself he decided to go off for a walk quite of departure back to an empty cabin.He started walking through the dark muddy fields, his boots covered with large bulks of mud making it hard for him to prepare of the ground to take the next step, missed in his own thoughts he carried on walking until his leg finally got stuck so deep in the mud he dropped, his large figure fell to the ground with an tinct leaving the ground surface all uneven. He layed motionless on the ground for a few second before deciding to get up. Finally he made an effort to get back to his feet when to his stroke he exculpated a young women standing above him looking down at him offering her hand to pull him up. He gazed into her eyes, his head started spinning her beauty was undescribable her red lipstick shone aginst the moonlight as her long silky hair ran down her back. Shocked by her beauty Lennie just carried on looking into her eyes, she looked back into his with a confused smile radiate off her face you ok at that place? the women asked politely you want a hand getting up big man, didnt you see thea sign no walking through the fields at night its there for a reasonLennie was lost in her beauty, not listening to cryptograph she utter he put out his hand to accept avail from the women, she grabbed on to his enormous rough hand trying to pull him up using both her soft hands. She tried to pull the big man off the ground who made no effort to try get up himself, he just gazed into her eyes as if he was lost in them. She used all her strength to help him up moreover Lennie didnt move an inch. As she released the power, tired of pulling, Lennie gave a slight pull on her left hand.The women came flying down directly ontop of him but hitting her head against the mud . The women layed directly above him, Lennies heart beat increased as the women didnt move, he gently turned her of him to his left. While moving her system of himself he realised droplets of blood on her forehead. Lennies heart estimate increased, he started to take long deep breathes and got to his feet instantly. He stood above her to realise she had hit her head onto a rock which layed on the mud. Lennies fright began to increas now that he figured out the women was dead, he was now going to get into trouble once again and let George down.Feeling terrified and confused, Lennie made a run, he ran through the fields falling by and by every few steps as he realised a light being shone in his direction, it was his boss. What you doing out here at this time big man shouted the boss curiously with his voice echoeing through the fields, however Lennies fear forced him to ignore the boss and carry on running. He ran and ran untill he finaly made it to the cabin. Lennie entered the c abin and went straight to his ticktack where he sat up waiting for George. Hours went past and the men were not back, Lennie left the cabin and stood away.The winds blew with force and a few minutes later(prenominal) Lennie saw George and the men walking back in the distance, George saw Lennie outside the cabin from a far distance and ran towards him.What you doing up awake at this time, I told u I was going to be latesaid George in a dim and tired voice and suddenly Lennie bursted into crying as he explained himself to George about what happened. After hearing the news George to a fault began to panic we have to leave Lennie now both men jam-packed their bags as the other men fell into their deep sleep and left as they had no other choice. Although Lennie had meant no harm on th women Lennies life would be at risk, he would be diabolical for murder and with no evidence to prove his innocence he would about likely be killed. The only way to avoid this was to go on the run so bo th men set off for the forest to get as far away from the town of weed as possible.

Analysis of a Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes Essay

This poetry by Langston Hughes is a very complicated. In it the verbaliser unit paints a picture of what might happen to someones fantasy if it is postponed too long. This idea is the overall theme of the poem and it is what unifies and connects each crease to the poem as a substantial. There argon also mediate references that this is not only the imagine of an individual, but an entire plays struggle to achieve peace and liberation. This poem consists of a series of answers to the question, What happens to a moon deferred? All of the spots following this first question are presented as different similes.The first grapevine of this poem is the to the highest degree crucial because it develops and sets the caution for the poem itself. It nets the reader think about what happens to a conceive of when you posture it aside for an uncertain amount of time. It is not referring to the hallucinations someone might form when they are asleep, but rather the goals they subsc ribe set out for themselves and coveting to accomplish. The poem does not choose or assign a trance to the individual or group, but runs it up to the reader to decide what they thumb is important to them. There are cardinal levels of interpretation that feces be seen at this extremum in time. There is the dream of the individual someone and what they wish to achieve themselves. There is also the dream of an entire take to the woods and what they hope to achieve as a group. The word deferred was a marvellous way to articulate the idea of a postponed and possibly overdue dream. This eviscerate is followed by a series of rhetorical questions that indirectly answer themselves.The vocaliser firmly states the idea that delaying any dream could charter to damaging effects. to each one source describes what these destructive effects and to what end it could start. The second variant asks if the dream dries up Like a raisin in the sun. This metaphor of a dream as a raisin f orces the reader to think about the changes that might move on to a dream if it is leaveover altogether too long. Does it dry up and wither away? Even though a raisin is already dried, if it is left out in the sun for an extended period of time it would become hard and tough which would make it much harder to enjoy. Thus, if adream is left to wither or is unused it could shrivel away to something that is no lengthy useful or capable of being enjoyed. Someones skill would surely grow stiff and dry up if it was not allowed to be used. This line creates the allusion that if you siret achieve your dreams they could dry out and leave you feeling unnourished.As the poem progresses the images and comparisons made evoke more than feeling from the reader. The poem suggests that if the dream does not dry up it could fester resembling a bleak- / And then run. This creates an image and reminds the reader about the pain that is tangle when you are injured. This line means that the d ream could become irritating equal a fresh sore that you wish would dry up so it can heal, but instead lingers and runs. The uncompleted dreams effects could become frustrate and the external wound would be a constant reminder of the things you have not yet attained. The line fester worry a sore- creates a tender image and illustrates the exasperating and slow healing process the consistency must undergo in order to recover flop. This question alludes that when you codt accomplish your dreams it can be like a sore that neer completely heals and always appears fresh.The damaging effects of not complete your dreams becomes more explicit as the poem progresses. The verbalizer asks if the dream deferred stinks like rotten meat. It reinforces the previous grotesque question and the idea that if you leave a dream out too long it will in the end capture to fester and rot like meat. The idea that a dream has the dominance to become rotten is an interesting concept. The dream cou ld bulge out to rot in the persons mind or heart, which would cause them to become sick. This line could also be an indirect reference to the lynching that occurred during the speakers era. It could be referring to the rancid smell of the dangling lifeless bodies. This reinforces the idea that the speaker is talking about the struggle of an entire course and how important it is to hoist up as a group to accomplish your dreams because if anything is left alone too long it will eventually begin to decay. At this point the poem begins to talk about the lighter, but still negative effects of not completing a dream.The speaker implies that if the dream does not begin to rot it could crust and sugar over- / Like a syrupy amiable. This line compares not accomplishing a dream or goal to a sugary substance. If eitherof these is exposed for too long it would begin to form a rigid and stale crust along the surface. This hard crust would make the substance more difficult to use and could ma ke the dream more difficult to achieve. A dream that is hard and separated is much harder to achieve, and this could look at to feelings of depression. These feelings would make the dream appear more complex and create a bigger struggle for the person to obtain their goals. The other image this line depicts is a scab crusting over. Everyone has or will have some phase of injury that will result in a scab erstwhile(prenominal) in their life.This is a powerful image that connects the reader to the image the speaker is trying to portray. Although a scab is not typically thought of as something sweet it eventually crusts over like a syrupy sweet and becomes solid. Even though these two images are not typically compared, it reinforces the sullen and hard image this line is trying to convey. This question insinuates that you should savor and entertain your dreams so they do not become old, sour, and stiff. They should be preserved properly so that they re primary(prenominal) obtainabl e. In the second stanza the speaker proposes the idea that if the dream does not crust over Maybe it just sags- / Like a heavy load. This suggests that not following through with your dreams could weigh you down, which would be other damaging effect. It implies that maybe your dream sags, like when a person is carrying something heavy, make them to move at a sluggish pace. This unhurried pace could lead to clumsiness, which could cause the load to appear heavier than it really is.The word Maybe reinforces that this line is not a question, but rather a suggestion. This suggestion implies that the dream could become hard to bear due to the mental uncertainty that could lead people to ask what if questions. Asking these questions is often a form of self-sabotage because they can never be answered. The development from line to line becomes more blood-and-guts and graphic as the poem progresses. The last line asks the reader if no(prenominal) of these previous affects have happened, would the dream just explode. This word creates an image of a bomb that could cause a great deal of destruction. This idea is the most devastating effect of not accomplishing your dream because not many things are salvageable after an explosion and it is usually used as a last resort. This suggests the idea that if a dream is postponed too long it would eventually turn into a bomb. This explosion could potentially cause more disparage to the person than ifthey had attempted to accomplish the dream and failed, due to the fact that it could never be pieced back together.After a dream has been shattered it is no longer achievable. This line is more powerful than the others because it has a deeper message nookie it. I think it is a threat on the level of the whole race. If a dream is deferred too long, then it could explode into violence. If this occurred, it would do an untellable amount of damage to the righteous cause and make the whole race appear barbaric. It could also cause an individual or an entire race to lose hope and explode with grief causing them to fall isolated and feel helpless. These feelings could make someone feel that suicide is the only flow or might lead them to become more aggressive towards others.These two ideas are by far the most damaging affects that could happen if you dont strive to accomplish your goals and dreams. This poem is very intricately twine and pieced together. The speaker uses comparisons in every line to reinforce and emphasize the main theme of the poem. The indirect references added to the overall complexity of the poem. Each line highlights and unifies the poem because every line relates back to the detrimental effects of what could happen if a dream is deferred. What happens to a dream deferred?

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Problems at Perrier Essay

The case study Problems at Perrier faces issues of resistance to interpolate and strain relationships. By the end of this short essay we leave behind understand dickens matters about Perriers troubles. There will be a cle arr definition of the key elements of the resistance to change and we will gift also create a strategy for dealing with the situation. The Communication Connection One thing that stomach be noted is management may not harmonise with the changes because of the unfamiliarity and lack of fellowship base on the real issues. Managers, at least as much as any other year of employee, are likely to watch within their ranks a range of opinions as to whether a proposed change is a good idea. (Palmer, Dunford, & Akin, 2009, p. 170). When the managers look back and regulate that profits were large and growth developed at a quick pace, moving forward with change is difficult. Often people need to empathize what is in it for them or have a well-defined idea of w hy exactly any change is needed when things worked fine previously. Personal appendix transform can be taken personal and have an scratch on a persons interest in the organization. mountain who have stocks or retirement figures built in as region of their income might show a strong resistance to the change. That self-interest shows worry for how the change will affect them rather than focus on whether it will be good for the organization. no notes on this page -2- Working With Change at Perrier 3 This personal attachment can be built on many an(prenominal) occurrenceors and opinions which people use to justify their resistance.Something that is similar to personal attachment is the fact that the employees and management at Perrier had different ideas as to why the change was happening. They can possible take if personally because they have different thoughts and are confused about the plans organism applied. According to the Nestle CEO pecker BrabeckLetmathe, We have come t o the point where the development for the Perrier brand is endangered by the stubbornness of the CGT (Palmer, Dunford, & Akin, 2009, p. 183). A New Strategy for ManagementOne of the some effective forms of delivering a solid speech and plan is to have clear communication. The managers at Perrier should help educate the employees and build a chart defining the connection between the change and modernistic strategies. People can be afraid of the unknown and being uneducated and then not being involved with the change is relevant to the unknown. Nestle and the management at Perrier should have began a strategic plan by developing a higher(prenominal) level of communication between themselves first. Once that relationship was established, a plan to rebuild the relations between anagement and the employees would have been easy to build.Becoming gnarly People like to generally be involved with things when it will have an impact on them, whether it be at work or at home. Jean-Paul Fra nc, head of the CGT at Perrier was continuously working against Nestle. Having the employees involved could have brought new insight and ideas into the negations which might have been relevant for Jean-Paul Franc to use in qualification plans with Nestle. Allowing people to have the opportunity to be involved also increases their knowledge about the situation and allows them to form their no notes on this page -3- Working With Change at Perrier 4 own opinions which will not be based just on pure resistance. If they have an understanding then their sufferance or resistance will feel justified. Leadership and motivation can also be high points for management at Perrier. Motivation through education and rewards for increasing productivity could encourage new direction. Conclusion A level of support and education needs to be built into a solid foundation for anyone to understand why change is needed.

Big Spaceship

Big starship feels, as an agency, it should continue to invoke while still keeping the boutique culture that brought the company success. there is no clear direction as to how the company should grow. Big Spaceship is unique, so its specific market could soften at any time, which would intimately likely lead to layoffs. Currently, Big Spaceship is a privately held company. oneness option would be to open the company up the public to make up capital which would put the company in a good rank for sustainable growth.Like other ad agencies that have sold out to property companies, selling out could help stabilize growth within the ad agency. Big Spaceship could open up a satellite persona with key inner circle employees, which would allow for growth, while keeping the downcast boutique image. Opening Big Spaceship up to the public has a high probability of generating a large amount of capital collectible to the companys past success. This however, would leave the company open t o pleasing shareholders, which could move absent from Big Spaceships culture.Selling to a holding company would be beneficial footling term. The holding company would provide support and stability during down turns in the ad agency market sector. In the long run, the holding companys ideas may overshadow Big Spaceships vision. Adding a satellite office with trusted employees at the head, would allow for growth while still keeping the vision reorient with the main office. It would generate autonomy with the satellite office. Big Spaceship assay a satellite office once in Los Angles, but closed in(p) shortly due to differentiating cultures.Although it did not meet in LA, it could potentialityly work in another location. The best recommendation would be to find a holding company that fits Big Spaceships vision well. Although its not ideal to be under a holding companys control, it provides the best stability for down turns in the market. If the holding company is a good fit, th ere is great potential for Big Spaceship to keep its vision, boutique culture and continue to be successful.

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Development and Analysis – Case study

The case study is ab tabu the challenge in the classroom in my working experience. It is about two twin boys who were in my class, whereby I was the class teacher. The boys were rattling bullies, rude, lazy and very abusive. They used to poke fun me, their teacher, opposite teachers and the former(a) pupils. These boys really stressed me to a point that I was not even concentrating in what I was supposed to do. The father of the match was a member of the school board and taking complaints to him all the cartridge holder about the pernicious behaviors of the boys could cost me my job.The match could interrupt m any(prenominal) eruditeness sessions by making noise, abusing and beating other children, and even saying that if I report them to their father, nothing could be d whizz as he was a member of the board. The behaviors of the gibe affected the other children who went home and told their parents about it. The parents responded by calling me and coming personally to school to complain on how the twins are affecting their children from learning and how the class teacher and the school wariness had been unable to contain twins.The case was challenging to my career and was degrading the be and status of the school in general. A quick and faster fulfil had to be taken to contain the situation. Decisions had to be do whether for better or for worse since a lasting ascendent was needed. The boys had to be counseled and their behaviors modeled and at the same time the pupils in my class had to be counseled. The best solution for this was to apply the behavioral modeling to the twins whereby model encounters closely at the behaviors of the victims, by going back by collecting data on their behavioral history.The behavioral modeling is meant to assess at the behavioral patterns of an person from the past and relate to them to the present, know why individual is behaving in that eerie discretion, whether the causes for the behavior change could be the family, environment, the friends, the workplace or the community and consequentlyce look for strategies that can assist in correcting the behavior and was done in the following ways a) Initiating a session-the direction should first initiate a session for discussion. He/she should introduce him/herself to the twins so that they could be awake of who they are going to discuss with.The initial rapport volition intend on how the discussion will flow. The counselor should tell the twins what he/she expects from them and the boys should be given time to decide if they will be voluntary to talk but should be given options. b) isolation- the twins should be set-apart from other children. The counselors should in isolation with the twins study their behaviors and know what is really happening. He/she should dig deep into the past history of the twins, the behaviors of the family and the linguistic contexts that know made them to be engage like so.This information can only be got ten from the twins when they alone with the counselor whereby they have the freedom of shewing themselves freely. When victims of the same circumstance are mixed with people of the same problem it becomes very rough to get information from them because those who are with them may influence their answering to the questions asked. Isolation does not mean that the twins should be completely isolated from other children or the family but put in isolation when talking to the counselor.The counselor essential also learn veritable that the isolation process does not affect the twins but improves their concentration during the discussion exercise. c) Find out about the historical background of the family/ information gathering- the consultant should critically look at the behavioral patterns of the twins family before making conclusions. Are in that location other members of the same family who are still in school and have the same behavior? The counselor should think out whether if the had been counseled previously and if there was any impact.It will be necessary to know the behavioral patterns of their parents and then relate them to those of their children. d) Show the paternal and maternal bang-the counselor should at his/her train best the paternal and maternal love to the twins. The twins may be abstracted the love and attention of the one or twain parents, and this has made the twins to become uncontrollable as there is no one to control them and show them love and affection. Every person needs the love of both parents to grow and develop normally and if the twins are missing the love and absence of their father or mother or both of them, their mind set and behavior will change.e) Become closer to the boy- the counselor should develop a very close relationship with the twins. He/she should make sure that the twins are comfortable with him/her all the time they will be spending together. The counselor should not be sympathetic to the twins as this wi ll worsen the situation but should make sure that they understand that what they are doing is wrong and they should be ready to change their behaviors so that they will be able to interact and mix freely with the emit of the other children.They should be told that their behaviors are affecting the whole class and that parents of the other children are complaining of their behaviors. The counselor should also involve the friends of the twins to find out more about the twins behavior when they are together. The friends should be encouraged to talk to them on changing their behavior pattern and they should at the same time tell them the consequences of their bad behavior in a friendlier manner.If the twins feel that they are insecure when they are being counseled, they should be taken to a place of their choice, but should be given options or else they will dictate the situation. This will give them more freedom to express themselves and will build confidence and trust between them an d the counselor. The consultant must also involve the family members who should be urged to become closer to the twins. The parents should be told Without any fear of the bad behaviors of their children and how this has had a negative impact to the other children and to the school.The family members and friends should merriment a bigger role in modeling the behavior of the boys done being closer and talking positively to them on how untroubled behaviors and manners come with good rewards. Having gone through all these steps, the twins in their minds will be in a position to condemn their bad behaviors and see the need to reform for the better. Behavioral change is a farsighted term process which needs a lot of patience and perseverance. The above actions will help solve this crisis and also create a good learning environment for the other children and at the same time calm my work as the class teacher.

Does Prejudice Still Exist Today? Essay

Does racism and prejudice still exist directly? Offici each(prenominal)y there is no racism in the United States in the sense that all kinds of racial contrarietys are prohibited by law. only when racism still exists to some extent in the hearts of the the great unwashed. In general, there is a reduction in the prejudices battalion have virtually others based on their race or other similar kind background. But these prejudices have not completely died down. A large batch of US citizens still appear to have racial prejudices to different degrees.Although the normal commentary describes the United States as post racial, racism and prejudice continues to observe a very real and persuasive influence on institutional policies and processes, interpersonal interactions, neighborhood infrastructure, socioeconomic opportunities, and media imagery in the world today. racialism The core of racism is the belief among people or a condition taken by them that people of some races are ess entially deficient to people of some other races.When people of different races believing in or supporting such antiblack views come in take with each other, they are likely to engage in racist demeanour (Davis, 2012). antiblack Behavior Racist bearing can influence discrimination among people of different races, with an intention to put the people of other races at a disadvantage, or to avoid interaction with them, or both. Such anti-Semite(prenominal) behavior can be explicit and performed without any attempt to hide. This behavior can also be subtle, that cannot be detected or pinpointed easily.Racist behavior may include many kinds of activities carried out secretly. In scandalize of the laws against racist behavior, people do continue to behave in racist ways to some extent. Frequently this behavior is unintentional and difficult to pinpoint. In other cases the behavior is intentional but cannot be detected and punished by law for various reasons (Garry, 2011). Stereot ypes Stereotypes evolve out of fear of people from a minority conference.Stereotypes are generally developed by a series of isolated behaviors by a member of a group that was unfairly generalized to be viewed as a character of all members of that group which in turn formed prejudice and racism. When we judge people and groups based on our own prejudices and stereotypes and treat them differently, we are engaging in discrimination (Thomas, 2013). Conclusion All of us face peer gouge when confronted with a joke which puts down a certain minority. It takes courage to rag objections to these jokes and belittling names and to actively fight the prejudice and bigotry which they foster.It is all important(p) to stand up against injustice, and fight the discrimination, stereotypes, and racism which have served as the precursors to persecution and violence. References Garry, K. (2011, meet 11). Web log message. Retrieved from http//kgarry. wordpress. com/2011/03/11/prejudice-in-the-unit ed-states-today-a-problem-that-we-may-never-resolve/ Davis, S. (2012, January 4). Web log message. Retrieved from http//blog. ctnews. com/mixingitup/2012/01/04/does-racism-still-exist/ Thomas, J. (2013). Teaching race and racism in the 21st century. Retrieved from http//www. ehow. com/way_5192208_teaching-race-racism-21st-century. html.

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Old Building as Monuments Essay

Should we preserve venerable building as historical monuments? I believe that different nation will h grizzly different perspective to this question. In my point of view, a metropolis should preserve the aged(prenominal) historic buildings. Being a container of homosexual activity, Building, obviously, is also a reservoir of human history and destination. To some extent, preserving old historic building means respecting the previous generations. An old building put up insinuate historical events happened in the city.Old buildings, as a symbolisation of architectural heritage, memorize the significant episodes. Looking at the shabby capital of Italy city, almost devastated temples, demolished palace, it is not hard to imagine the prosperous solid ground of the ancient Rome. We can also acknowledge that these buildings be ruined afterward the kingdom was vanquished by the enemy. Thus, historic buildings are one fundamental mode to learn just about significant events in th e history.Read more endeavor About Importance of Historical PlacesThe old historic buildings of a city would accentuate a citys culture and characteristic. The Kashgar city is the better example Chinese government has approved a bill of construct the Kashgar old city, which is 1500years old and main heritage of Uyghur culture, a significant culture of Central Asia. Although a new modern city have been reinforced near to the old one, the most attractive place of Kashgar is still the old city, which has many old historic buildings.The people who want to know about Uyghur culture, one of main culture of Central Asia, always go to chatter the old Kashgar city. Preserving old historic building means respecting the previous generations. possibly some old buildings have negative effect on the cityscape or its function, however, with the consideration of respect previous people, we have no right to ruin or substitute them for modern buildings.On the other hand, we have the certificate of indebtedness of preserving them to our next generations so that they could have the opportunity to know about their predecessors tangibly. moreover maintaining historic buildings needs tremendous amount of money and old buildings are easily destroyed by earthquake, the cultural value of a historical building is worth preserving on economical expense. To learn more about the history, to more distinguish from other culture, for next generations sake, stop destroying the historic buildings.

Measure of Contentment Essay

D witness to that moment I had in vain supposed that my creditor had withdrawn or susp shuttinged proceedings until I should be quite recovered. I had never dreamed of Joes having paid the money more thanover Joe had paid it, and the reception was in his name. What remained of me now, and to follow him to the secure old forge, and in that location to de prevailr prohibited my disclosure with him, and my penitent remonstration with him, (Page 463) This shows how only Joe out mob rescue impinge on and his identity Joe represents who spot should feature become.Respect and admiration for Joe is once again win for blister, as I had never dreamed of Joe paying the money but Joe had paid it, and the receipt was in his name shows. As a result of this act of Joes, dart continues to reform into someone with a collapse identity, an example of which is shown in the characterization What remained of me now, but to follow him to the dear old forge, and there to countenance out my disclosure with him, and my penitent remonstrance with him, as this shows how Pip is de violateing to be reduce toward Joe, and ask for his for given(p)ess.By seeking later on someone elses pleasure before his own, Pip displays qualities of self little(prenominal)ness, Once Pip has discovered his rightful(a) identity, he abide initiate to become someone he is gifted and content with, because he c ares less about his own problems and so they turn int loom as great and as terrible, and he becomes more(prenominal) than content. A further lesson Pip must learn in his battle to find ecstasy is to control his fantasies, phobias and delusions. A phobia is something psychological, that you fear and therefrom try to shut out.Pips phobia that he wont be able to obtain Estella controls him so such(prenominal) that he subconsciously creates fantasies to counter-act his phobias. A ideate is when you dream of something irrational, or a dreamlike delusion of something that is exa ggerated to fit your expectations of what you indigence that thing to be. Pip gets confine by many fantasies in the impudent, which pr even upt him living in frankness and achieving contentment. A major head game in the unused is that Estella is mean valuet for him, and that drop Havisham is his benefactress, and this fantasy drives Pip into becoming a gentlemanThe beautiful young noblewoman at flatten Havishams, and shes more beautiful than anyone ever was, and I admire her dreadfully, and I want to be a gentleman on her account. (Page 125) This expiration is when Pip confides in biddy why he yearns after being a gentleman, and it shows how Pip has the fantasy that as soon as he is a gentleman, Estella will be his. Later, when he comes into his Great Expectations, he fantasises that Miss Havisham is his benefactress so that he end be fit for Estella, and the fantasy is so strong that he makes himself believe that it is true.A departure that displays this is give on Pag e 177, when Pip is getting acquainted with Herbert And as to the occasion which you hold your advancement in life-namely that you are not to inquire or discuss to whom you owe it- you may be actu aloney sure that it will never be encroached upon, or even approached by me, or anyone belong to me. In truth, he said this with so much delicacy, that I felt up the subject done with, even though I should be beneath his fathers roof for years and years to come.Yet e said it with so much meaning, too, that I felt he as perfectly understand Miss Havisham to be my benefactress, as I understood the fact myself. This public life shows how Pip has let his fantasy that Miss Havisham is his benefactress cozen him, and how he will manipulate things that may not necessarily mean what Pip wants them to mean, to suit him and his fantasies. In order for Pip to progress in life and hand contentment, he must learn to let go of these fantasies.However, it is apparent that Pip is unable to let go of his fantasies, because he is claustrophobic of what the verity competency be. For example, Pip makes himself believe that Miss Havisham is his benefactress and that Estella is intended for him, because if Miss Havisham is not his supporter, who is, and is Estella still for him? To Pip, the answer to these questions are too daunting to recognize, so he fantasises about the answer that he wants it to be. Therefore, when Pip discovers that in reality, his benefactor is an escaped convict, he is in absolute electrical shock and repulsion.The abhorrence in which I held the man, the dread I had of him, the repugnance with which I shrank from him, could not cod been exceeded if he had been some terrible beast. (Page 313) daemons cleverly uses diction in this passage by repeating the same thing tether times in different ways, as each of the parts of the passage that Pip describes Magwitch with all tell of his hatred and revulsion of him, but the cast up of these things adds dr ama to the scene, emphasising Pips shock at the reality instead of his fantasy.Once Pip understands that Magwitch is his benefactor, a reformation begins in Pip, and he becomes a better, happier, more altruistic person. Where I might go, what I might do, or when I might return were questions utterly unknown to me nor did I vex my mind with them, for it was wholly set on Proviss safety. I only wondered for the passing moment, as I stopped at the entry and looked back, under what altered circumstances I should next see those rooms, if ever. (Page 425)This passage depicts how Pip has controlled his phobia of lower class status, because he is uncoerced to divine service Magwitch and develops a self-sacrificing love for him, because, as it says in this passage, Pip is willing to give up everything that he has ever consciously wanted, which is being an entitled gentleman, for Magwitchs (Proviss) safety. As a result of his self-centred fantasies, phobias and delusions, Pip becomes ve ry selfish and self-concerned whilst he is in capital of the United Kingdom, but when he begins to seek humble forgiveness from Joe and Miss Havisham because his fantasies have been ruined by reality, he becomes less selfish.Selflessness contributes to Pips happiness at the end of the novel, which is part of Pip encyclopedism to become like Joe, who demonstrates selflessness throughout the novel. When Pip seeks after others happiness before his own, he becomes more able to grow and develop into a better person gift of self makes you unselfish, which in turn makes you happy as you make others happy. This consequences in you being outward looking because you want to look for more opportunities to answer others, creating less focus on your own faults and more contentment and pleasure with yourself.For example, when Pip ransoms Miss Havisham from the muster out, or lends Herbert money for his business, Pip forgets about his own necessitate and safety. The injury Pip gets as a res ult of the fire at Satis House does not prevent Pip from wanting to save Magwitch by helping him escape the law and Compeyson by fleeing the country, instead, he wishes he could do more I felt mortified to be of such(prenominal) little use in the boat, but there were hardly a(prenominal) better oarsman than my two friends. (Page 426)This shows how instead of dwelling on his own unfortunate person circumstances, and the fact that he felt mortified, Pip thinks in a complimentary manner about his two friends but there were few better oarsman than my two friends. Pip attainment how to become less self-centred and dispel his fantasies and phobias partly leads to the level his contentment at the end of the novel. An additional lesson that Pip must learn before he eject bring home the bacon some level of contentment, and a fundamental lesson for anyone growing up, is learning to listen and wee advice from others.There are many points in the novel where Pip is offered good advice, usu ally by someone of trust or worth to Pip, and he doesnt take it. Once Pip learns to take the advice given to him by those superior to him in experience, he can begin to make better and more informed decisions, which consequences in his being happier, more satisfied and more content. The first major turning point in the novel, of Pip desiring to be and becoming a gentleman, could have been avoided if Pip had listened to this advice given to him by Biddy Biddy, said I, after binding her to secrecy, I want to be a gentleman. Oh, I wouldnt, if I were you she returned. I dont think it would answer. Biddy, I said with some severity, I have particular reasons for wanting to be a gentleman. You know best Pip, but dont you think that you are happier as you are? (Page 124) This passage shows how Pip thinks that he knows best, as he speaks to Biddy with severity at not being able to understand why he wants to be a gentleman. When Biddy questions Pip, if he is not happier now, it shows that Pip is striving for contentment, although he attempts to find it in the wrong way, as Biddy cleverly picks up onDo you want to be a gentleman to injure her, or to gain her over? Biddy quietly asked, after a pause. I dont know, I moodily answered. Because if it is to spite her, Biddy pursued, I should think -but you know best- that might be better and more independently done by caring nothing, for her words. And if it is to gain her over- I should think- but you know best -she is not worth gaining over. (Page 125) Here, Biddy is offering Pip very good advice that Estella really isnt worth it.However, Pip thinks that he knows best, as Biddy says, and continues to follow the prospect of becoming a gentleman for Estella. If Pip had taken Biddys advice, he would have been able to achieve contentment in his life quicker than he does as he pursues the life of a gentleman, because he would have conditioned to forget Estella, become apprenticed to Joe, and lived the life of Joe, who is c ontent with his life. However, once Pip is in London, it is a whole new world to him, one that he struggles to cope with at first because of the spectral difference between London and his marsh country home.As a result of this, Pip needs to be taught how to survive in London and he is now willing to learn and listen to the advice of others, which in turn helps him to achieve a story of contentment. I believe that this is one of the most important lessons that indorsers today can get from Great Expectations that in order to achieve contentment, you need to be able to listen to the advice of those that are older, more experienced and more wise to(p) that you are, because they are more likely to know how to best achieve it.The readers can learn from Pips ignorance not to make the same mistakes themselves. Dickens cleverly uses setting throughout the novel to depict different qualities of life, or levels of contentment. The marsh country Pip originates from represents a humble lifest yle, but those that live there, such as Joe and Biddy, and Pip at the beginning of the novel, seem to be more content with their lives than those that live in London, which represents the wealthy, extravagant lifestyle.Dickens uses this caustic remark to show how money and wealth do not necessarily strike contentment, which is a further essential lesson that Pip must learn. Miss Havisham lives in Satis House, which comes from the Latin meaning enough or satisfaction. This is ironic because from the outside, the house represents a life of wealth and grandeur, which the great unwashed often assume to institute satisfaction, but on the inside, the residents of the house lead a bitter, frozen lifestyle, and Miss Havisham is so unsatisfied with her life that she lives it to wreak punish on all men.These circumstances are used by Dickens to show how wreaking revenge does not equate to contentment Pip must learn that if he is to be happy, he must not seek revenge from anyone, even thos e that have especially offended him. Nobodys life plant life out perfectly, and Pips is evidently no exception. An example of a situation where Pip would need to learn to forgive and forget is when Mrs Joe, his sister dies. On contemplation, Pip reflects Whatever my fortunes might have been, I could scarcely have recalled my sister with much tenderness. But I suppose there is a shock of regret which may exist without much tenderness. at a lower place its influence (and perhaps to make up for the want of the softer sense) I was seized by a violent indignation against the assailant from whom she had suffered so much and I felt that on sufficient proof I could have vengefully perused Orlick, or anyone else, to the last extremity. (Page 272) This passage discloses Pips thoughts as he moves from palpateing bitter toward his sister I could scarcely recall her with much tenderness, to seeking revenge upon the person that caused his sister anguish I felt that on sufficient proof I co uld have revengefully perused Orlick, or anyone else, to the last extremity.It is a successful piece of create verbally as Dickenss uses pairs of effective adjectives such as shock of regret and violent indignation, which creates more impact on the reader and helps them to empathise with the way Pip is feeling. This then results in the reader feeling more of a connection to Pip as he strives to achieve contentment, and so helps them to learn more from the novel. In conclusion, it believe that Dickens rite-of-passage novel Great Expectations is successful at presenting useful lessons to its readers as to how they themselves can achieve contentment, despite being written in the 19th century.These are portrayed through Pips own struggle to achieve contentment, many of the struggles relating to Dickens own life, such as the issues like overcoming debt, unanswered love, family problems and poor education. Dickens shows in the novel how these things can be overcome, and contentment and satisfaction achieved, through the realisation of moral values, the dispelling of delusions and fantasies, and learning how to respond to people around you.However, despite this, the most important lesson, that comes through the novel, in learning how to achieve contentment in life is living it. Pip says that he was happy at the forge before he went to London, but he was not content (Page 315). Therefore, this suggests that the novel recommends that the best way to gain contentment is to live your life and learn through the experience of it otherwise you would feel unsatisfied with your experience of life.

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Nextgen for Airports Essay

AbstractRarely in the institution of academe does a student get to write a paper on virtuallything they are actu ally interested in. That is exactly what has happened in my case this term. From my eld in the fall in States Air Force Ive been fascinated by line of melodycraft, aircraft technology, and how the daily operations of the worlds flights are coordinated. Nextgen is the future of aircraft journey technology, and this paper leave explain its past, present, and future.What is Nextgen?NextGen stands for Next Generation Air raptus System. NextGen is a transformative smorgasbord in the way aircraft flight is managed, and the operations of how we fly. NextGen enhances pencil eraser, reduces hold waters, saves fuel and reduces airwaves adverse environmental impact. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been in the routine of intergrating virgin and existing technologies for many years now.This is a comprehensive trial to conduct the largest aircraft conk out transformation in the history of flight. This transformation includes consolidation satellites navigation and super advanced digital communications. Airports and aircraft in the study air space System will be connected to NextGens advanced substructure and will continually share real-time information to provide a demote depart experience. (, 2012)NextGens astonishing transformation includes six perfume transformational programs Collaborative Air Traffic Management Technologies, Data Communications, System roomy Information Management, NextGen Network Enabled Weather, NAS Voice System and Automatic Dependent inspectionBroadcast. These programs will facilitate the largest air lift transformation in history. match to the FAA website, there will be a continuous roll-out of improvements and upgrades, the FAA is building the expertness to guide and incubate air traffic more than precisely and efficiently to save fuel and reduce noise and pollution. NextGen is better for our environment, and better for our economy. NextGen for AirportsThe United States air transportation industry is and has been on the verge of bursting at the seams for more than a decade now. What NextGen means to the U.S. air traffic system is new capabilities that will improve safety and approach pathibility at airports. Also, Nextgen will will for future air traffic proceeds, NextGen capabilities will help commercial airports fit the demand for additional capacity in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner. (, 2012)The FAA provides an example of what NextGen means to the U.S. air traffic system the communion and economical consumption of newly available surface direction data to track aircraft and vehicles will enhance safety and enable airports to make better pulmonary tuberculosis of existing capacity. And while airport surface improvement is one of the briny near-term areas of emphasis, work is also underway on other initiatives, such as i mproving operations on closely spaced parallel, converging and intersecting runways.On any given day, more than 87,000 flights are in the skies in the United States. Only one-third is commercial carriers, like American, United or Southwest. On an average day, air traffic controllers handle 28,537 commercial flights (major and regional airlines), 27,178 general aviation flights (private planes), 24,548 air taxi flights (planes for hire), 5,260 military flights and 2,148 air loading flights (Federal Express, UPS, etc.). At any given moment, roughly 5,000 planes are in the skies preceding(prenominal) the United States. In one year, controllers handle an average of 64 one thousand thousand takeoffs and landings. (, 2012) These are mind boggling statistics that would f amenden even the most seasoned air traveler at best. I have several air traffic controller buddies who make greyhound seem more feasible everyday. access to GateAccording to Sarah Brown with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) victimisation traditional technology controllers could only when clear two aircraft into Steamboat Springs, Colorado an hour but by using NextGen technology Wide Area Multilateralation (WAM) their capacity was ontogenyd to 10 aircraft an hour. This increase in landings directly affects the local economy through landing recompenses, increase in passenger revenue enhancement, tourism, and a myriad of other revenue generating sources to include parking requitals, car rentals, concessions, land rentals, and tenant fees. By increasing an airports capacity NextGen not only means faster, safer travel but also it means throw magnitude revenues for all parties involved.As FAA officials discuss the switch from ground based to satellite surveillance and navigation systems this vast improvement will ultimately lead to increased gate to gate air travel. (Brown, 2012) Not only does NextGen improve travel for airline passengers but the new technologies will pr ovide more access for general aviation as well. Why NextGen MattersTypically in aviation it takes a catastrophic event to set change in motion. To use a phrase I heard a previous instructor use it takes metal on metal to force a change in the aviation industry. The FAA states, NextGen will help us be even more proactive about preventing accidents with advanced safety charge to enable us, with other government agencies and aviation partners, to better predict risks and past identify and resolve hazards. Also, NextGen boils down to getting the right information to the right person at the right time. It will help controllers and operators make better decisions. This data will assist operators in keeping employees and passengers better informed.In todays modern society every industry preaches safety, safety, safety my question is why does it take such catastrophic events to take the safer travel guidebook? Safety matters, which is why NextGen mattersEconomic ImpactIn all industries a nd business the bottom line is revenue, regardless if its Microsoft, Delta Airlines, Dow Chemical, or Colonial Pipeline. While some companys vision may be noble, they are in business to make money. NextGens transformation is no different. NextGen is creating vast economic opportunities for those tasked to implement the changes such as General Dynamics to those in pass along of the technologies such as airports.Our nations economy depends on aviation. NextGen lays a foundation that will continually improve and accommodate future inevitably of air travel while strengthening the economy with one unseamed global sky. NextGen will help communities make better use of their airports. more than robust airports can help communities attract new jobs, and help afoot(predicate) employers expand their businesses. By doing this the U.S. will strengthen its economy and help communities gull all the benefits that aviation can bring. (, 2012)ConclusionNextGen is one of the largest air tr ansport system undertakings the world has ever seen, while such an undertaking has its magnificence it is also strife with problems. The sheer lack of funding for such an bulky task has been holding back the implementation of the transformation. With such a delay new technologies become outdated in the fast past world of technology. However, since I was a child Ive been fascinated with airplanes and air travel so much so that I joined the Air Force. The advances in the technology used and proposed in NextGen leads me to believe in the continued growth of our National Air System.ReferencesAbout FAA NextGen. (n.d.). General Dynamics FAA NextGen. Retrieved from http// Flight Planning. (n.d.). FAA NextGen to fleet You gate to Gate Retrieved from http// National Air Traffic Controllers Association Homepage. (n.d.). National Air Traffic Controllers Association Ho mepage. Retrieved from http// Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). (n.d.). Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). Retrieved from http//

Say You’re One of Them

In many respects, the worlds solicitude has shied extraneous from young Africa in recent years, most likely ascrib able to the unsteady domestic situations in another(prenominal) parts of the world. Recently, however, the collection of stories compose by Uwem Akpan, Say Youre One of Them, has brought back to the forefront exclusively of the pain and challenge of life in Africa at the present time. The reality that comes through the words not solitary(prenominal) tugs at the heartstrings of the reader, notwithstanding as well as introduces strong statements about heathenish fighting, fall apart struggles and other social phenomena.This look for will not only discuss Akpans plow, but besides these intertwined issues within the work. Ultimately, the work will be better appreciated and understood, but alike, modern issues will be brought to light. Discussion of the Various Issues of Cultural appointment within the account When the research was introduced, the point was make that Akpans work was not only deeply emotional, but also makes strong cultural statements. Taking that assertion a step further is possible when using specific examples from the work to identify and discuss the various aspects of cultural remainder to be found in the story.The first of the atomic number 18as of cultural conflict which emerges in the work is the vast drainage basin between the frugal classes within modern Africa. An early story in the work tells of a young son whose sister turns to street prostitution in order for him to be able to afford to attend school- a blatant attempt to escape the effectuate d take class and ascend in African society. So intense is this swear to advance that extreme measures are taken by poor Africans to make ends meet When Baby was born, we pawned three quarters of his clothes to defray debts (Akpan, 2008, p. 13).Therefore, chap Africans are in fact culturally divided along economic lines, despite hailing from the same home repose. Language is also a dividing factor in modern day Africa, or to a greater extent specifically, the way that someones voice sounds not only could set them apart from others in a cultural context, but in fact could lead to bodily pervert for those of one culture who encounter emulation from some other, as seen in this leave out from the work He was an easy target for the sporadic wildness that seized the landa simple thing like his accent could give him away (Akpan, 2008, p. 93). This is an interesting element of cultural conflict in a passing diverse mere- it is a unique type of situation whereby someone who just speaks in a different way than others could in fact set them apart and lead to fractured subcultures, but that is exactly what Akpan is portraying. Additionally, there is a subculture of violence that is prevalent in the Africa of today to be more specific, much of Africa is command at the present by wealthy warlords, who essentially build their own armies a nd make their own rules for their own advancement.Basically, these individuals are using force to sacrifice and oppress their own fellow Africans, keeping the weak in a state of poverty and preventing them from possible improvements that would allow them to surpass their oppressors Our northern generals are responsible for the extreme poverty in the land (Akpan, 2008, p. 314). Therefore, we see the organic law of a sunrise(prenominal) culture of the powerful over that of the weak. This culture is likewise somewhat restrictive, as the penalty for trying to escape it would be atrociousness at best, and death at worst.Changes in the Culture in the Story In Say Youre One of Them, there are sweeping changes to African culture that can be seen when looking more almost at the points that are do in work the culture is essentially shifting from one of proud traditions and an embracing of the potpourri of the various nations of the continent to a more divided one, where differences in economic status, language and mightiness to fight back against those who claim the power to remove one another has taken precedence (Mwaria, et al, 2004).An important point needs to be made here- although what is happening in Africa according to Akpan is certainly distressing, it is not unique to Africa, nor is it special to lands where opportunity is less than widely available. This can be pointed out with a look into other cultures where division is complicating matters at present. A Study of early(a) Cultures Like Africa, the United States is a melting pot of different cultures and also like Africa, has encountered its share of culture clash in recent years.This conflict has taken prat in several diverse cultures and has divided deal in several different ways. First, along lines of ethnicity, the US has seen a renew level of awareness of the fundamental differences in human beings as a result of the horrific terrorist acts of September 11, 2001 on American soil. Because of this pivotal event, those deprivation to immigrate to the US from other nations, whether legally or illegally, have met with opposition ranging from disdain to outrage and acts of unwarranted violence (Moser, 2000).It would seem that like Africa, the diversity of culture that made America such a unique place has been watered down in a flurry of prejudice, fear and simulated impressions about one ethnic group or another. Instead of introducing new cultures into the American landscape and then allowing them to assimilate into the prevailing American culture, tidy sum are being excluded from the opportunity to do so from the beginning, not only depriving them of opportunity, but also stifling the advancement of American society from within. Politically, Americans have also formed subcultures that of late have been in a spectacular deal of conflict.Recent years have seen differences in political mindset become key issues that instead of bringing these individuals together for the sake of rubicund debate, have in many cases divided individuals to the detriment of the political serve up (Shogan, 2002). From time to time, this difference has also turned volatile in more than one instance as wars of words sometimes turn into acts of violence. Lastly, class envy is also alive and well in America, creating cultural conflicts, oddly given the current dire economic climate in the world. secure closely to the political issues of the nation, economically diverse people are ordinarily divided by a lack of understanding of each others culture- a culture defined by money and allow or the absence thereof. Overall Analysis of the Reading Akpans intensity opened the eyes of the investigator in many ways, not the least of which was in terms of gaining an understanding that cultural differences can either spend a penny a wonderful blend of different traditions and ideas or can divide people and lead them to destroy others.This realization evoked in the researcher the feeling that diversity must be embraced, lest its power consume and destroy one culture at the hands of another. Conclusion The research has made important points about culture, diversity, and the perpetual change of the human condition. In conclusion, perchance the best point to take away from the research is the fact that without a tolerance at least and embracing at best of diversity, no one can truly be free.

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Computer Games †Good or Bad

Before we decide whether or non computing device/ motion-picture show games be abominable, there are many another(prenominal) f deeds and opinions to consider. For example, many volume feel that these games are too raving mad and that they cause an undervelopment in the frontal lobe. Others feel that games are secondful and trainingal. in that respect is also a health concern. According to prof Ryuta Kawashima, The importance of this discovery cigaretnot be underestimated. There is a problem we will start out with a new extension of children who play computer games that we have never seen before.The implications are very right for an increasingly violent society and these students will be doing to a greater extent and to a greater extent bad things if they are playing games and not doing other things like study aloud or learning arithmetic. I do not confine with this statement fully, though I can understand that it does occur in whatever cases. I love playing com puter and television system games. When I was younger I utilise to play a James get game with my friends. We also played Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. I used to love those games, and I remember making them turn off the cable because I ddint like that side to it.I still play film games, and though they may include shooting, fighting and other violence, you dont see me beating up roundbody because of a video game. I do know that there are some bad people in the world who have hurt someone because they were influenced by violent games. Another concern is the underdevelopment of the frontal lobe. As written by Tracy McVeigh, education editor, Whenever you use self control to refrain from lashing turn up or doing something you should not, the frontal lobe is hard at work. Children often do things they shouldnt because their frontal lobes are underdeveloped.The more work done to theicken the fibres connecting the neurons in this part of the brain, the die the childs ability wi ll be to control their behaviour. The more the area is stimulated, the more these fibres will thicken. I envisage I tote up with this statement, becasue I have seen the behaviour of the people around me, they seem out of control sometimes. They speak before they think, they fight constantly and are ever in other peoples faces. One guy states Im not breathing out to designate that violent entertainment is harmless.I think it has helped inspire some people to real-life violence. I am going to argue that its helped hundreds of people for either one its hurt, and that it can help far more if we learn to use it well. I am going to argue that our fear of youth violence isnt well-founded on reality and that the fear can do more harm than the reality. We act as though our highest priority is to prevent our children fron get under ones skining up into homicidal thugs but modern kids are far more likely to grow up too passive, too distrustful of themselves, too easily manipulated.I ensure more with him than prof Kawashima, because I dont find that video games influence EVERYONE to be violent. I feel that they release anger by hurting fictional characters on a screen rathern than real-life people and animals. Professor Angela McFarlane says Adventure, quest and simulation type games have a lot of advance theyre quite complex and create a context in which children can develop important skillsWere not advocating arcate, shot-the-baddie type games immediately thats interesting when the stereotype is that children play on the computer just on their own.Teachers and parents then broke that down into skills of negotiation, planning, strategic thinking and decision-making. I feel that if television can teach us, so can video games. Video and computer games can cause health problems. In all instruction book for games there are warnings. Some people mother from a condition called Photosensitive Epilepsy. As said by Professor Graham Harding, Photosensitive epilepsy is best defined as a purpose to recurrent convulsions, precipitated either by flashing lights or patterns. I have only ever had one fit in my life, when I was younger.I was diagnosed with occipital epilepsy. Ive always played video games and hadnt had a problem. We got a PS2 (PlayStation 2) for Christmas last eyar, and while I was playing I felt dizzy. This occured with every game on PS2 except Buzz, though its a prove game and doesnt have all those flashy graphics. I can play on the Computer, my Nintendo DS and my GameCube without a problem, it seems to just be the PS2. I agree that video games can cause health problems, though if you do everything you need to (e. g. not playing a certain game, having a commotion etc. you should be alright. Computer games are they good or bad? In my opinion, I think that they are enjoyable, though they arent for some people. Those people who can be so cruel as to wrap up an innocent kitten or beat up a someone due to these games are the rea sons why there are doubts about computer and video games. Computer games are both good and bad. Good because they are enjoyable and can be educational, though bad because they cause some violence. Just remember, more people kill in the name of divinity than violent computer games.