Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Reducing Minimum Legal Drinking Age to Decrease Alcohol Related Consequences Among Youth

Angel Gallegos Source Analysis Es enjoin Rhet 104 Drinking get along At 18? How do we react when young adults are playacting obnoxious and totally out of control due to extreme downpour consumption? Over the geezerhood tensions and arguments call for risen to many peoples instinct intimately whether or non the minimum potcapable come on should be dismantleed to the hop on of 18 years old. This major topic has popped up in the heads of many U. S citizens all over the years due to the facts that down popped up by many science based and teachingal research programs. Where has most(prenominal) of the illegal age alcoholism been taking place?According to the cardinal authors of the scholarly reviewed term, Will Increasing Alcohol Availability By labored The Minimum Legal Drinking Age Decrease Drinking And relate Consequences Among Youths? Henry Wechsler and Toben F. Nelson, they state that in college is where most young adults take on the role of binge- insobrietye rs and take a major advantage of their ability to realise intoxicantic beverage illegally. The real question here is, should the imbibition age be lowered? And why? and we will see the methodology of both authors in their sagacitys on towards lowering the drinking age.Both authors main argument in the reviewed article is obviously to lower the drinking age. To lower the drinking age would besotted so much to the nation in their opinion because of the facts that feel been screening up in the U. S. According to the authors based on research that has been made, alcohol tops the list of causes for deaths and injuries in young adults. It is sad to see that this information is very(prenominal) true up to this day and both authors prove it very well by showing understands of the information they are stating from the National pass Traffic Safety Administration Fatality Analysis Reporting System.This image in the article seems credible because its coming from a administration in w hich they strictly focus on the fatalities caused by small drinking over the past 20-30 years and it is clearly visible that back when the drinking age was set at 18 years there were fewer deaths thusly when it was raised to 21 years and so since then only assumptions and arguments have been made to why those facts pop up. This evidence is effective to us the readers because if we were real interested in the topic we would be able to see the facts on the image shown on the article and be able to point the age differences in the drinking ages.The authors empower information on how in college is where the minacious binge drinking takes place for most of young adults. Based on a national survey, stated by the authors, found out that 1 out of every 10 students that consumed alcohol illegally underage inform experiencing any bad consequences for breaking the spirits/alcohol policies minded(p) at their respected schools. I believe that this is ineffective in a delegacy because if the government is imposing the drinking age to be at 21 then why arent they acting upon all the underage drinkers.Its not like they dont know how much alcohol consumption takes place at colleges. This is where their next argument arose and gave the knowledge about the The Amethyst Initiative Argument. They have reference to this predication, which involves presidents and chancellors of over one hundred thirty-five colleges in the signing of lowering the drinking age to 18 years of age due to various college drinking experiences. I find this petition to be sincerely interesting to me because of the way they use their words to argue that the drinking age should be lowered.The authors use words like not working to target the fact that the drinking age at 21 is not preventing young adults from consuming alcohol illegally. The credibility in everything they say can be easily accounted for hardly overall there could be few authorial bias coming from the presidents and chancellors o f these colleges because of the fact that it is hard to passably support the overall position of drinking but overall it does not seem to carry over the authors themselves because they are simply stating the information given by the presidents and chancellors.In this petition they state that 18 year old done the age of 20 year olds have driven underage drinking underground in unmonitored areas and it is bad to for the nation because only the underage drinkers are aware of what is going on but in reality they really dont know what can be the outcome of the darkness because they have as much access to as much liquor they would please. They argue how the government wants to reduce fatalities in the nation and underage drinking so why not lower the drinking age to 18 and let young dults do wise decisions on their own patch still being able to come out to the bars and drink responsibly in a more protected and controlled environment as oppose of their unmonitored areas. Lastly in the petition they say a decry that caught my attention over all in which I believe they could tax more as authors to the article and this sentence basically showed the comparison of horse opera Europes young adults ranging from 18-20 year olds drink more responsibly and they make that assumption because the drinking age in Europe is lower then the drinking age here at the United States.I see that both authors couldve made an effort to support this assumption better by going to another(prenominal) resources and getting information in where they show some type of facts that can be used to argue this statement against the drinking age and not only in comparison to Europe but to all the other countries as well, but other then that the authors have cited and backed up their information well even though a bias point of view can be seen because maybe other people view the idea of consuming alcohol completely different. In reflection to the article I believe I stand with the opinion or vie ws of those who want to lower the drinking age.Not because I am underage and just view it as I want to legally get drinks faster but I see it as a completely different way. I think that if the United States government is able to give drivers licenses to young adults, why not be able to give them the preference to drink as well. Driving is a big responsibility in which any person has to take on and I believe that if they rely a young adult by making a pickax to drive a vehicle and place their life in peril every day they do it then why not give them the trust to drink responsibly as well.I feel that given that decline it will ultimately lower binge drinking because they wont be doing it illegally. I support the views of the authors as well because even though it powerfulness come in a bias way at the balance of it, it really does not because we see that they will never be able control alcohol related problems but there are of all time ways to try and prevent more from breaking out. http//web. ebscohost. com/ehost/detail? vid=4&sid=8db21b3f-0745-49b5-b020-7285e730bd01%40sessionmgr114&hid=128&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3ddb=aph&AN=50616981

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