Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Analysis Of Crooks in Of Mice and Men Essay

Answer Crooks is so look on to Lennie because although he and Lennie are quite resembling (they are some(prenominal) categorised as the weak ones) Lennie has the better life, obviously because he is white. Lennie is allowed in the dorm room and allowed to play cards should he choose to (if he even knew how to) whereas Crooks tailnot. Throughout the conversation, we chance Crooks character pose out of his shell, and be nice to people whom he normally wouldnt conversate with except Slim and the boss.Obviously, because hes black and because of segregation, he is toy with to those who disregard him because of his colour, but maybe there is another reason he is mean to Lennie, such as he is jealous of his lifestyle or he wishes he were white. Also, he is pretty low on the social totem pole and Lennie is an easy target for him. Crooks first reaction when Lennie visits him is that he wants to prove a point if he as a black military man cant enter white mens houses, past whites arent allowed in his room.He wants Lennie to crawl in that he has to have both(prenominal) sorts of rights. But Lennies inviting smile and Crooks desire for compevery government agency that Lennie can enter, and thus sidetracks the convo where we learn all roughly Crooks. Like Curleys wife, Crooks is a powerless character, and it seems that he seeks vulnerable characters to make himself feel good He starts suggesting that maybe George will never come back and only dough the cruel game when Lennie threatens him with physical violence.He shows us that his loneliness means he often has no-one to talk to and his character would like sympathy. He is in any case interested once Candy and Lennie start conversating and forgets all about his mean self. He has seen men of all sorts come on and off the cattle ranch and no-one has actually fulfilled the American vision which he is doubtful of because it seems this Dream does not apply to him due to the colour of his grate. This is w hy he scrutinizes others. forefront 2) Are there any similarities between Lennie and Crooks?Answer Lennie and Crooks are both marginalised from society Lennies lack of mental abilities keep him isolated and Crooks skin colour keep him isolated. For this, they are classed as the weak ones. When Lennie comes by, Crooks is immediately unfriendly. You go one get outta my room. I aint wanted in the bunk house you aint wanted in my room. However, both men long for company, and so begin talking. Their similarities wipe out any awkward silences and end their isolation. Crooks understands that Lennie has the better life and uses this against him to compare himself.I range ya, I tell ya a guy gets lonely an he gets sick. two men can be seen as lonely, not only are they marginalised, and even though Lennie has George, his mental challenges keep him alone because no-one can entirely understand him which emphasises his differences and Crooks colour leaves him excluded from the dorms. Ques tion 3) What does this conversation tell us about the relationship of Crooks with other men? Answer Crooks relationships are built slightly the fact that he is a victim of racism and is outcasted from companionship.We know from the start that Crooks takes a liking to Skinner and the boss, and since we dont get to know him until Chapter 4, this outlines his lack of status, credibility and power. We as readers are able to emphasise with Crooks because we are shown how black people were treated in the time of the Great Depression. We see how Crooks is able to open up to Lennie and he confesses all his feelings and thoughts because he sees him as a figure of trust as he is unable to ring what he is told. His relationship with Slim is tight because we admire Slim as a good, supporting member of society.

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