Sunday, February 24, 2019

Big Spaceship

Big starship feels, as an agency, it should continue to invoke while still keeping the boutique culture that brought the company success. there is no clear direction as to how the company should grow. Big Spaceship is unique, so its specific market could soften at any time, which would intimately likely lead to layoffs. Currently, Big Spaceship is a privately held company. oneness option would be to open the company up the public to make up capital which would put the company in a good rank for sustainable growth.Like other ad agencies that have sold out to property companies, selling out could help stabilize growth within the ad agency. Big Spaceship could open up a satellite persona with key inner circle employees, which would allow for growth, while keeping the downcast boutique image. Opening Big Spaceship up to the public has a high probability of generating a large amount of capital collectible to the companys past success. This however, would leave the company open t o pleasing shareholders, which could move absent from Big Spaceships culture.Selling to a holding company would be beneficial footling term. The holding company would provide support and stability during down turns in the ad agency market sector. In the long run, the holding companys ideas may overshadow Big Spaceships vision. Adding a satellite office with trusted employees at the head, would allow for growth while still keeping the vision reorient with the main office. It would generate autonomy with the satellite office. Big Spaceship assay a satellite office once in Los Angles, but closed in(p) shortly due to differentiating cultures.Although it did not meet in LA, it could potentialityly work in another location. The best recommendation would be to find a holding company that fits Big Spaceships vision well. Although its not ideal to be under a holding companys control, it provides the best stability for down turns in the market. If the holding company is a good fit, th ere is great potential for Big Spaceship to keep its vision, boutique culture and continue to be successful.

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