Saturday, February 23, 2019

Development and Analysis – Case study

The case study is ab tabu the challenge in the classroom in my working experience. It is about two twin boys who were in my class, whereby I was the class teacher. The boys were rattling bullies, rude, lazy and very abusive. They used to poke fun me, their teacher, opposite teachers and the former(a) pupils. These boys really stressed me to a point that I was not even concentrating in what I was supposed to do. The father of the match was a member of the school board and taking complaints to him all the cartridge holder about the pernicious behaviors of the boys could cost me my job.The match could interrupt m any(prenominal) eruditeness sessions by making noise, abusing and beating other children, and even saying that if I report them to their father, nothing could be d whizz as he was a member of the board. The behaviors of the gibe affected the other children who went home and told their parents about it. The parents responded by calling me and coming personally to school to complain on how the twins are affecting their children from learning and how the class teacher and the school wariness had been unable to contain twins.The case was challenging to my career and was degrading the be and status of the school in general. A quick and faster fulfil had to be taken to contain the situation. Decisions had to be do whether for better or for worse since a lasting ascendent was needed. The boys had to be counseled and their behaviors modeled and at the same time the pupils in my class had to be counseled. The best solution for this was to apply the behavioral modeling to the twins whereby model encounters closely at the behaviors of the victims, by going back by collecting data on their behavioral history.The behavioral modeling is meant to assess at the behavioral patterns of an person from the past and relate to them to the present, know why individual is behaving in that eerie discretion, whether the causes for the behavior change could be the family, environment, the friends, the workplace or the community and consequentlyce look for strategies that can assist in correcting the behavior and was done in the following ways a) Initiating a session-the direction should first initiate a session for discussion. He/she should introduce him/herself to the twins so that they could be awake of who they are going to discuss with.The initial rapport volition intend on how the discussion will flow. The counselor should tell the twins what he/she expects from them and the boys should be given time to decide if they will be voluntary to talk but should be given options. b) isolation- the twins should be set-apart from other children. The counselors should in isolation with the twins study their behaviors and know what is really happening. He/she should dig deep into the past history of the twins, the behaviors of the family and the linguistic contexts that know made them to be engage like so.This information can only be got ten from the twins when they alone with the counselor whereby they have the freedom of shewing themselves freely. When victims of the same circumstance are mixed with people of the same problem it becomes very rough to get information from them because those who are with them may influence their answering to the questions asked. Isolation does not mean that the twins should be completely isolated from other children or the family but put in isolation when talking to the counselor.The counselor essential also learn veritable that the isolation process does not affect the twins but improves their concentration during the discussion exercise. c) Find out about the historical background of the family/ information gathering- the consultant should critically look at the behavioral patterns of the twins family before making conclusions. Are in that location other members of the same family who are still in school and have the same behavior? The counselor should think out whether if the had been counseled previously and if there was any impact.It will be necessary to know the behavioral patterns of their parents and then relate them to those of their children. d) Show the paternal and maternal bang-the counselor should at his/her train best the paternal and maternal love to the twins. The twins may be abstracted the love and attention of the one or twain parents, and this has made the twins to become uncontrollable as there is no one to control them and show them love and affection. Every person needs the love of both parents to grow and develop normally and if the twins are missing the love and absence of their father or mother or both of them, their mind set and behavior will change.e) Become closer to the boy- the counselor should develop a very close relationship with the twins. He/she should make sure that the twins are comfortable with him/her all the time they will be spending together. The counselor should not be sympathetic to the twins as this wi ll worsen the situation but should make sure that they understand that what they are doing is wrong and they should be ready to change their behaviors so that they will be able to interact and mix freely with the emit of the other children.They should be told that their behaviors are affecting the whole class and that parents of the other children are complaining of their behaviors. The counselor should also involve the friends of the twins to find out more about the twins behavior when they are together. The friends should be encouraged to talk to them on changing their behavior pattern and they should at the same time tell them the consequences of their bad behavior in a friendlier manner.If the twins feel that they are insecure when they are being counseled, they should be taken to a place of their choice, but should be given options or else they will dictate the situation. This will give them more freedom to express themselves and will build confidence and trust between them an d the counselor. The consultant must also involve the family members who should be urged to become closer to the twins. The parents should be told Without any fear of the bad behaviors of their children and how this has had a negative impact to the other children and to the school.The family members and friends should merriment a bigger role in modeling the behavior of the boys done being closer and talking positively to them on how untroubled behaviors and manners come with good rewards. Having gone through all these steps, the twins in their minds will be in a position to condemn their bad behaviors and see the need to reform for the better. Behavioral change is a farsighted term process which needs a lot of patience and perseverance. The above actions will help solve this crisis and also create a good learning environment for the other children and at the same time calm my work as the class teacher.

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