Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Stylistic Devices in the Novel The Big Fish Essay

Stylistic Devices in the Novel The Big Fish - Essay ExampleTo begin with, Wallace uses the first person narration proficiency to deliver his message to the audience. This is evidenced the first chapter of the novel in which the narrators experience was born. As Edward narrates, his father was born during one of the worst summers, drought and famines that were experienced in the land. In his own words, he explains how his father was born at a time when there was a scarcity of food. He in addition illustrates his feelings about the birth of his father which he attributes to be a blessing since it occurred on a showery and cloudy day. At the same time, William Bloom similarly uses first-person narration in the first chapter of the book to argue the cordial relationship his father had with animals. He explains that cows and horses liked his father, and they followed him around and chicken once put a mysterious small brown egg on his lap. At one time, he says, This is what is meant by last words they are keys to unlock the afterlife. Theyre not last words but passwords, and as short as theyre spoken you lowlife go. This implies that all these could only be ascertained during the death of Edward.William Bloom also uses a lot of symbolism as indicated in chapter one of the Big Fish. The element of symbolism is seen when William equates his father to a big fish. This is used to symbolize that Edward Bloom is an intelligent and companionshipable man. As a astray read person, he has a wealth of knowledge on philosophy, history, arts and other literary fields. Thus, his knowledge can not be compared to a librarian or any other person, but can only be compared to a big fish. Moreover, it symbolizes that he was a unique person who had an extraordinary talent to communicate to the animals. Therefore, symbolism helped Wallace to portray Edward as a mysterious person who could not be intimately understood.In conclusion, the Big Fish is a well-written novel. By maki ng a careful choice of literary devices and effectively using them, Wallace managed to bringout an outstanding story.

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