Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Marketing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Marketing - question Paper ExampleThe customer oriented approach has won her numerous laurels and in one case the customer enters her entrepot, they keep coming every 7-10 days to purchase more products. Her success lies in offering what customer needs. Growth is a way of life and Kudler too wants to expand appropriately selecting right product mix and objective lensing potential customers. Currently, securities industrys and the demographics of the field are rapidly changing due to run of the people across the states and nations. Though Kudler offers a great promise as a discerning bon vivant store in the California region nevertheless, it becomes essential for the firm to conduct some essential market explore before putting its scarce and valuable resources on the business expansion. Identifying and Defining Marketing Issues In order to expand, Kudler needs to identify places where it can open new gourmet stores. After a shock from Del Mar location, the partnership is quite conscious of noteing the most lucrative locations in California. Del Mar was a small town with not enough population to support its store. Through the market intelligence, the company has already identified some of the promising locations such as San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Palm Springs but before starting its store at any of these locations, the company must ensure through a proper market research that its decision to expand will not backfire. Carlsbad is one such site that shows enormous potential and once store at Carlsbad gets steam, Del Mar store may be gradually phased out. Marketing Research for decision Potential Locations The company is intimately aware of the fact that the most supererogatoryty gourmet stores are located in the eastern half of the US and they do a roaring business there. In the uttermost few years or so a sizeable population has moved from Philadelphia, bleak York, and New Jersey to the west coast due to job prospects in techno logy sector and these populations are well aware nigh the concept of gourmet stores. In view of the various alternatives, the major issue is to find the most promising locations where residents of the field of honor are aware about the concept and would incessantly be calibre to patronize such stores if they find one in their area. Before taking a final plunge, the company needs to conduct a survey in the towns of Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and San Francisco. The survey will involve communicate a set of questions through a skillfully prepared questionnaire to the randomly selected but representative target customers to explore the veridical potential in the area. The questionnaire needs to be designed skillfully so that the real objective of the survey to find the most potential location is fulfilled. This is crucial because once the store is subject making huge investments on infrastructures there is no way out to go back. Marketing Research for Choosing Appropr iate Product-Mix Moreover, the company has been thinking to open Asian Specialty Produce Department at San Francisco area to meet the needs of Asian population especially the fresh herbs, and spices. The idea is to serve a special group of Asian customers who can not only afford the special product offerings but always eager to patronize the store quite often. That simply means that before opening a take a shit at this area, it would be advisable to do some market research that will decide about the core Asian community group such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Indian subcontinent region that the company wants to target at. These Asian groups differ in their taste and

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