Tuesday, April 30, 2019

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Art Assignment - search ExampleSobek is also known as the idol of the crocodiles. The people pray to Sobek to nourish them as they run low towards the Nile river to fetch drinking water. As time went on, Sobeks powers included other matters, not only defend the people from the sudden deadly attacks of the crocodiles. Egyptian Mythology states that Sobek, not another popular god, Nun, created the world. Sobek was depicted as the god who rose from within the River Nile to take the form of a man having a distinct crocodile shape. Specifically, the people of the Fayoum (Arsinoite nome), Kom Ombo, and split of Thebes worshipped the crocodile god Sobek. The numerous temples were erected to pay religious homage to Sobek. The people prayed to Sobek to give them plentiful harvest. The bring forth lands were dependent on the Nile River. The Nile Rivers drought would reduce the Egyptian Nile River lines farm crop outputs. The people pray to Sobek to keep the Nile River flowing. With t he Nile Rivers flowing, the farm lands have a steady supply of irrigation water. In the temples, the priests would bring a live crocodile into the temple. The people would take care of the crocodiles every need until its death. After the crocodiles death, the crocodile is mummified. In Egyptian history, the pharaohs were considered as gods. Consequently, the pharaohs are mummified after their death. Just like the Pharaoh gods, the mummified body of the crocodile is buried in special(prenominal) god tomb (Verhoogt 8). Later, Sobek became the patron of the Pharaohs army. Sobek was described as either a crocodile or a man with a crocodile head. Sobek is described as holding an ankh. The ankh is the symbol of Sobeks power to destroy or reverse evil acts. In addition, the ankh was described as having the power to bend knives in order to protect the king from life-threatening danger. Sobek was described as having the speed and strength of a crocodile. Sobek was not selfish.

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