Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Communication's course assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Communications rail line assignment - Essay ExampleThe tenets of rhetoric that facilitates the persuasion of the audience include logos, ethos, and the pathos. In addition to these, in that location are overly the five canons which are also utilize in the design and package of the weighty speech so that it becomes more palatable to the audience, they include the following arrangement, invention, memory, delivery, and style.In the three presidential debates that took drift between the incumbent president Barrack Obama and the former governor Mitt Romney, the duo extensively used rhetoric to persuade and appeal o the audience in all the three occasions they confronted whiz another in the debates. In the first presidential debate, rhetoric took a fair chunk of the era when the two presidential aspirants were asked about the inequalities at the work place. President Obama made the first remark on the glass ceiling that his grandmother had to go through during her time working in a bank, this was a perfect pathos appeal used at the right time to emotionally connect with the audience. The communicative phrase propelled Obama and the women could infer that Obama understands the problem the women have faced thus stands the best chance to find solutions to them. Obama also extended by making passionate logos appeal to the women on this consciousness about them in the work place, in this regard he mentioned the Lily Ledbetter Act that he signed during his first tenure as a vivid clarity that his concern for the women is real and not a pretence.Romney responding to the same did not run into him any point given the emotional connection Obama created by using effectively the pathos and logos. Romney in response to the equality of the women at work place did not explore the effective use of rhetoric, in fact, his statement about women flexibility at work to enable them attend to household chores. This statement worked against him as it was interpreted that he perce ive women as homemakers and not as people who

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