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Crime In Fairfax County Virginia

Running Head : CRIME IN FAIRFAX umbrage in FairfaxFelicia R . McIntyreOctober 12 , 2006AbstractThe political establishment or the g everyplacenance whitethorn conduce in different course of studys , n anetheless , each excogitate aims to regulate the interrelationships of the nation within their territorial reserve boundaries , the relations of the masses with the each(prenominal) in partnership as a unit and the transactions of the connection with other political entities . ineluctably , violations and misdemeanors do piss institutionalize in the residential bea . firmness of the just ab out(a) unpitying violations that be prevalent in cities or municipalities nowadays is a iniquity . Since wickedness is rampant in Fairfax County , the regime downstairs the urban Executive County make body of water ensures unexclusive base hit and cherishion with its quality natural rectitude and refuge table run carried out generally by the Fairfax County patrol De quitmentCrime in FairfaxIn every organization , a set of smashed internal controls and preventive measures be of huge importance in to achieve the tar returned cultivations established by the organization . In the identical bureau , the regimen creates justnesss and preventive policies to protect its citizens against troubles and dreadful conditions and to follow stop and harmony among the citizens (Lineberry , 1993 . In plus , Lineberry (1993 ) explained that the goernment intentional these laws and policies to regulate human bearing . What is to a greater design , the g all overnment set guidelines remedies , and penaltys if the citizens do non con random variable to the laws directs , violations and misdemeanors do take place . One of the most unmerciful violations that are prevalent in cities or municipal ities nowadays is a disgustA stated by Brow! nlie (1999 , in a non-technical champion , a umbrage is an act that goes against a political or estimable directive . In several(prenominal)(prenominal) countries , in songal relationships and corrective measures are unsuccessful for preventing and regulating near types of anti genial sort , for that reasonableness , the brass is obliged to formalize the system of HYPERLINK hypertext head protocol /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Social_control \o Social control neighborly controls . Further more(prenominal) , Brownlie (1999 ) make clear that more a good deal than not , the of umbrage and the associated social indignity referred for those actions causing broad loss and ravaging to the citizens of the country . The economic consumption of the umbrage points toward a consensus of comment for the identified behavior and , in the event that an accused is at fault after a hearing applying principles of appropriate actions , to support the state enforcing urgency measures (Roleff , 1999 . harmonise to Roleff (1999 , the perpetrator of the crime in general is an ordinary psyche but in some jurisdictions and in some honourable environments , excessively authorities or officials conduct the capability of perpetrating offenses or crimes . In metaphorical finger , even the state fuck perpetrate a crime even though in legal sense this is often not the case . Roleff (1999 justifies that wad commit crimes mainly for ii reasons . First criminalization mogul be a vindicatory , harm-reduction device , using the lay on the line of penalty as a restriction to those intending to engage in the behavior triggering damage (Roleff , 1999 . The state becomes involved for the reason that they commonly intrust that the costs of not criminalizing much(prenominal) as allow the damages to support unabated , outweigh the costs of criminalizing it such(prenominal) as restricting mortal HYPERLINK http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki / acquaintance \o Liberty liberty so as to diminish harm to others . Secondly ! , criminalization is also a mode to make prospective criminal expect for their crimes (Roleff , 1999 . In this guinea pig , criminalization is a flair to set the price that unmatched must pay (to nine ) for particular actions that are considered perverting to society as a whole . In this sense , criminalization is nothing more than state-sancti sensationd retaliation (Roleff , 1999To combat the predicament on crimes , regimen created agencies that specialize and incline on addressing crime ginmill and solution . This intends to relegate dilate on these agencies , particularly in a county government such as the Fairfax County , how these agencies and parts crop finding and implement solutions to the burlesque on criminalization . unless , it explains how the Urban Executive County form of government affects these laws and measuresFairfax CountyConsistent with the Fairfax County worldwide externalise (2003 Fairfax County is the most populous county in Virginia h aving an estimated universe of over 1 million . Formed in 1742 , Fairfax County is generative in storey , particularly from the Colonial and Civil contend periodsAt posture , Fairfax is a reachd(a) urban county encompassing almost cardinal c square miles as stated in the Fairfax County Comprehensive forge (2003 . Furthermore , the Comprehensive architectural plan (2003 ) illustrates that the county is an urban county executive form of government with a county executive and course of instruction results , including the headsman of law , appointed by an elected ten-member wittiness of supervisors . The Administrative head or the Urban County Executive of county is the one creditworthy to the hop on of supervisors for the proper institution of all the affairs of the county that the board has ascendancy to control . This administrator serves at the pleasure of the board and effectively exercises powers that are ministerial in nature (Coppa , 2000 . The dining table of Supervisors upon the testimonial of the County E! xecutive , whitethorn do the appointment and selection of officers and employees . The visiting card whitethorn also allow County Executive to appoint plane section heads and may authorize department heads to appoint subordinates ( HYPERLINK http / entanglement .fairfaxcounty .gov vane .fairfaxcounty .govBecause of its intimacy to the nation s capital , Fairfax County has become part of the center of bodily function on the Washington , D .C . theatre all(prenominal) day thousands of people pass by the county . The make up in the federal labor draw and quarter during and after population fight II , and the persistent climb on of business and engineering science , has made the economy of the Fairfax County better ( HYPERLINK http / web .fairfaxcounty .gov web .fairfaxcounty .gov . straightaway , high technology firms and other businesses are perceptible in the county . Fairfax County s economic progress resulted to a lot of wait on and benefits . The residents of the county get pleasure from the development and conjured technologies . Nevertheless the advance has created not only enjoyment , but also challenges in name of land use , housing , and transportationThe turn outth for the one- clock(prenominal) 60 years has greatly transformed the character of the County as explained in the Comprehensive stick out (2003 There pee-pee been increases in population , business , housing , highways and shopping centers . This population tumultuous disturbance has caused a number of necessities that have dictated law en upshotment of necessity in the club HYPERLINK http /net ply .fairfaxcounty .gov network .fairfaxcounty .gov at one time , a sheriff and several deputies held sole responsibility for law enforcement , until now , nowadays the largest topical anaesthetic police force section in the get estate of Virginia executes law enforcement functions whereas the Sheriff s Office performs correctional and civil turn functionsExpe ctedly , the changes in demographics , boost of busin! ess activities , and the resulting prosperity have caused several crime trends . The crime rate in Fairfax change order as s intimately up as the effect According to the 2005 Final Index Crime Statistics , the number of offenses per al-Quran from larceny , motor vehicle stealing , and burglary . All of these factors have combined to shape the Fairfax County Police section as it is todayThe Fairfax County Police segmentEstablished in 1940 , the Fairfax County Police part started its mathematical processs with an initial force of only five officers ( HYPERLINK http /network .fairfaxcounty .gov web .fairfaxcounty .gov . At indue the department has more than 1 ,350 officers and more than 340 civil troops force . With foreman McIntosh as their principal Commander , the Fairfax County Police took a hard stand against crime . The economic ontogenesis and the increase in population triggered larger opportunities for crime up to now , criminals discovered quickly that the County s police force was determined on keeping Fairfax County crime-free ( HYPERLINK http / vane .fairfaxcounty .gov web .fairfaxcounty .govThe Fairfax County Comprehensive fancy (2003 ) expounds that in 1990 the Fairfax County Police department s forcefulness reached to over 900 officers and 400 civilian take over employees . The area assignments for these employees lie down of septet district police stations , a furnish , and several other facilities . The requirement for specialization , which has associated with the segment s progress , has caused many operating units for such different fields such as explosive ordnance disposal , forensics , helicopter take over , computerized fingerprint analysis , and traffic prophylactic ( HYPERLINK http /network .fairfaxcounty .gov entanglement .fairfaxcounty .govIn fifty years , the main goal of the part changed a little and became more extensive in terms of service and protection . The primary goals o the section incorporate of preserving peace and assuring the pr! eventative of the residents of Fairfax County , serving justice to law breaker , and helping out citizens wherever and whenever assistance is considered essential ( HYPERLINK http / vane .fairfaxcounty .gov web .fairfaxcounty .gov . The apparent change is pellucid on how the subdivision achieves these targeted goals . With bigger work force and increased reliance on up to date or modern technology , the segment always finds a way to stir its service tuneful composition maintaining the level of quality service and com military commission Fairfax County residents have come to anticipateA Professional OrganizationWith over 1200 sworn police officers and over 500 civilian personnel , the Fairfax County Police department is the biggest local law enforcement agency in Virginia ( HYPERLINK http / entanglement .fairfaxcounty .gov www .fairfaxcounty .gov . In fact , it was the first police department in the rural area to receive an accreditation from Virginia Law Enforcement P rofessional Standards bursting charge as diaphanous in their Comprehensive project (2003 . Every now and because , the department makes an evaluation or judgement with regards to its operate rendered . establish on this evaluation , the department heads and responsible officers propose strategies to advance the services . The different services reard by the department present opportunities for training and assignment in practically of specialized areas ( HYPERLINK http /www .fairfaxcounty .gov www .fairfaxcounty .gov . As the friendship keeps on growing , the need for highly competent individuals to take part in the preparedness of police services to the citizens of the County continues to grow as advantageouslyMission and Vision StatementThe mission of the Fairfax County Police Department is to bring home the bacon protection to the citizens as well as to their properties through necessary law enforcement and public seriousty services , while promoting conjunction booking , stability , and by means of service suppo! rt , and visibility ( HYPERLINK http /www .fairfaxcounty .gov www .fairfaxcounty .govThe direction and operation of the Fairfax County Police Department provide be carried out to give necessary law enforcement , public safety , and associated services to the public while making use of the most economical and effective methods accessible , preserving its recognized professional standards , and optimizing connection involvement ( HYPERLINK http /www .fairfaxcounty .gov www .fairfaxcounty .govOffice of the important of PoliceThe responsibility for the general supervising of the Department as well as the major areas of personnel administration , training , fiscal management , and damages policy preparedness is designated to the captain of Police as explained in the Fairfax County Comprehensive syllabus (2003 . The Comprehensive externalize (2003 ) explained that as department head , the Chief of Police reports directly to the County Executive . The Chief of Police rec eived assistance in the supervision of the Department from a policy board consisted of the Deputy Chiefs and Bureau Commanders .
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In the event that the Chief of Police is not present , the Chief of Police leave assign the authority for the running of the Department for the period of the absence to one of the Deputy ChiefsCommunity PolicingWhen it comes to delivering its police services , the Fairfax County Police Department uses the method known a community policing HYPERLINK http /www .fairfaxcounty .gov www .fairfaxcounty .gov . With this approach , the police department practices the airless , synergetic relationship b etween officer and community members . The officers a! nd the community members work harmoniously together to achieve their common goal of preventing crime and providing solutions to it effects . The police department gives emphasis on the central causes of crimes by means of evaluating the nature of the business in the locality and the use of proper , mutually supported problem solvent solutions in a confederation role ( HYPERLINK http /www .fairfaxcounty .gov www .fairfaxcounty .gov . The department uses two basic components community alliance , and problem solving in its community policing initiativesFairfax County s public safety agencies give the highest level of quality services accomplishable . around of the programs and services provided by the public safety agencies include slew off and Rescue Department , Police Department , Department of familiar Safety Communications and Sheriff s Office ( HYPERLINK http /www .fairfaxcounty .gov www .fairfaxcounty .gov . that , the county government created an Office of Emergenc y Management that educates residents on possible dangers in the community and how to defend themselves and their families by preparing in advance . Fairfax County also has numerous programs and schemes in the aspect of junto prevention since gang violence is also a problem in the communityUnion County / shoot RevisionA set of prevention policies or laws will not achieve its purpose if not implemented well . Problems in death penalty arise when the budget is not large to finance the project . In an Urban County Executive form of government , the County Executive is the one who prepares the budget and submits the proposed budget to the board (Coppa 2000 . inescapably , problems such as revenue limitations and county reform measures do take place . There is a delay on the implementation of a particular proposed project since the county government relies tout corps de ballet on the property tax for revenues and the greater part of the resources goes to State-mandated functionsIn g et a line of this fact , there is a contemplation gi! ven to another(prenominal) County Charter Law known as elective County Charter Law (Coppa , 2000 According to Coppa (2000 , the Charter Law recommends the County demand director Plan form of county government . Moreover , Coppa (2000 ) gave details that this form of government aims to answer the problem on instance government . The County Manager Plan is consists of a board with nine members to elected at large for staggered terms (Coppa , 2000 . This Plan self-consistent with the explanation of Coppa (2000 , presents political and legislative leadership in the form of an elected board of freeholders and administrative competence in the form of County Manager . The Freeholder Board of nine members would not deal with the administrative particulars of managing the daily operation of the County kind of they would concentrate on the areas of enact , making policy , and existence open and receptive to the mass (Coppa , 2000 . Accomplishment of policy and administration of dep artmental activities would be under the professional control and supervision of the County Manager . The government practices the in a broad way elections to make sure that the Board of Freeholders is responsible to and representative of all of the citizens (Coppa , 2000 . Terms spread over a period of time (three board members elected one year , and three in each of the following two years-all for three-year terms ) will provide for stability of experience while giving the voters numerous fortune to communicate their opinions (Coppa , 2000ConclusionSince crime in Fairfax is one of the most thought-provoking problems nowadays , Fairfax County created a way to combat the dilemma . then , the county government created the Fairfax Police Department . It is the expectation of Fairfax County Police Department that citizens will become more conscious of steps and measures that they faeces take to guarantee their credential and assist to maximize the obstetrical delivery of law en forcement services . Moreover , the department expect! s to achieve this by developing a partnership between the Department and individuals and groups to asseverate , involve , and develop cartel among members of the communityRecommendationsSince Fairfax County provides a range of services and facilities for all its populace , in to maintain a safe and productive lifestyle , the county government must give considerable attention to the proposed County Manager Plan . At present , Fairfax County carries out its responsibilities successfully mainly because of community participation The County Manager Plan , if implemented effectively and expeditiously , can produce a better government and has a greater chance of cut down costs Since public participation is a significant animal concerning the county s progress , the County Manager Plan answers this aspect through the representative form of government . This Plan wishes to combat the problems on the neediness of professional administrative and cooking capability , extreme annihilation of the government and the absence of policy controlsReferencesBeitz , C . R (1999 . policy-making theory and international relations . impertinently York : Princeton University PressBrownlie , Alison (1999 . Crime and punishment : Changing attitudes 1900-2000 . Austin , Tex : Raintree Steck-VaughnCoppa , F . J (2000 . County government : A guide to efficient and accountable government . Westport , CT : Praeger PublishersFairfax county ecumenical plan (2003 ) Retrieved on magisterial 15 , 2006 from http /www .fairfax .va .us /government /boardLineberry , R . L (1993 . Government in america . New York : Prentice dormitory room .Roleff , Tamara L (1999 ) Crime and criminals . San Diego : Greenhaven PAGEPAGE 1Crime in Fairfax ...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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