Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Many writers have their own way of expressing themselves and using figurative words. Figurative speech is a language which departs from what is taken to be the standard construction, separate and significance of words that have a meat towards it. (Abraham 36). A hyperbole is an example of figurative language that uses an extravagant exaggeration of fact, used either for serious or comic affect. (Abrams 37). A great example shown is in the lyrics of Lil Wayne, I feel like dying he uses hyperbole in many of his verses and a great example is I got the solely initiation at my feet (Lil Wayne 10). He expresses himself that he is on the light up and that everyone follows him solely in reality that is not what he direction throughout his lyrics. This transmission channel brings a circulate violence to the unhurt lyrics because when he is on drug, he feel that he is on draw of everything and he compares things to another that sounds type exaggerated. He says Im sittin on the clouds, I got take in comin from my shadow ( Lil Wayne 10 ) , This is another hyperbole as shown because he is canvas smoke coming from a seat and a he is on the clouds. Lil Wayne has a lot meaning throughout his lyrics. When he is beneath the influence of drugs, he feels that he is on top of the world and he has a feeling that is unexplainable.
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This is a psyche who sees livelihood in a different perspective and more(prenominal) in control when they are using marijuana. He explains in details his emotions that run through in his idea but when the gist is over he feels like dying. It goes back to the line I got the whole world at my feet (Lil Wayne 10). ! That gives the whole lyrics power and meaning. Is exclusively for a couple hours that he feels the pleasure and that he has everything that he wants but in the end is only in his mind and he just feels depressed. The world has no meaning to him when the personal effects are over. It could mean a lot because himself as a rapper, he has made it to a massive way and he feels that success but maybe not content each(prenominal) the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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