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? Our Services ? Vitamin for Your Eyes ? Webinars ? Macular Degeneration Treatment ? Treatment of Glaucoma ? Microcurrent comment ? Treatment of Cataracts ? IV Therapies ? Hyperbaric Oxygen ? Homeopathy ? Color Therapy ? desire Therapy ? Dry Eye ? Dyslexia A-A+ Treatment of Cataracts What can I do near cataracts? Cataracts: Alternative Treatments Edward C. Kondrot, MD (H), CCH, DHt What causes cataracts? Are there some(prenominal) efficacious alternative treatments? Can homeopathy help in diminution cataracts after they develop? As an ophthalmologist and homeopath, I would desire to share with you my experiences. Normal Anatomy of the Human electron genus Lens of the eye. The humankind lens is located behind the learner or colored snap off of the eye. It is a mold handle a small magnifying lens and is about ? march in diameter. If you begin on the develop of the eye and croak inward you would pass through the future (a) body structures before reaching the lens: the cornea, which is the clear window and the outer(prenominal) layer of the eye; the second structure is the clear nomadic or aqueous humor in front of the iris. The aggregation of aqueous humor produces an elevation of squelch or glaucoma. The thirdly structure that we pass is the iris or colored bulge out of the eye. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The iris is a full stop and it regulates the amount of light introduction the eye. The fourth structure which is straight off behind the iris is the lens. It is held in position by powerful bands called zonules. It focuses images and light onto t he retina much like a lens of a camera. The ! focused rays of light piss the retina and an image is transmitted to the brain. The human lens works to alteration the focus from distant objects to beside ones. When you reach your early 40?s, changes take place in the lens which make counsel more difficult. This is called presbyopia. Cataracts: What are they? The termination cataract was introduced by Constantinus Africanus (AD 1018), a monk and an Arabic oculist. He translated Arabic suffusion into Latin...If you want to liquidate a full essay, regularize it on our website:

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