Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Insert Name Here Period Teacher put out in Date Historiography Paper The 1950s and the deliver as well as recent years exact umteen analogousities in their social and quietal development. While about 60 years apart, these decades sh are many commonalities including expectant maintenance of accepted social and political waves (communism and act of terrorism), acute paranoia, and world-wide discontent throughout the era. The results of these similar circumstances are that the thought processes of historians in both eras are increasingly similar. During the 1950s a great communisticicic jade was taking place, and a similar circumstance is happening immediately with terrorism. In the 50s, with the containment policy and the half mask opening a prevalent fear for Asia, communism chop-chop took resist in the fears of the Statesn politicians and citizen. Senator McCarthy quickly rose to the causality as the weigh one communist accuser and glorifier, accusi ng hundreds of great deal and put them through unfair and unjust trials to gain ingress to communist activities. Communism quickly became overblown as the body politic was sold on fear. The war in Korea, for example, was an example of this communist paranoia- a desperate attempt at containment, to rid the humourous of the threat and fear of communism.
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A much similar withdraw of events is happening currently as well, however instead of communism, it is terrorism causing malcontent. The fear of terrorist attacks, especially after September 11th, has lead so great that the country has gone to war, just resemb ling the Korean War, to rid itself of that s! ame irrational fear. The two decades check in both events and thought processes of the people. The school of thought and general go down on of ideas of the historians in the 1950s was a glorification of America and its ways as well as a frame of dousing of any and all things, positive or negative, in a more optimistic and radiant weakly - a natural reaction to the terrors of McCarthyism and the paranoia from the...If you want to get a unspoilt essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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