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What Are Cultural Landscapesand And Why Are They Important?why Is It Important To Protect Cultural Landscapes?

[Name of the writer][Name of the professor][Course title][Date]ethnical commonwealthscapeIntroductionA ethnic grace is a piece of land that possesses immanent and cultural resources related to an historic event , person , or group of people . They are usually man-made lexis of kinds with the temper and /or society or culture . These move payoff on grand estates , public gardens and parks , educational institutions , cemeteries , highways , and industrial sites . Cultural ornaments are similarly humanist works of finesse texts and narratives of cultures that comport regional and cultural identity . They also state relationship to their ecological perspectiveHuman activities have turned out to be a major ca employ of shaping most(prenominal) cultivated ornaments on the surface of Earth . Human , carnal and machine c rowd expended in using the land can create peachy cultural landscapes with high aesthetic , cultural and ecological enunciate such as the paddy- matter rice terraces of southeast Asia , but whitethorn as well result in land abjection as is the case in whatsoever regions in the Mediterranean The distribution of landforms such as extortionate slopes , fertile plains make good valleys in a landscape sets the frame for land physical exercise by find factors such as accessibility , piss and nutrient accessibility , but may over large periods of time also be changed through land use . On the other(a) hand , land use serves distinct socio-economic purposes : land may supply temporals and energy through hunt agriculture or forestry , it may host infra mental synthesis , or it may be needed to absorb waste and emissions (Haberl et al , 2004 . Landscapes can be seen as the contingent and historically opalescent outcome of this interplay between socio-economic and biophysic al forcesDuring the evolution of cultural la! ndscapes throughout the understructure , humans have developed adaptive land-use techniques and created specific patterns of field , farmsteads , remnant woodlots and the give care that depended on both internal and socio-economic conditions . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
In European agricultural landscapes , the long history of land release has led to regionally distinct regular patterns of geometrically direct landscape elements , reflecting the historical and cultural background of the prevailing land-use formation of a region (Bell , 1999 . The spatial distribution of ecotopes , the so-called landscape structure , has whence often been regarded as a photomosaic of ` quick-frozen processes i .e landscape structure assumedly mirrors the processes which had been going on in a landscapeThis perception has even become a rudimentary paradigm in modern landscape environmental learning . While many ecosystem processes are difficult to observe like a shot , landscape structure can be derived from mapping as well as from remote-sensing data therefore , landscape structure was often not only utilize to evaluate the ecological value of landscapes , but also to judge ecological aspects of the sustainability of land-use patterns (Wrbka et al , 1999bThe Influence Of Land Form On The Intensity Of Land UseCultural landscapes have , in contrast to natural and semi-natural landscapes , special characteristics . The disturbance regime as well as the major material and energy fluxes in these transformed landscapes is controlled to a large finish by humans . This is done by the different land-use practices use for meadows , arable...If you want to get a full essay, order it ! on our website:

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