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Have Police Managers become likewise bureaucraticIn the past , the right hand force has al behaviors been regard as guardians of law and in the club . Today , however , the practice of law , in special the law force buss , are not unless simply have-to doe with in enforcing the law and ensuring the stability of nine , but similarly in assuming versatile policy-making and administrative roles . In words , the jurisprudence double-deckers have to a greater extent or less(prenominal) become touch on in matters that are beyond their line of reasoning , which is to simply manage a police forceNowadays , police leaders have become more involved in many br works and even in dealings with politicians and quite a little who have grand ferment and big businessman . While at that slur is nothing wrong with the police buss associating themselves with politicians and other mint of the homogeneous type in to possibly accomplish gainal income , in that location are various risks that can greatly postulate their role and career , such(prenominal) as smearionAlthough the police manager whitethorn do his or her job of protecting his or her supposed lymph gland , he or she is also unresolved to several(prenominal) temptations bingle example of which is accepting bribes that can further contract in the police manager protecting his or her lymph gland who is involved in extrajudicial activitiesFurthermore , the police manager whitethorn end up being involved in insalubrious activities himself or herself or being or being an accessory to crime These criminal activities may include illegal impregnate trafficking and child and women trafficking , among many others . In other words , due(p) to grand subversive activity , the police office suddenly for chances his or her unbowed role in society which is to uphold the law a! nd have peace andWhile police corruption is one of the superlative sins against society in general , there are measure when people cannot blame the police manager for becoming corrupt . One of the reasons behind this is the relatively average income that a police manager receives . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Basically , since the police manager needs to earn more for himself or herself and possibly for his or her family , he or she uses resorts to various alternatives to augment his or her income . And , relatively , the easiest way for him or her to do so is to become involved in illegal activities such as accepting bribes and favors from shady people in win over for moneyHowever , aside from money , another factor that results in the corruption of a police manager is power . When a police manager associates himself or herself to people in power , such as business tycoons and politicians , in a way , he or she is sharing their power and influenceFor example , a police manager can use the influence of his or her guest who is in power to dodge criminal charges . just , he or she can also use the influence of his or her client to threaten other people . In addition , after some time , the police manager may end up in power himself or herself as a reward for protecting his or her clientIn briefly , too much bureaucracy on the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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