Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Comparison Of National Poverty Reduction Strategies

CONTENT Introduction 1. Economic Growth and meagerness drop-off The Past Patterns of Growth Indicators of macroeconomic Performance The Economic Models The macroeconomic Impact on poorness Issues pecuniary indigence and divergence gracious poorness and Social Indicators Stabilization and registration Policies 2. The Poverty Reduction Policies and Programs Addressing the Major Causes of Poverty Short-term and Targeted Actions Long-term Strategies manners of Human Capital Access to Productive Assets for the Poor vocation Creation in Urban Areas 3. Major Issues and Obstacles Encountered Measurement Issues and data Systems Political Issues and the use of the State Population Issues and the Rise in Inequality Sociological Issues and the civic Society Conclusion Bibliography call of tables and figures prorogue 1. Country Main characteristics in 1994 build 1. phylogenesis of Real GDP and Consump tion per Capita 1970-95 (base 1987) tabularize 2. Poverty incidence Table 3. Measurement of Inequality: the Gini Coefficient Table 4. Evolution of Poverty and Inequality Table 5. The Human Poverty Index Table 6. value in Life Expectancy and Primary teach Enrolment Introduction The intent of this paper is to highlight the master(prenominal) common features - and to explain the reasons for the differences - of the pauperization reduction strategies presently implement in four finicky sub-Saharan Africa countries : Cameroon, Ethiopia, Mali and Senegal. At early sight, these countries appear extremely distinct in their size and take aim of wealth as found the population, the per capita GDP (purchasing power parity) and the Human Development Index (HDI) (see Table 1). Ethiopia has the biggest population, but also the poorest country. Mali and Senegal ar Sahelian countries related by safe historical and cultural links, and they belong, with Ca meroon, to the CFA...If you wish to get a ! replete essay, order it on our website:

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