Thursday, February 6, 2014


Title: stinting Botany Objectives: 1. To define what are economical lay outs 2. To rate some benefits of economic botany Introduction: adjust life is demand for the survival of all animals on earth, including man. Plants straightway, or indirectly by dint of a carnivorous forage chain, fork up food and opposite life-supporting commodities. Plants in like manner protect and maintain the purlieu against erosion and atmospheric imbalance. Man has always been dependent upon plants for the necessities for his survival, not only for food fodder and fuel but also for medicines, fibres, chemical products and other commodities. Economic botany speaks to how man employs plant use to his benefit. Economic plants are defined as those plants use either directly or indirectly for the benefit of man. verifying usage includes the take of mans livestock and the maintenance of the environment; the benefits whitethorn be domestic, commercial, environmental, or aesthetic. Lauraceae| Malpighiaceae| Rhamnaceae| family Moraceae| Arecaceae| soapberry family| Caesalpiniaceae| Annonaceae| Gramineae| family Anacardiaceae| Araliaceae| sapodilla tree family| harming wood| Hog Berry| call Apple| Jackfruit| coconut tree| ackee| subgenus Poinciana| Sour sop| Bamboo| Mango| manioca| Naseberry| dreary candlewood| locust berry tree| Jujube| breadfruit| Broom roof| Guinep| West Indian locust| Sweet sop| | cashew nut| Parrot feeding tree| sapodilla| Fowlroost| Barbados red| Black ironwood| Rubber Plant| silverish thatch| tweed ironwood| logwood| Custard Apple| | burnwood| comprehensive| Sapodilla gage| Lignum Dorum| West Indian cherry| prick lignum vitae| | Thatch game| ketto| locust| lancewood| | Maiden clean| womanwood| sappa| | Wild cherry| Coolie pum| | Morass royal| | yellowed candle wood| White lancewood| | Velvet go forth maidservant plum| | | | | | | | | Horse cassia| Black lancewood| | mosquitowood| | | | | | | | | | nuni| | | | | References:...If you urgen! cy to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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