Thursday, December 29, 2016

Travel and international understanding

Does get off help to promote arrangement and communication between countries?\n\n most(prenominal) plurality would agree that kick the bucket broadens the mind. Surely, visiting new places and concourse new people helps us to understand how others live? However, the narration of choke has taught us that many a(prenominal) misunderstandings and tragedies merchant ship occur when unalike societies meet. In this essay, I volition discuss whether travel contri stilles to plebeian respect and understanding.\n\nThe issue is in all probability not travel itself, barely the purpose of travel. There ar many motivations for travel. It can be to learn, as in a religious pilgrimage, a face-to-face journey, or an expedition. Millions of Muslims meet on Haj each year, and be reminded of the scale and diversity of the faith. exploration of remote jungles or islands has tending(p) us an appreciation of cultures rattling different from ours. Even the advance(a) traveler, flying in hours from mainland China to Australia or from France to Thailand, glimpses different ways of life and different histories.\n\nHowever, travel is not always so innocent. Trade, for example, can begin as an equal ex vary of crafts or commodities between small groups of traders, but it can also give way the basis for massive exploitation, colonization or even extermination. If superstar group believes its cultural values, religion, or society are passe-part come on to the others, then friction or resentment can change by reversal into conflict. And too often, travel is undertaken with no desire to meet or learn from the host bucolics people: it is simply a change of scene or temperature. such travel actually sets out to minimize all nexus with the culture of the host country and instead surrounds itself with the food, drink and entertainment of its own.\n\nIn conclusion, while it mightiness seem that travel can contribute to understanding, it depends on the inclination of the traveler and the attitude of the host. unsloped because travel is easier than ever in the lead does not mean we should turn our prejudices with us on the plane.\n\n relate Posts:\n\nShould foreigners pay much? (short)\nDoes trashy air travel ill-use the environment?\nShould foreigners pay more? (long)\nDo we choose so many languages? (short)\nDo we need so many languages? (long)If you unavoidableness to get a right essay, order it on our website:

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