Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Love and Marriage and Tragedy in Romeo and Juliet

In the Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet different characters attitudes towards contend and marriage are icy in contri barelying towards the funs tragic events. The let loose opens the happen with a mention to hatful, and describes the lovers as: A equate of star-crossed lovers. This suggests that the fate who determines the characters lives and this sense of pre-determines doom echoes throughout the play. Even Romeo and Juliet met each other by a prediction of stars and fate. The main protagonists receive the operation of Fate tail his or her actions. Romeo fears that fate is works against him, as he goes to the Capulet masquerade: I fear to advance(prenominal) for my mentality misgives / Some effect yet hanging in the stars / Sh exclusively bitterly begin his timorous date. Here Romeo in truth believes in Fate and that all that this fearful date is foretold by the stars and predetermined by Fate. The alliterated mind misgives shows that the dream has been brought by Fat e hence Shakespeare tries to suggest that but he cannot stop himself from progressing towards his give tragic end and his attention of the Capulet Masque is the first bill towards fulfilling that destiny. \nThere can be no doubt that Romeos rashness and suddenness throughout the play lead to the disaster at the end. At the receive of the play Shakespeare presents Romeo as an Elizabethan lover, as a somebody who is impetuous and quick in his passions. His father comments on his tribulation stricken son at the initial start of the play: Many a dawning hath he there be seen / with tears augmenting the fresh forenoons dew. His father Montague is in a bad way(p) about Romeo and he uses a natural image to formulate Romeos unnatural and hyperbolise feelings towards Rosaline. Romeos attitude reflects that of the cultured lover vainly attempting and found the attentions of an unattainable lover. However, it is thus the analogous extremity of behaviour that subsequently defines his relationship wit...

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