Friday, February 3, 2017

Development of the Democratic Party

The antiauthoritarian political society is the oldest political party in the f completely in pleads. From 1828-1860, the parliamentary Party was the persuasion political party. Having roots from the parliamentary - Republican Party, the egalitarian Party was founded around Andrew Jackson, the hero of the fight of New Orleans and the 7th president of the coupled States, with the uphold of Martin Van Buren, a one- beat governor of New York and Secretary of State under Jackson. Jacksons ideas and ambitions serve as the principles of the Democratic Party. The party ran the government all this time up until the presidential Election of 1860 when the party discontinue over the issue regarding slavery. (Mayne 1)\nThe leadership of the Democrat-Republican Party were James Madison, the quaternary president of the United States, and doubting doubting Thomas Jefferson, an the Statesn founding give and the third president of the United States. This party was the only party at the time in 1791, and the party had one usage. This purpose was to stand against the Federalist Faction in the Presidential Election of 1801. (Mayne 1) once this election had taken place, Thomas Jefferson was elected into office and the Democratic - Republican Party was in control. The party started having issues and began to stagger afterwardsward the War of 1812. The Federalist Faction could not hold up after the war and served no competition to the Democratic-Republican Party. This led the Democratic-Republican Party into a state of not needing a strong base as a party. States started getting conglomerate and having their own ideas and mindsets about the party. This caused the party to split in duple different directions. Out of this came many major parties, one in which was the Democratic Party. Democrats at this time strongly opposed aristocracy, a national bank, and programs which pushed to modernize America industry instead of family-based agricultural. (Mayne 1) The D emocratic Party became very popular. (Editors of the cyclopaedia Brita... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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