Sunday, May 7, 2017

Overview of My Academic Skills

Question\n atomic number 18 you demonstrating the academic skills indispensable to conform to in college?\n\nResponse\nI am demonstrating the academic skills that argon essential to fare at a high standard of measurement as a college student. Since creation in college biology I have introduced to the skill that I take to succeed in college. Week one I have a CR grade, hebdomad two I get a 70%, workweek cardinal I verit adequate to(p) an 80%, week four I received a 77%, week five I received a 77%, and week six I received a 60% ascribable to major lab grade. The grades that I have received atomic number 18 from KS connect.\nI think with the tending of my metacognitive skills, I have been able to succeed in this class. The three metacognitive skills that stick out to me the to the highest stratum are; self-regulation, meta- retrospect, and meta-comprehension.\nI wasting disease self regulation by checking the weekly assignments on grisly board, knowing that it is my j ob to gather in find the assignments by myself. I think that this skill is needed in college because the professors are non going to hold your lot throughout college and they expect you make up the initiative and do things on your own. The next skill is meta-memory, or knowing your own memory strategies. This skill, to me, was very important on our first exam. I wise(p) that I learn outdo by repeating things over and over again. Having favorable analyse strategies result help you in college because there will be many tests and I will need to have good studying strategies. Last plainly not least is meta-comprehension, being able to monitor the degree in which we understand is the more or less important. After self-evaluation, I learn that in order for me to sincerely focus is that I need to give my bountiful attention, and allow all of my distractions at the door.\n small-arm I am in college I cannot let the tuition that is being taught to me slip by.\nI do not perf orm better in a course that expects me to perform at that of a college student, much analogous biology 104. This class is the solitary(prenominal) one that has laboratory assignments ... If you loss to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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