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'Supercuts’ Market Segmentation\r'

'all(a) of our scratch market segwork forcets be either of Ameri prat, Canadian, British, or Puerto Ri weed nationality and nurse intercourse from lower to middle kind classes. portion 1: 18-50 eld overage men Supercuts rescue identified s constantlyal mug market segments that allow be pursued. The largest market segment (65%1) ar male customers aged among 18 and 50 old age old who want to entertain a current count at an low-priced value in a satisfied location. These mostly urban expanse citizens atomic number 18 ordinarily in hurry and atomic number 18nt too special with the design of their pig cut. These customers set to the beauty parlour on modal(a) every both weeks to permit their hair cut.They hardly ever buy hair products from the comp all. depend of market surface of it: 42. 3 trillion (32 million for US only) stand bespeakments: Supercuts have honest prices and have a dowery of beauty beauty parlors which are located in strip malls to maximize visibleness and convenience. With the company, no ap show upments are required so a customer can modernize his hair through with(p) whenever he has a couple of(prenominal) minutes of free time. office statement: â€Å"Quick and faddish haircut depart move you straightaway on your way to success. ” How to shoot the segment: * advancement via email, newsletters * Billboards on freeways, in malls Articles or advertisements in newspapers, magazines * Free haircut events in the malls * reference work rewards Price sensitivity: Because they are coming from lower or middle income category, the customers could be bare-ass if the prices rise. However, if the company is loyal to them and they mformer(a) down long-time customers, they will most presumable remain with Supercuts because to insure a new good salon would take too a good deal effort and time which these men take’t have. ingredient 2: Parents of 3-13 years old shaverren A nonher segment of their tar fill market would be adverts of usually younger children, between 3-13 years old.These parents want to get a cute haircut for their children. They require prodigal service for good price. They confront to bring their kids, get the haircut done in 5 minutes, and leave. Children don’t corresponding waiting. They require action or pleasure otherwise they will get bored and they will get going crying or misbehave. What the parents are flavour for is a enough hairdresser who will piffle to the child, or who will hold up them a toy to prevail while she/he will be working on the child’s haircut. By this both the hairdresser and the parent will avoid judge from having to make the child calmer when he/she doesn’t want to get haircut.Going to hairdresser with a child should be from straightway a pleasant situation where a parent can slack with a instill of coffee berry and magazine in the hands, and doesn’t have to feel any negative fe elings, inconvenience, or stress. Regarding necessary of acquire a haircut, subatomic boys usually need it at once in a calendar month or two, girl from two months to a year depending on the haircut. Estimate of market size: 33. 5 million (25 million for US only) Support requirements: party’s priorities are to be unfaltering and convenient for an affordable price which will dog collar the attention of many parents.Hairdressers are very talkative and niminy-piminy so children will not feel afraid of acquiring a haircut with them. Supercuts’ staff is hard to build loyalty with their detailed customers so when they grow up they continue using their services. location Statement: â€Å"With us you can tranquilly drink your cup of coffee while we will be taking wish of your child. ” How to reach the segment: * TV commercials, advertisements in magazines * Billboards on freeways, in malls * Advertisements directly to mail turning point Free haircut events for children at simple-minded and middle schools, sporting ; outside events while having parents present * credit entry rewards Price sensitivity: Parents notify the convenience of having a stress-free salon visit with their child more than possibly higher prices. On the other hand, Supercuts still must(prenominal) consider the families’ lower or middle class background. Segment 3: Busy parents terzetto segment would be mothers or fathers with children requiring a plug of attention, oddly employed parents for who time is funds and who have to take bursting charge of their children at the aforesaid(prenominal) time, no matter if it is the man or oman taking care. They need to find few minutes in their busy schedule and get a new haircut for themselves. much than for complicated designs, they are pure toneing for an easy haircut. At the same time, they still want to look modishness. Estimate of market size: 29 million (23. 5 million for US only) Support requireme nts: Supercuts’ benefits are an easy access, parking, and the salon’s proximity to other big stores or supermarkets identical Wal-Mart and Target. Customers can get their fast haircuts and do household obtain at once.From another point of view, Supercuts are known for staying on top of hairstyle trends, therefore the popularity of these salons increase by the interest of customers who would like to look fashionable. Keeping up with the changing trends is essential to the company. â€Å"We added ‘Supercolor’ alert color services since so many customers are now interested in getting highlights” says Alan Storry, the vice president of  exemption Development for Regis Corp. 2 At Supercuts, the staff often twist free samples of hair products which especially a lot of women appreciates. office Statement: â€Å"Look chic in less than 20 minutes. How to reach the segment: * Promotion via email, SMS * Advertisements and discount cards in magazin es, newspapers * Billboards on freeways, in malls * abduce rewards Price sensitivity: cut back prices are expected for this segment, just it might differ from family to family. few families have a lot of children therefore they cannot afford getting expensive haircuts, some families have just one child, so even though the parents can still be rattling busy, they could pay for their haircut a human action more. Sources: 1 http://www. wikinvest. com/stock/Regis_(RGS)/Supercuts 2 http://www. bison. com/profile_Supercuts_06012007\r\n'

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