Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Guest Speaker Essay

When thinking of an attorney the legal age does non give it much thought as to the different types and functionalities this profession takes. That is, until person is in need of one, or facing one of these professional arguers. matchless group that find themselves facing an attorney are criminals who have had charges pose against them through the District lawyers Office. The District Attorneys Office is the main prosecuting party in any criminal character reference whether it comes carry out to a plea hand which covers about 95% of each theatrical roles or goes to a full court trial. District Attorneys, other than known as D.A.s, base much of their decisions by the amount of investigating and evidence that tecs supply them with. Scott Schweibish, who spoke in class, is the Deputy District Attorney for capital of California County. Mr. Schweibish was a wealth of knowledge on correlating good probe practices to how well an attorney can prosecute.D.A. Schweibish began his pr esentation by describing his workload which consists of prosecuting normal felonies. These felonies range from drugs, DUI, home invasion, attempted murders, etc. Before becoming a D.A. for Sacramento County he worked for Orange County as a District Attorney. The D.A. has worn out(p) his entire career working closely with different law enforcement agencies, as well as numerous police officers. He has worked with special investigating projects, federal agencies, special task forces involved with narcotics, white collar crime, and the U.S Attorney. being an attorney where the main focus is to prosecute a criminal Mr. Schweibish upset that it is crucial to receive an probe floor that is the most accurate down to the smallest detail. Any aspect of the investigation that is overlooked or mistakenly not written in the officers report can open a exclusively for the defense reactions side to prove the stand forant is innocent or have the case dismissed all together. The defense atto rney forget scrutinize all detail of a report for accuracy and if they find anything they can support a defense out of they will, as Scott said, tear you up when you testify. The defense will still question every detail on the report and ask why certain things were not make, but if the report is done correctly then the office will be able to defend his actions and investigation. He went on to state that when officers do a proper investigation and complete a thorough report then the defense will not have a leg to stand on and in most cases the defendant will agree to a plea bargain and the case will be resolved without having to go to trial.Another place that was stressed was every case matters and that all investigations matter. Every clip a crime is committed no matter how small or how in the bag it may seem the investigation is crucial. Mr. Schweibish stated that 95% of the time a good investigation matters. He described that as an investigator it is important to remain open minded, logical, and objective as a majority of the time what you think is the whole crime might be right one part of the crime.Deputy District Attorney Scott Schweibish who works for Sacramento County was a great asset to have speak for the class. He potently enforced the importance of a thorough report and the consequences if you slack on details.

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