Monday, January 7, 2019

Islamic Change Over Time Essay Essay

By the early 18th century, the Ottoman empire was in decline. The shoddy rulers of the empire left the way undecided for power struggles among officials, religious experts, and Janissary commanders. Provincial administrators and landholders conspired to feed revenue from the central treasury. The general scrimping suffered from competition with the West as trade goods ruined local industry. European rivals took returns of Ottoman weakness. The Austrians pushed the Ottomans from Hungary and the northern Balkans. Russia expanded into the Caucasus and Crimea. The payoff Christian peoples of the Balkans challenged their rulers the Greeks win independence 1830, and Serbia won independence in 1867.European soldiers assaults and diseases destroyed existing civilizations. African and Asiatic civilizations were able to withstand the early European arrival, but the latters continue development by the end of the eighteenth century made them dominant. The subordinate civilizations re acted differently. any(prenominal) retreated into an idealized historic others oblivious ideas from their rulers. The various efforts at resistance did non all succeed. Some civilizations survived others collapsed.The leaders and thinkers of the Muslim world were divided about how to coke decline and drive back Europeans. They argued oer a spectrum ranging from a return to the past to the adoption of Western ways. By the 19th century, the Arabs under the weakened Ottoman Empire were exposed to the danger of European conquest. The personnel casualty of Islamic territory to the Europeans engendered a nose out of crisis in the Middle East.The Muslims had faced the holy terror of the West since the Middle Ages. Muslims shared many a(prenominal) aspects of culture with Judeo-Christian and Greek tradition their civilization had contributed to the rise of the West. The Muslims had many centers to detain the fall of the Ottoman Empire did not mean the end of Islamic independence . They had m to learn during the long Western advance. Muslims could puzzle to the truths of Islam and survive as a people,

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