Saturday, February 2, 2019

Do College Students Deserve Alcohol? Essay examples -- Binge Drinking

As a college student I feel to bring up a paradox that has recently caught my eye. Drinking in the college environment has done oft harm to the well-being of the students. The more I see drunken slew around campus the more I become concerned for their safety. As I think about this more I start to question if we as body should be allowed to even possess inebriantic drink, regardless of age. While alcohol incidents that include death are very seldom, many other categories have gone up the number of binge drinkers-those who intend to drink to thwart drunk- has gone up, the number of Minor in Consumption tickets has gone up and the number of alcohol-related crimes has increased. With the full intent of ensuring the safety of my fellow students, I foresee for a realization in the evolution of the combination of alcohol and college as well as what harms this pact can produce. There is also the job of how academics can be affected by drinking. If there is a problem academics which should be the first reason why any student should go to college, than this problem with should be fixed. Additionally, if there is a problem that affects a souls safety, it also needs to be addressed. alcoholic drink has become a big part of college, as we all know. In The forged concern of Binge Drinking Among College Students, author Joyce M. Wolburg gives many statistics about the harm that alcohol brings to college campuses. About five and a half billion dollars worth of alcohol is bought by college students annually, which is more than tuition, books, and rooms combined (Wolburg 24). It is one thing if we flatten a lot of money for college itself, but when students have the desire to obtain alcohol in that kind of manner, we have to understand that there is a problem t... ...d or affected in a negative way. unity purpose of a college or university is to promote safety to its students. If we dont promote enough safety our students will be thrown into unprotected drinki ng. Works CitedHunter, Drew. Peer to Peer Effective College Learning About Alcohol and Other Health Issues. Change 36.3 (2004) 40-44. JSTOR. Web. 8 Jan. 2011.Lederman, Linda C. Changing the Culture of College Drinking. Web. 8 Jan. 2011.Wechsler, Henry, Toben Nelson, and Elissa Weitzman. From Knowledge to Action How Harvards College Alcohol Study Can Help Your Campus founding a Campaign against Student Alcohol Abuse. Change 32.1 (2000) 32-43. JSTOR. Web. 8 Jan. 2011.Wolburg, Joyce M. The Risky Business of Binge Drinking among College Students Using Risk Models for PSAs and Anti-Drinking Campaigns. Change 36.3 (2004) 23-39. JSTOR. Web. 8 Jan. 2011.

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