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Jourody Free Essay Importance of the Journey in Homers Odyssey :: Odyssey essays

Importance of the Journey in Homers Odyssey       In the Odyssey, by Homer, Odysseuss master(prenominal) goal was to reach menage. Even though all of his thoughts were turned towards his home and family, he lettered many lessons along the way. Odysseuss gre ingestst learning experiences were in his journey, not his destination.   One of Odysseuss biggest challenges was to resist enticement. The first temptation Odysseus and his men encountered was the fresh lotos plant, They fell in, soon enough, with Lotos Eaters, who showed no will to do us harm, nevertheless offering the wise Lotos to out friends... (IX. 98-100). Eating the plant did not bet like a bad idea, unless resisting was a much wiser option, ...but those who ate this honeyed plant, the Lotos, never cared to report, nor return they longed to stay forever, browsing on that subjective bloom, forgetful of their homeland (IX. 101-104). If they had eaten the plant, they never would have go tten home. Another great temptation they had to withstand was the Seirênês. The Seirênês would tempt the men to them with their truelove and music, Square in your ships path are Seirênês, crying viewer to bewitch men coasting by... (XII. 101-104). If men did not resist, they would fall into the Seirênês clutch pedal and die, Woe to the innocent who hears that sound He will not agnize his lady nor his children in joy, crowding about him, home from sea the Seirênês will sing his mind away on their sweet meadow lolling... (XII. 50-54). The biggest temptation that Odysseus had to defy was from the sea nymph, Kalypso, I fed him, loved, him, sang that he should not die or grow old ever, in all the days to come (V. 1420143). Kalypso wanted to have Odysseus as her husband, but all he could think of was home, Meanwhile he lives and grieves upon that island in slaveholding to the nymph he cannot stir, cannot fare homeward... (V. 15-17). Odysseus resisted, and was not completely unfaithful to his wife. If he had not resisted temptation, he would have been on the island of the Lotos Eaters, dead, or without a wife.   Next, Odysseus learned that greed would never result in any good.

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