Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Home and Personal Values Essay -- House Home Environment Essays

The dwelling house The t give birthhouse, a clean, concise, convenient, cookie-cut, carbon copy of societys solution to the home. In todays society of Big Apples, Windy Cities and Cities of Angels, the home has been woolly under stacks of green paper. The heart of the home is being clogged by the fast-paced materialism that pushes the individual into a heart endeavor of conformity. Society has become a speed addict for production, wanting bigger, more, and hurried in the pursuit for the better. This better is often short-lived and quickly replaced. This unit of ammunition of replacement needs to end with a solving reinvention that will deed over human liveness to breathe and be comfortable within its own skin. Lives are to be lived not viewed. To do this people need to analyse the mold that society is mass-producing and live life for themselves and up to their own concentrateards of victor and not follow the blue-print of the governments bureaucratic and aristocratically prefer system and ideals. The home should be a saran wrap covering of comfort, security, love-in-idleness and enjoyment to be shared by and with loved ones. To often in todays world the lines between business and personal defecate almost been blurred into oblivion. These are one of the issues that need to be halt or altered so as to return the house to a home. The home is the outermost layer of a persons skin. It breathes, absorbs, settles and changes in force(p) as the people that dwell inside of it do. Inside this slowly commercialised dwelling often resides incomplete individuals who attempt to fill this incompleteness unremarkably with materialistic vices. The biggest of these perpetrators are name-brand overpriced fashion labels whose only use is to use up the individuals wealth and morals. People ... ...p well before the geezerhood that they should. Children must be raised not watched. Guardians need to take a more active role in their childs life for lack of i t could be detrimental to the child in the future, i.e. the lack of one. The h.o.m.e, a Humans Originally Made Environment, should be full of comfort, peace, and security. These are the graduation exercise brick to be laid in any home and should begin all life. For houses to return to the state of homes a shower of truth must lave away all of the superficial and self-blocking things that tend to make people obstruct the simple things and sometimes the most important things in life. It is time to stand up and break the mold that has crushed and conformed the human spirit into a lifeless robot of things without substance. The latter can never be a substitute for the essentials that are needed for a happy, healthy life.

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