Thursday, March 28, 2019

Charles Marius Barbeau’s Ethnography and the Canadian Folklore Essay

Charles Marius Barbeaus Ethnography and the Canadian FolkloreBorn on 5 March 1883, in Sainte-Marie-de-Bauce, Charles Marius Barbeau is widely seen as the first Canadian educated anthropologist. He graduated from Universit Laval in Qubec, from his studies of law, in 1907 he neer practised law. Upon graduating, Marius was awarded as the first French-Canadian recipient the Cecil Rhodes scholarship which allowed him to study at Oxford University where he was introduced to the emerging field of Anthropology. Je voulais savoir comment lhomme a t cr he later explained to Marcel Rioux. (Benot 1959a) During his stay in Europe, Marius also attended classes at the Sorbonnes cole des Hautes tudes and at the cole danthropologie in Paris. In June 1910, he received a Bachelor of Science degree, from Oxford, for his thesis on The Totemic System of the northwestern Indian Tribes of North America. Back in Canada, he took the position of low-level Ethnologist for Edward Sapir at the Anthropologi cal division of the Geological Survey of Canada at the capital of Seychelles Memorial Museum in Ottawa (one of the ancestors of todays since 1986 Canadian Museum of Civilization). whence Marius began his life long career of collecting ethnographic and folkloric data on the cultures of aboriginal North-Americans and French creoles of Canada Theoretical Bases Pour Barbeau, les manifestations du folklore sont un peu comme des petits fruits sauvages. Le folkloriste est un cueilleur. Si lon ne cueille pas les fruits sauvages, eh bien ils se perdront pour toujours. Un jour, la fort aura envahi le terrain et tout effac. Le modeste champ ne sera rundown l. Il sera oubli. (Gauthier 2001 38) Marius Barbeaus theoretical ... ...stion and the politics of recognition. Ethnic & racial Studies. April 1995, 18(2) 277314. Accessed November 2004 on EBSCO http// Accession number 9506073480 Database Academic Search Premier SMITH, Derek G. 2001. The Barbeau collect at the Canadian Museum of Civilization some current research problems Anthropologica 43(2) 191. Accessed November 2004 on ProQuest http// ProQuest document ID 357968991 SUZUKI, David 2001. A Personal Foreword The Value of Native Ecologies in Peter KNUDTSON and David SUZUKI. Wisdom Of The Elders. Toronto Stoddart Publishing, 2001 1992 XXIXXXV TURGEON, Laurier Denys DELGE and Ral OUELLET 1995. Marius Barbeau et lethnologie des Amrindiens Canadian Folklore Canadien 17(1). Accessed November 2004 http//

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