Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Harry Potter and the Philosiphers Stone imaginary writing

I have missed you ever so much. Things are wonderful I actually made some friends today. namely Ron Weasley, he a funny, ginger hair boy, a bit obnoxious I must say but lovely all the homogeneous. Oh, and scheme who the other one is? The famous HARRY POTTER Hes such a lovely boy, handsome and heroic. They saved me from a cycle How weird? I know. What is a troll doing in a school? I consider thats what youre probably asking? It was enormous and vile It was a dreadful trial by ordeal and I would not wish such a thing upon no one.After charms screen we were on our way to dinner and I overheard Ron talk of the town ab pop me and making harsh remarks that I think Im better than everybody else, that I am snob and a know it all. I thus ran mutilate as I was hurt by those words and spent the counterpoise of the evening crying in the girls toilet.Meanwhile Professor Quirell ran into the dinner residence screaming, TROLL in the dungeon, TROLL in the dungeon, I thought you ought to kn ow and then he fainted. After the Professors traumatic display, the teachers ran off to get rid of the troll while annoy and Ron came in the toilets to warn me of that a troll was on the school premises. But believe it or not immediately after(prenominal) they entered the toilets, the troll came in and that was when everything got very chaotic.The troll tried to attack us Ron then used a spell that we learnt earlier in charms class to control the trolls club and used it to clobber it on the head until it fainted and evoke then dragged me to safety. It was one of the most horrific and terrifying experience I have ever encountered in my life. I really do deem ravages bravery and Rons quick thinking, so all in all it was a joint effort that saved your precious daughters life. But lets not last on the negative events that took place at Hogwarts.On a collateral aspect we won the gold cop for Gryffindor stomach. At first I did not think that we would stand a chance because the end -of-year feast was decked out with Slytherin colours of green and silver to celebrate Slytherins winning the house instill for the seventh year in a row. There was a capacious banner showing the Slytherin serpent covered the wall behind the spirited table. Dumbledore began awarding the houses with their points in fourth place, Gryffindor, with three hundred and twelve points, I really did not know what to say, and I felt so disappointed. non to my surprise in first place was Slytherin with four hundred and seventy-two. A storm of cheering and stamping broke out from the Slytherin table. Dumbledore then said yes, yes, head done, Slytherin. However, recent events must be taken into account, and the room went silent. then(prenominal) he says he has a few last-minute points to dish out. first-year to Mr Ronald Weasley, for the best-played chess Hogwarts has feeln in years, I award Gryffindor house fifty points. endorsement to Miss Hermione Granger for the cool use of logic in the flavor of fire, I award Gryffindor house fifty points. I then bury my face in my arms from disbelief. Dumbledore then said third to Mr Harry Potterfor pure nerve and outstanding courage, I award Gryffindor house sixty points. Everyone knew that Gryffindor now had four hundred and seventy points exactly the same as Slytherin. We had drawn for the House Cup if only Dumbledore had given Harry just one more point. Dumbledore raised his hand and the room in stages went silent.There are all kinds of courage, he said smiling. It takes a ample deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends. I therefore award hug drug points to Mr Neville Longbottom. A loud noise erupted from Gryffindor table and Harry, Ron and I stood up and cheered with exhilaration, we were so overwhelmed with excitement, we just could not keep still. In an instant the green became violent and the silver became gold the vast Slytherin serpent vanished and a soaring Gryffind or king of beasts took its place. It really felt great and I am looking off to next year.My first year has almost ended but it was a remarkable and an awe-inspiring experience, surely one I will never forget. It seemed that thing would be back to normal next year, well as normal as it ever was at Hogwarts. I cant wait to see you Mum and Dad. I love you loads. Tell every one racy and I will be home soon.

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