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Leadership of Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad Essay

1-INTRODUCTIONTo be a great loss take awayer, one needs to crap unsloped strategies, be companionship adequate to(p) and fit to predict the future Mahathir Mohamed subsequently becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia in 1981, Mahathir Mohammed has changed a lot of polices and stinting strategies, which reflected positively on Malaysian economy. In his era, Malaysia has changed from a poor uncouth bea to a real rich industrial modern country, W present he was kn give birth as the Father of Modernization for Malaysia . He has made a lot of achievements on stinting and political level in Malaysia and was in like manner known for his extreme critique of Western anti-Islamic policies . He istruly an ridiculous man and multi-talented leader where he was able to achieve a uncovering in a short period of date. I will parley in this paper about the leadership qualities of Mahathir Mohammed and some of the most of import achievements and his leadership styles and then I will ad dress some of the negatives that energize marred his tenure.2- BACKGROUNDDr Mahathir Mohamad was born on December 20, 1925 in Seberang Perak, Alor Setar, Kedah1. He was the youngest of nine children. His draw Mohamad bin Iskandar was a half Indian stemma while his mother Wan Tampawan was Malay. His family came from a very modest background, as they were not aristocrats, now were they particularly inclined religiously or politic whollyy. As schools were closed during the Japanese occupation of Malaya in World War II, Mahathir started remove in small businesses. He first started selling coffee, and later was a hawker of snacks, mostly pisang goring (banana fritters)He started his development by attention a Malay vernacular school before continuing his education at the Sultan Abdul Hamid College in Alor Setar. He move his study and go to Medical Study at King Edward VII College of Medicine in Singapore2.He graduated in 1954 from medical college, and started his carrier as a do ctor in Penang General Hospital3. in 1957 he establish his own clinic. In 1964, he was elected to parliament, as a member of the unite Malays National Organization (UMNA).3- Mahathirs Characters and Personality.a. port to leadership. Mahathir Mohammed was fond of leadership and revere of work is done correctly. It was remarkable among his friends and peers for his ability to persuade. It in like manner looks like the features of the serious-mindedness and purposefulness.b.Strategic and fantasyary Way of Thinking.(1) Mahathir Muhammad was preferred to study law, plainly it did not give where he got a scholarship in medicine as explained supra he wanted to study law because he enjoy debating4. but medical profession helped him a lot in his work as a politician. He has earned the circumstance of diagnosis and treatment, bringing appoint diseases of Malaysian nation economically, politically and socially. The way in dealing with the problems of his countrys was like a relatio nship of doctor and his patients.(2)Mahathir Mohammed, after his overthrow to Japan and South Korea could be a vision of his country by means of dissemination of education and rely on human resources In what was called Look East policy5. He was inspired by the Japanese and Korean perplex in modernization and future vision6.(3)Mahathir Mohammed has development a plan is to implicate the development of all parts of the country, including remote areas. Has taken care to attain roads and bridges linking the cities and villages of Malaysia as interested in the elaboration of the economic vision for Malaysia 20207. Mahathir Mohammed was keen to build a strong network of contacts in order to contribute to advancing the Malaysian economy, and thus was able to discharge the country to the era of fast communication in the early mid-eighties of the last century.c.Influential Characteristic.(1)Mahathir is believed in leadership by example8. He was trying to insert the values of Work lo ving in Malaysian people by the example, he was spending long hours at work and hardly takes a vacation, but he continues to work to improve the economic situation of Malaysia (2)He was very influential Mahathir Mohammed at the political level as part of the lengthiness of his rule in Malaysia for 22 years Barisan Nasional and influence the people continuing support the ledge9.d.A Strict Disciplinarian.(1) Early in his inception Mahathir Mohammed has earned status of strict and seriousness in education and dealing. He was like his father, cares about the education of his children and sometimes treated them harshly10. In leading the country as a Prime Minister some example of this partingistic flock be viewed in the case of his decision in 1988 whereby on his advice for conducting lawcourt to victor president Tun Saleh Abbas for gross misconductresulting the King sacked Lord president Tun Saleh Abbas, and two supreme court judges were also dismissed. other example was in 1998 h is Deputy Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim was sacked and arrested under the interior Security Act and served a 15 year jail clip on charges of corruption and sexual misconduct11.e.Multi-talented Person. Mahathir Mohammed was a multi-talented someone and deep thinking, he was able to deal with a lot of problems at one time and decisively. He has been known about these qualities during his study in the university where he was able to lead more than pupil group also founded some student magazines at the university. He established a medical journal and was its editor program called The Cauldron It also wrote a book before becoming quality curate, called the Malay Dilemma and the book was banned until he became prime minister 12.4-An Analysis of Dr Mahathir lead.a. Leadership it is very clear that Tun Dr Mahathir has a proper character of leadership whereby his spirit and character has inspired people to achieve their Goals. You bottom of the inning see His leadership successes b y achievement of the country and also it posterior be seen byThe high level of income and living standards of the people of Malaysia. It croupe also touch on the impact of his neighboring countries such as Indonesia, which is trying to inspire experience of Mahathir Mohammed in the economy.b. Management It is proven that he was successes in managing the government structure, Where he was able to run the government in a faithful way, which led to the achievement of the desired during his tenure. He has good plans forthe continued progress and ensure the achievement of the objectives of Vision 2020 c. Decision Making By looking at his way of thinking it is shown that Mahathir has a strategic and faultfinding thinking. This can be seen from his idea of The Look East Policy and The Vision 2020 whereby it is shown of his concern and awareness about the nation and the means to go for Malaysia and the benefits to all Malaysian people.He had also shown that he is a careful person in ma king his decision, even when he wanted to announced his resignation, he did not tell any personate including his wife but only asking his deputy Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi whether he is ready to be his successor. He wanted his announcement to be a public statement as he would not able to retract and he do not want any body to dissuade him for the resignation .d. Style of Leadership From the discussion of his personality and character, it is seen that Dr Mahathir was applying two autocratic and democratic style of leadership. As a leader, he use his power and being strict to enforce the policies or plan that he had decided to achieved certain objectives but at the mean time he is also admit in his memoirs, A Doctor in the abide as in the government and in the organization, all of the achievement are not only by himself but by everyone in the organization.5- Leadership weaknesses of Dr Mahathirthe biggest failure of his 20 year rule that his inability to create a better work ethic a mong fellow ethnic Malay disdain affirmative action policies in their favour has been13.CONCLUSIONSIn conclusion, it is identified that Tun Dr Mahathir has apply not only one style of leadership but he had applied the autocratic and democratic style depending on situation and he had shown that he had manage it accordingly and proven by his great achievement. in that location are so many good thing about Tun Dr Mahathir from his personality andcharacter that can be adapt to become a good leader. Tun Mahathir has shown that, to become a leader, one must have the desire to be a leader then only he or she can become the truly leader and he has prove that the important of knowledge is a vital aspects to be a successful leader. Only by having wide knowledge the leader can success his leadership whereby a leader without knowledge will lead his follower to the uncertainty. With the knowledge a leader can develop his vision by foreseeing the right direction or what his organization should be heading to or what to become. Another ruler that has been practiced by Tun Mahathir was lead by the example.A good leader should have always shown to his follower or subordinate a good example by himself. Only by showing a good example the follower will given their respect followed by having sanction to be lead by the leader. Another point to be highlighted here is that, in approaching the follower, the leader should not practicing only one oddball or style of leadership. The style should always depend on situation, in order to get the affirmative guarantee to achieve the objectives in slaying tasks given the autocratic style seem to be the best but throughout the process, the democratic way might encourage the follower to voluntarily impart their contribution and fully cooperation to achieve a better results.The learn mentee concept can also become a factor to a success in leadership as in this case, Tun Mahathirs father was the person who had inspired him the importance of revere learning and knowledge that has lead him to his success later on throughout his life.Bibliography1-Mahathir Mohamad (2011). A Doctor in the House The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Petaling Jaya, Selangor MPH Publishing. pp843.2- The Defence Leadership Centre, Defence Academy of join Kingdom (2004). Leadership in Defence. p2-4.3- BTDM Ser 122/ Sep-Oct 2003. Tentera dan Dr Mahathir . p4.4- Linda D. Henman. Leadership Theories and Controversies. p1.5- Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Tun Dr Mahatir Mohamad Leaders. Retrieved 0130, June 10, 2012 fromhttp// C. S. Kuppuswamy (2001). Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in power for two decades-An assessment. South Asia Analysis Group. Retrieved June 10, 2012 at 2345 fromhttp// Retrieved 23 Jun 12 at 2330 from http//

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