Friday, March 22, 2019

Siberian Tigers :: essays research papers

What it looks like Siberian tiger is the largest and most r be of on the whole members of the cat family. This cat is 8-10 feet long, excluding their 25-38 inch rattling tail. This species of tiger weighs 400-700 pounds. Like tout ensemble members of the tiger family, males are significantly larger than womanishs. The fur of the Siberian tiger is long, thick and yellow with dark black stripes running by dint of it. The coat of this animal is reddish colored in the summer months. The keister of the Siberian tiger is bright white, and the tail area is white and black. What its take habits are Like all members of the cat family, tigers are carnivores. The Siberian tiger hunts a wide range of prey, including small mammals, deer, water buffalo, wild pigs, and birds. Tigers loaf their prey, often camouflaging themselves and observing their intended victims for long periods of time. Siberian tigers are robust animals, able to tackle large animals almost twice their size, and rende r the victim helpless by inflicting a series of deadly bites into the animals spine or throat. This semi-nocturnal animals covers 6-12 miles each night in search of food.MATING Siberian tigers mate in winter months and following a 3-5 month gestation period, the female produces 3-4 cubs. Cubs weigh just over 2 pounds each and are born(p) blind. The small litter of cubs stay close to their mother for the rootage 8 weeks of life. By 18 months, the young are up to(p) of hunting on their own. Young stay with their mother for 2 years, at which time they pull out the pact and travel solo. The life span of the Siberian tiger is 15 years in the wild, and significantly longer in captivity. LIFESTYLE The Siberian tiger at one time ranged through Korea, China, parts of Russia, and Siberia. Today, they are near extinction in all areas, except Russia. The Siberian tiger is a solitary animal, preferring to travel and hunt alone or with a small pack. This animal lives in mountainous regions a nd heavily forested areas. The tigers first line of defense is the rattle at the end of its tail. The Siberian tiger will shake the tail to warn off enemies or conk to others the threat of danger. This cat is a powerful jumper and climber, also capable of running at high speeds. The paws of the Siberian tiger are furnish with long, sharp, dagger-like retractable claws.

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