Thursday, May 23, 2019

A Beautiful Home

They say a house is not a groundwork until it is filled with the laughter and noise of the family living in it. The house I grew up in was just a simple wooden house. It had all the fundamentals that made it a house such as the rooms and furniture. I remember that my favorite room in the house was the kitchen.The kitchen for me is what made my family house a beautiful home. I remember how the kitchen always smelled of a mixture of brewed coffee and bacon fresh homo thing in the morning. I did not need an alarm time during those summer months out of school.The freshly cooked bacon and smell of hot bread coming out of the oven always got everyone out of bed early. I would always be the first of my siblings in the kitchen, ready and willing to set the breakfast table. As the family sat gathered around to eat, we would tell stories about how we planned to spend the day.After the meal, our father would production line us up by the door before he left and give us our candy money for t he day. He was a kind man my father. He always smelled like soap and coffee even hours after the meal.My house is a beautiful home. It has everything that is expected. I have a loving father, a responsible mother, and siblings who I continue to grow with to adulthood. What more can I ask for?Questions and Answers1. What was your dominant impression?The dominant impression I wanted to enrapture in this paper is the early memory of my childhood and those simple times when my family shared everything we did together. I also wanted to give the reader a splendid description of how my family was and the simple joys we shared like having an early morning breakfast.2. Weakness in my assignment?I wish I had a higher allowable word count so that I could be more descriptive and further enhance the use of the 5 senses of my reader as my narration progresses. I also think that I have a problem in the subject verb agreement in a portion of the essay.3. Strengths in my assignment I am proud of? I am proud of the way I was able to relate a simple childhood experience and enhance it into a wonderful memory of the home I grew up in for whoever might read my essay.

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