Monday, May 20, 2019

Anti Guns on Campuses Essay

Guns are a double-edged sword when it comes down to it. Guns provide many an(prenominal) people the ability to feel safe and protected, while other guns are constant reminder that nearly freedoms are mobn too far. Guns privileges are abused, misused, and mistreated. Young people glorify toting weapons analogous its a new fashion statement. Missing the fact, that what in reality is causing uproar and panic amongst everyone else. That is why I feel like guns should not be allowed on college campuses.Asking a young person to take the responsibility of not only carrying but carrying a gun around on a college campus is a lot to ask of a college aged young adult. Most people in college struggle with jealous a full-course load, let alone walking with a gun, or the fact that someone unbeknownst to them could be carrying an automatic weapon. The theory is not brilliant if a pip occurs we should let the proper authorities sell it, in a professional manner in which they are paid to do so . Law enforcement is to a greater extent than just capable of doing their business sector, in a professional sense. It makes sense for police to patrol all passim a college campus to keep peace. Asking an 18- 24 year old who is still mentally and emotionally adjusting to flavor and new experiences is too much.College campuses are actually safer than the surrounding communities where an actual 93% of crimes that occur against college students take place. That in it of itself is an eye opener to those for gun on college campuses. College campuses are a safe heaven, where students can be at ease, and be at peace knowing that they are protected 24/7. Lawmakers should take joy as well. Campus police is actually doing whats asked of them and doing it above and beyond. Police are doing what is asked of them. Now imagine if a student or even faculty member such as a teacher with no crisis dressing is asked to respond to an emergency situation? Many if not most would panic and not how t o respond to the situation at hand. Situations could lead to disaster, so why not leave that to the professionals.Clearly not having guns on college campuses has worked so far. Why would society decide to change that now? The negatives outweigh the good in every facet. Yes like with anything there are positives, but those positives are few and far between. Students and faculty arent trained to sell the pressures and stress that come with dealing with carrying a loaded weapon on campus. Law Enforcement does a heck of a job, in protecting all persons on campuses now. By switching that up, you are making police officers job even way more difficult, asking them to distinguish in crisis situations who and who isnt the culprit. Making them find out who has the gun? Guns should be allowed on college campuses period.

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