Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Bombshells Benefit Calendar Business Plan :: Business Management Studies

Bombshells Benefit Calendar Business PlanExecutive SummarySSSAMM Inc. plans to create a benefit calendar called, tie downsBombshells. The calendar will contain photographs of female BondUniversity students who have been selected to be the Bombshells fromBond Uni. The calendar will include advertisements from local vendorsthat address to the target population along with information onupcoming events on campus. The calendar will not only be functional,to keep up on action on campus, provide coupons and deals with localbusinesses barely the photos of the Bombshells will also be enjoyable tocustomers visual desires.The calendar will be created for the target interview of male studentsthat attend Bond University. This group includes men ranging the ageof 16 to 25. Another segment of the population at Bond Universitythat could be potential customers but are not included in the targetaudience is male faculty and staff. Although their patronage iswelcome it is not counted on.No special ad vertising such as posters or commercials will be used toreach customers. SSSAMM Inc. merely plans that through word of mouthand visual sales will attract customers. sales will take place at thebusiest hours of the weekday in the busiest area of campus, under thearch.SSSAMM Inc. has strong confidence that their product will be verysuccessful. Through trade research, a market for the product wasestablished and continuous verbal advertisement was followed up withassurance by the population of success with the product. IntroductionImagine a beautiful girl dressed in brightly coloured swimwear posedwith a tennis racket and a ball. This is the image that SSSAMM Inc.plans to use to sell its Bonds Bombshells benefit calendar. Thiscalendar will have the look of a professional production and the costwill only be $15. All the scratch made from this product will bedonated to Plan Australia, a charity whose purpose is to help end thepoverty across the world. All production cost will be cover ed by thesale of advertisements to local businesses. The businesses will placeadvertisements and coupons throughout the calendar adding to the valueof the product.The best kind of marketing for a product like this is word of mouth. As customers are satisfied with their purchase they will spread wordto others that could be interested in the calendar. A necessitate hasbeen established in the market, which was discovered through marketingresearch. From a poll of male students on campus a majority of themsaid they would buy the calendar and others suggested that in that location is ahigh percentage of others that would also buy Bonds Bombshellsbenefit calendar.

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