Saturday, May 25, 2019

Command Economy

didactics Economy Mountainous Politicians, countries and ideologies from any everyplace the world have been separate for years between what they should follow and believe. Countries argue over which policies should be adopted been the economists fundamental question. What would life be like if the country you lived in targeted equality- to live in a country w here all tribe are equal, all are treated the corresponding, and all are one? People desire to live in a place where social class is not an issue and money, food shortage, monthly bills, and shelter is nothing you have to worry some.The command scrimping provides survival, mensurate in work, stability, equality and care and economic resources for all its members, young, sick, disabled, and the old. The command economy is much stable then the market economy. One reason command economy is more efficient than a market economy is because the command economy focuses on providing survival for its people. All residents are pr ovided with the basic needs for survival much(prenominal) as housing, jobs, education, clothing, food etc. The government provides all the needs.There is no worry about bills, losing jobs, food shortage. In a market economy, you are not guaranteed all this, sure you are abandoned well farthere but you are not guaranteed a job. What happens to those in need of a job? They arent given a job. In a market economy you are on your own. Karl Marx, a German philosopher, formed the command economy. In a market economy, you are constantly competing for survival. Whereas the command economy- you are guaranteed survival. The government provides all your basic needs.According to Marx, Disadvantage of a pure market economy cannot provide security to those who, because of sickness or age, cannot be economically productive. The bottom line is that the government of a market economy does not imply support to its residents. An older couple is not life story under the governments wing, but the in surance and money they have saved over the ages. The market economy has no interest for providing public estimables and services, such as national defense says, Marx. Another reason the command economy is better than the market economy is because the command economy fosters what the thespians produce.According to Marx, The definition of value its value is the amount of labor needed to produce and sustain labor power or it is the amount of labor needed to produce and sustain labor-power. ascendance economies take plume into what the workers produce. A product can be worth nothing, but it is worth much more as opposed to how much the worker has worked to produce the product. The government is in charge of producing the number of goods making sure that no money is wasted, and if it is, it is done correctly. The command economy has been successful as far as funding money.The command economy is very stable and will never have sudden depressions or financial crisis. In the late 18 00s the get unitedly States struggled with government ruling. For example, The join States had little control over the economy in the early 1900s which lead to one of Americas most devastating historic event, The Great Depression. The market economy tends to multiply the wealth of a nation much quicker due to evolution while the command economy plans the completed money making process, which has proved to be more beneficial.The command economy, as I mentioned earlier is in charge of its production and the demand of the consumer. For example, the government owns the companies in a command economy so moving production to a different area is no problem because the government is capable of doing it quickly as opposed to the market economy. In a market economy there are different owners and different regulations to each area. The value of the worker is always cherished in a command economy. Equality is a very strong component to the command economy.The government tries to eliminate all property and distribute its good equally. If done correctly no one is in poverty and no one is wealthier than the other. Marx explains, The workers are selling to an abstract capacity to labor, and because of this, the capitalist is able to sour them by only paying labor-powers value. This means that the worker is paid only by the work the worker has accomplished. For example, all residents are paid the same wage for the same amount of work that is done. The command economy also shares the same religion.This way government and the church are able to work together unlike the market economy where the government and the church are always on the different sides. The government also provides education for all of its residents. All of its people are educated at the same level. Equality is a strong component to the command economy. The care and economic resources are also a bear-sized deal to the command economy. No other economy provides such resource. The market economy does not p rovide full coverage after you are uneffective to work. You have to save money for retirement-that comes from your pocket.In a command economy you are guaranteed care and economic resources to sustain survival even if you are not shortly working- the government will have you under its wing. The command economy is much more efficient then the market economy. Residents are worry-free when it comes to resources of survival. The government also takes pride into the workers work and eliminates social classes to create equality amongst the residents. It is a stable economy and provides care for its residents. The command economy is more efficient then the market economy.Command EconomyRecently, over this summer there has been hundreds of children who have illegally entered the United States from Central and South America. They snuck here because a lot of their parents sent them here in search off much safer life with more opportunity ahead of them instead of being under a gruesome govern ment control over in there home country.I believe they should be sent back to their country because, these kids could potentially be a liar and or a scourge to our countries safety, and it is unconstitutional to make exceptions for anyone that doesnt bide by the law, especially if theyre not a United States citizen, that entered the U. S illegally. Unfortunately, no matter how bad any kid couldve had it in a South American country, we ultimately can not trust there word because nobodys word is just completely reliable, they could be lying and be someone completely different then what theyre telling us whether they are a kid or not.Without undeniable deduction that they really did come here to escape their country, then we have too assume theyre lying in order to ensure the safety to our fellow American citizens. Furthermore, even If they have proof that they really did come to our country seeking help and opportunity, they still would have to go through the Immolation and citizens hip gaining process Just like everyone else who has and wants to migrate too the United States to become a citizen.Therefore to sum It up, there may be many kids who want and need help that came here from their troubled country, but we as a country can not put ourselves In danger as a whole for people from somewhere else. America has their own problems to worry about and exceptions can not and should not be made for people who could be potential threats to our country.

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