Sunday, May 12, 2019

Critical Discourse in Design - Intention versus Perception Assignment

Critical Discourse in blueprint - Intention versus Perception - Assignment ExampleTo achieve this, the company has a team of professionals, including the most productive minds and the best directors in the country. Some of the recent campaigns by the company include (included are the associates to the commercials).Movistar is i of the top clients for this subsidiary and they did the campaign for its ne dickensrks. The title of this campaign was gravity and one of these videos was directed by two of the most known directors in the industry, Jorge Soto and Charlie Valderrama.The commercial was in the shit of a video, this makes it easy to capture the circumspection of the target audience. People are more likely to watch moving images than any other form of media (Art Directors Club, 2011). The content of the commercial is also limited as it only involves one character. This gives the commercial a reason of mystery as we try to understand how this commutation character will relat e to their environment. In the commercial, the central character is seated and manages to defy gravity. The end result is that the character floats throughout the commercial. The context of this commercial is that everything is doable for the users of this network as the commercial ends with the name of the brand, Movistar.The directors used in this commercial have a business relationship of coming up with such commercials. Their work usually involves very few characters and it is these that are used to stockpile the message about the product to the consumer. The intention of this commercial is to portray a scenario which is impossible to achieve, in this case, float above the ground. This makes the viewers wonder how this is possible. At the end of this phase, the name of the brand appears on the screen. This creates a link between the brand and the floating character. It shows that the product has limitless capabilities and it can enable them to do a liberal range of things t hat were previously not possible (Plunkett, 2008).All these things can be made possible collect to the Movistar 4G networks.

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