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Literature Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Literature Review - Essay ExampleThese in most cases are ca social functiond by different need, or ideologies that we experience when we are brought together. Absence of negotiation asshole incense the differences then unstable relationships between societal members. This paper acquaints a thoughtful belles-lettres analyse of the wideness of negotiation skills with reference to various scholarly articles and books. ElShenawy views negotiation as an important managerial skill which the supremacy of the global environment relies on. Additionally, most interactions need the aspect of negotiation. This makes skilful negotiators are perceived as serviceable assets that are capable of increasing the financial per functionance, maintain good customer relations and ensure proles satisfaction (ElShenawy, 2010). Arguably, skills are very infixed in the growth of any organization as it promotes understanding and inter-relationship among individuals in the organization. Today, most or ganizations are interested in employing individuals that are well equipped with enchant skills like listening skills, and negotiation skills. According to Taylor, Mesmer-Magnus and Burns individuals ability to effectively negotiate with others like their coworkers, superiors and their juniors hence effective global workforce (Taylor, Mesmer-Magnus, & Burns, 2008). ... Ideally, skills in negotiations involve the ability to be persuasive and assertive and non confront other parties. These skills promote the effectiveness in negotiation process. Generally, communication skills are very essential in our daily activities and relationships. The yet way to take in a dispute is exert the key negotiation skills in the process. However, negotiation is in most cases lickd by the power of the two parties, how they are able to influence others matters. According to Ahn, Sutherland and Bednarek, how the parties influence to each one other enhances the willingness to reach an agreement (Ahn, Sutherland & Bednarek, 2010). This simply nub that the agreement reached to solve the differences between two parties is ideally based on the level of influence that the parties involved have towards each other as well as the case presented, and the third parties present. Briefly, steps followed while negotiating include preparation, hash oution, and clearing of goals, win-win outcome, agreement, and implementation of the course of action. Equally, all parties involved have to participate in the negotiation process. The venue to discuss the problem, time limit, and presence of all facts of the situation need to be clarified in order to distract further conflict and wastage of time. Then, parties involved are given opportunity to air out their views of the situation. Here, they are advance to listen, question and ensure clarification of ideas as each side given equal chance to present their cases. Thereafter, the two parties goals, interests and viewpoints need to be clarified to found a common ground. Followed by negotiation for a win-win outcome where both parties feel that their views have been taken into LITERATURE REVIEW Essay Example Topics and sanitary Written Essays - 1500 words - 1LITERATURE REVIEW - Essay ExampleThe study subjects were categorized by sex and age after which their demographic data was taken. blue-green algae isolates were cultured in sterile inorganic media. The research was conducted using skin patch technique in which the nurses prepared subjects backs using acetone and the patches apply (Ian, Ivan, Penelope, Philip, & Glen, 2006, p. 2). The patches contained aqueous suspensions of cyanobacteria which were applied for 48 hours. Dermatological assessments were carried out after 48 and 96 hours of application. The subjects were certain to keep their backs clean and not to participate in any vigorous activity that might intercept with the patches. The hypothesis that was evaluated in this research was to assess the potential of cyanobacteria to cause skin hypersensitivity reactions. The belles-lettres retread mainly covered two variables cyanobacteria and skin patch technique. These are the most important variables since they form the core of the research hypothesis. The literature critique starts by describing what cyanobacteria are and associated public health risks. spit out rashes have been reported as a dissolving agent of exposure to cyanobacteria. Usually, these rashes are very pruritic and itchy (Ian, Ivan, Penelope, Philip, & Glen, 2006, p. 2). In order to understand the hypothesis, conditions that favor growth of these algae and their health effects have to be known. This literature review was therefore, very relevant to the hypothesis. The motive also gives information on the reports arising from exposure of cyanobactreia especially in recreational situations. The fact that few of these reports have been reported for domestic water supplies is also reviewed. From the literature it can be seen that skin patch test has been in used as a procedure for testing effects of cyanobacteria since 1900s (Ian, Ivan, Penelope, Philip, & Glen, 2006, p. 2). It is also indicated that 20-24 percent of volunteers reacted to cyanobactreia in a study by Pilotto et al (Ian, Ivan, Penelope, Philip, & Glen, 2006, p. 2). Therefore, the use of skin patching to assess the effects of cyanobacteria has been used successfully in several studies. This means that the same procedure can be used in this research and give good results. The literature review used in this study fully supported the research hypothesis. In the literature review the author points out that reports of skin rashes as a result of cyanobactreia have been reported. Most of these cases are as a result of recreational exposure. Very few cases have been reported as a result of poor water treatment facilities hence their presence in water supplies (Ian, Ivan, Penelope, Philip, & Glen, 2006, p. 2). There is a dislocation in i nformation concerning cyanobacteria in water supplies. The literature review was somehow biased. This is because the researcher only covered two aspects (cyanobacteria and Skin patch testing) in the literature review. It could be more interesting if the author could incorporate hypersensitivity in the literature review. Important information to be included would include types of hypersensitivity caused by cyanobacteria and long term effects of these hypersensitivity. Nevertheless, the review on cyanobacteria and skin patch testing presented in the paper gave a good background information about the field of study. Therefore literature review can be used to form a good base for a research. The literature review mainly concentrated on primary information sources. This

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