Monday, May 6, 2019

Sales Managment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Sales Managment - Assignment ExampleThis paper appproves that in accordance with the facts mentioned by Bakosh, it substructure be said that this author has laid significant amount of focus on multiple another(prenominal) aspects of motivating sales teams rather than just concentrating on the financial incentive type. As per the author, it is an utmost sine qua non for managers to lay prime importance in terms of effectively understanding basic employee requirements which include factors much(prenominal) as health, safety, security, social recognition, self-esteem and multiple more. In keeping with the author, these factors are mainly responsible for physically as well as mentally motivating the employees and thus helping them to attain desired organisational objectives.This sample makes a conclusion that for undertaking this field visit and questionnaire assignment, the Hubbard Foods Ltd was chosen. This company is an Auckland based organisation and is mainly tortuous in terms of manufacturing breakfast cereals. The objective of this live assignment was to carry out an open stop questionnaire session with the National Sales Manager of the company Mr Daniel OBrien. The summarised view of the responses to the posed questions is provided hereunder. In accordance to the firstborn question, Mr OBrien replied that the companys sales team was pretty strong and effective in terms of manipulation every situation either favourable or unfavourable. The team has got significant amount of experience most the domestic market and they seem to be highly self-motivated.

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