Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Wife of Bath by Geoffery Chaucer :: essays research papers

The wife of Bath, Dame Alice is quite a spiteful woman even though she desires only a few childlike things in life power and control. Through her prologue and tale, she makes mirror images of herself , which reflects the person who she really is.      Dame Alice desires the obvious in life, but what she most desires above all is cosmos more powerful than her man, her spouse, and her lover. In a relationship, she wishes to be dominant, the one who has the last to say, the one who has control over all things in the relationship. This can be starting seen in her prologue, "Ill have a husband yet who shall be both my debtor and my slave and bear his tribulation to the grave upon his flesh, as long as Im his wife. For mine shall be the power all his life over his proper body, and not he"(55-59). It is then shown again in her tale when knight returns the move and fulfills the task assigned by the queen, "a woman wants the self-same sovereignty over her husband as over her lover, and master him he must not be above her" (174-176). Yet another example of Dame Alices wish to be dominant is presented later in the tale told by her. The old hag, after marrying the knight, gives him a choice. It was either to have her old and ugly but faithful or young and pretty but wonder off. "You have two choices which one testament you try? To have me old and ugly till I die, but still loyal, true, and humble wife that will never displease you all her life, or would you rather I were young and pretty and chance your arm what happens in the city where friends will visit you because of me, yes, and on other places too, maybe."(309-316)      By comparing the Wife of Baths prologue to her tale, it is quite obvious that Dame Alice wants to be the old hag. In some aspects, Dame Alice can be said to be jealous of the old hag. subsequently all, the hag was given power and dominance over her husband. In Dame Alices true li fe it was not completely true. The husbands that Dame Alice had, "three of them were good and two were bad." (92) The three that she had were called good because they "were rich and old"(93) Dame Alice had complete control over them.

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