Saturday, June 1, 2019

Education Through My Eyes :: Philosophy of Education Statement Teaching Essays

Education Through My Eyes What is education? More than that, what should education be? Education is the process of teaching and learning. It should be tykes play for both teacher and pupil. Education should be embraced with eagerness and the teacher and student should be able to reverse roles one learning from the other. I want to be part of this process. My desire is to change at least one life. I want to see the look of amazement on the face of a child who has just learned his/her ABCs or who has said a nursery rhythm for the first time. My class room will be grace with knowledge. Walls colored by the rainbow, rugs lined with the alphabet. Each desk would have a special number and the bulletin board would be decorated by the seasons and holidays or the drawings make by my students they colored with pride. I would arrange desks so that my students can participate in cooperative learning as much as possible. I do not want calculators used in my class, t hey take away from the learning experience. At least once a week, I would pick a vanquish and have each group tell the rest of the class what they have learned about it. I believe that there has to be some case of authority in a classroom, however, that authority can not be abused. My rules will be easy to follow 1) Have materials ready for class 2) Do not disrupt class 3) Do not talk while the teacher is talking 4) Keep your hands to yourself 5) No food or drinks in class unless there is enough for everyone. There will be rewards for the student who has the fewest violations of these rules. Discipline, I believe should be administered according to the severity of the crime, with the most unsafe being sent to the principal for action. I believe that a teacher should be a leader, a role model. A teacher should be the students friend, who cares not only about making sure students learn, but makes sure the students arent starving for food or attention.

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