Thursday, June 20, 2019

Reflection essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 12

Reflection - Essay ExampleIn this paper I will discuss that campus education is very important for college students as compared to online learning, maculation keeping in view my own experience of college campus.When I joined my college, I met many other students and thus, started socializing with my peers, which is an integral part of character development. My personality has groomed a lot after I have joined my college. I know this when I compare myself to when I was in school. I retrieve that in campus learning, college students come to know how to behave in classrooms how to show respect to teachers how to deal with peers and, how to show discipline while learning. This socializing is beneficial for them in some(prenominal) short and long terms because they learn how to deal with life and its problems and how to cope with relationships. I learned how to communicate with my teachers and friends, which benefitted me in my personal life as well. Hence, campus learning teaches eff ective relationship management which cannot be learned through online learning.Campus learning makes students follow the deadlines in a better way, and they learn how to follow a direct routine pattern for their studies. When I joined college, one of my friends, who is an online student, convinced me that college campus environment is very strict and makes the student follow the schedules forcibly. However, my experience has been different. I have been sufficient to set my routine in a very effective manner. Online learning does not provide the students with these opportunities, because they tend to be relaxed since they do not have to exhibit teachers remarks and class fellows comments if they do not meet a deadline or are not dressed up neatly, and etcetera. Hence, campus learning teaches discipline in a much better way. I have learnt how to dress up neatly, how to convey my ideas face-to-face, and how to behave in groups and teams. I could never have learnt

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