Monday, June 17, 2019

What were the status and the roles of Jews under Islamic Rule Discuss Essay

What were the status and the roles of Jews under Islamic Rule Discuss 3 issues - Essay characterThe Nazi forces had committed many atrocities against the Jews. They burnt the papers, which contained many important discoveries of Albert Einstein. The paper presents an overview of Jews under Islamic rule.Muslims used to support other religion generally. Muslims believe Islam is merely the religion. Muslims feel that the Jews argon wrong in believing theirs is a gods religion. Muslims accept Jesus as a prophet and messiah whom Christians are worshipping as god. Christians have paid much attention towards Jews in the west, whereas in Muslims countries, the Jews were given less importance but they were wealthy. Christians and Jews are friendly in europium with good religions atmosphere. Whereas in Muslims countries the Jews were treated as minority amongst other religions which resulted in they did non become intruded in Muslim areas.Its every countrys responsibility to protect it ci tizens basic human rights. Human rights violation should be considered as a serious offence, legal and appropriate action should be taken against those who violate these rights. Countries like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and most of the other Islamic countries dont even consider providing and implementing basic human rights. Jews comes under the minority section and have been given less importance. In Islamic countries the important hurdle is the Shariat1 law. This law prevents basic amenities to the minority sections. According to this law women were not equal to men, they should always be under veil, only her members could see her face, men can marry as any times as they want, women should get conjoin only once and many other stringent laws are under implementation.The Israel and Palestinian conflict has taken center stage in the world politics. It in addition reflects a fight between the Jews and Muslims and those who are in support with both the religions respectively. It is seen as a war between

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