Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Lab organization and Management case study Essay

Lab organization and Management case study - Essay Example ization- test systems and test items; rules- standard operating procedures (SOPs) and etiquette; results- unrefined data, reporting and archiving; and quality assurance- autonomous examination of research activities (Agrawal et al, 2009, p.10). It is quite clear that employees at Best Pet Test Company filed to adhere to the best lab practices outlined in the GLP. For instance, Harold did not keep accurate records during his spell as the company’s lab safety manager. In addition, the lab employees used hand written labels to tag the urine sample because two of the three hand-held bar-code readers were not functioning properly. The results of tests carried on the samples were also inconsistent. Lab staff members were often seen in the mail room or lunch area wearing their lab coats. To make the matters worse, Rene (the new lab safety manager at the company) found a number of unlabeled bottles of chemicals cluttering the fume hoods. In the lab, some of the staff members testing blood samples had their morning coffee sitting next to a centrifuge. To cap it all, the local media published a story that laboratory waste with labels from Best Test, Inc. was discovered at an abandoned quarry nearby. The illustration above demonstrates the failure by the company to adhere to GLP standards. GLP regulations stipulate logical descriptions of the structure of the research institute and the duties of each research employee. This implies that Best Test Inc. chart should reveal the activities of the company which must be updated on a regular basis. Job descriptions and organizational charts reflect the manner in which the lab functions as well as the correlation between the various posts and departments. In addition, GLP guidelines emphasize that the number of laboratory staff must be adequate to carry out the required tasks in an efficient and GLP-compliant manner (Kumari & Bhatia, 2003, p.5). The duties of all lab employees should be clearly described and recorded. Their

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