Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Women Have Evolved

Women have come a long way in America. They used to not be able to vote or stand alone with major decision that had to be made. Now they are so many advantages for women living in our society and now thank god these advantages are now rights to women of America. Women in the USA have taken advantage of these new right and exceled with them to become better individuals. Women in America have advantages because there are now contraceptives to prevent pregnancy, more women are able to go to school and get education, women now hold their own jobs and women are getting married at an older age because they are now independent. Contraceptives have become a must have for women in the United States. This great for American women because in past there were no contraceptives, women would get married and have many children because lack of birth control for them. Some women would have what they call mistakes, because of one night stands and be stuck with a baby they were not ready for. Women are now able with the help contraceptive to choose when they want to get pregnant and when they just want to wait till the time is right. Women have took advantage of being able to control getting pregnant and are now having children at older age, when they feel more mature and ready to have children. Women used to have to stay home in take care of their children. Most women in America would be lucky if they were even able to get a high school diploma. Men back in the days did not want their woman to further their education, but now with new advantages women have started excelling and going to college. They started to realize that they could still have a family and graduate from college. Women are taking their education seriously and now succeeding in college due being given the privileged attend college. As stated by whitehouse. gov â€Å"Woman’s gains in educational attainment have significantly outpaced those of men over the last 40 years† (para 5). Woman worth in this economy had started to become recognized in the United States. More women have started graduating from ollege and not stopping at high school because of starting a family. Because our society have given woman a chance to get a higher education there scores on test , classes and graduated rates have passed up the men in America. The Economist wrote â€Å"Women in the United States earned 60%of university degrees in America†(para 3). Now that women are able to work and not told to stay at home and watch after their children they are doing good in the workforce and able to obtain work that before was only able to be obtained by a man. The Economist stated â€Å"They run some of the world’s best companies, such as PepsiCo, Archer Daniels Midland and W. L. Gore (Para 3). Women are more independent with having their own jobs and do not depend on men to take care of them. Some women have had to step to the plate so that they could have a two income home and make in this new society in America. According to the Economist â€Å"Women now make up almost half of American workers (49. 9% in October)(para3).

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