Saturday, August 24, 2019

Investing in IT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Investing in IT - Essay Example tened that our current human resource could not operate our kind of business without the backing of a well-established information systems department. Our technical department argued that with most of our business processes and transactions being computer based we had to take care of tasks such as system administrations, computer hardware engineering and networking, management of data and software and database design. The option of external sourcing for professionals to carry out these tasks for us was expensive and not viable in the long term for our business. According to Brynjolfsson (1994, p.6), investing in information technology does pay for a number of reasons and taking that into consideration, we have been able to reduce the workload on our workers while saving on time, grow our business further and make profits, deliver quality, effective and satisfactory service to our clients due to the increased positive feedback responses, improve our overall production in terms of output from our human resource, tracing of our business courses and document storage facilitation, control our transportation and communication related activities, thus cutting down on expenses involved, attract new businesses as a result of our new web augmentations such as blogs, client support structures, merchandise catalogs and newsletters as currently we are facing increased traffic and gain a competitive edge over our customers and increase the number of our customers. As Brynjolfsson reiterated on the importance of information technology (1993, p.66-78), we too have managed to measure the impact information technology has had on our business and so far it’s a positive one. We took a number of factors into consideration: Customers - We had a look at the number of new and return customers and we realized our numbers increased and so we seem to be heading in the right direction in terms of offering solutions to our customer needs. Were we able to describe their problem correctly

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