Sunday, October 6, 2019

Korean Art History Research Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Korean Art History Research Paper - Essay Example Ikutaro (9) states that the Bottle Vase is believed to have been developed in the period between the 918- 1392 by the Goryeo dynasty of Korea. The ceramic is in the shape of a wheel-thrown stoneware that has incised and slip filled beautification and green contemplation. The work represents the autonomy of the Korean arts industry and the progressive developed from the ancient to present days. From this ceramic, it can be observed that the Korean culture is gifted with talented artists of all times. The ceramic was developed several centuries ago but remains attractive up to the present days. The silvery color of the ceramic together with the flowery carvings makes the ceramic quite unique. The flowers decorating the ceramic are a symbol of the Korean rich natural and user friendly environment. In essence the flowers represent the beauty of natural resources that are found in Korea. The mouth of the ceramic is coated with a shiny cup. The shiny top covering can be described to mean a bright future for the art industry. The neck of the ceramic is narrow and bulges outwards on reaching the central body. Moreover, the neck of the ceramic is upright or straight. The Bottle vase has a flat bottomed base that enhances stability and gives the piece of art a notable point of view. An analysis of the artistic style used to develop the ceramic reveals that the art is a blend of the ancient and modern technology. For instance, the flower decorations on the sides of the ceramic is an indication that at the time of developing the ceramic civilizations had started taking roots.

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