Friday, April 12, 2013

Are we free? An examination of the percieved freedoms that citizens have in the US.

All relationships, be it political or personal, involve some detail of obedience and obligation. The main one of these is the relationship between the individualist and the state. The individual is bound to result the laws that ar enforced by the state, no matter of whether they want to or non. Reasons that people do obey the state be simple. Penalties for breaking laws ar in place, much(prenominal) as fines and imprisonment, and in some US states, death. The laws are in place to protect the people, even though the people themselves are not actually consenting to the laws. This is partly due to the place of the states, which loom coercively and always claim the right to command. Most laws that are in place have been in existence for anything from decades to centuries, and are generally accepted rather than queried. Power is defined in different ways. It usually means that the party or person with the world power has the right to act upon their will over others, regardless of the other partys content. This apprize often be done by means of domination and subordination.

Power is embodied in institutions of the state; people make grow up being under power, be that power of a parent, teacher or the government. These institutions make up the state, which is basically a sovereign torso that holds the monopoly of primary law making.

Whether the state has a moral right to rule is discussed frequently. Weber says that for the right to rule to be legitimate, all that is necessary is for people to comply with the rules, whereas for others power is only legitimate where there is evidence of consent on part of the general population and where the rules governing its acquisition and exercise are justifiable in terms of rationally invulnerable normative principles.

What then...

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They dont posit u what religion that you have to be or what you can and cant eat, or belive. You are free to gestate what you want until a certain extent, when you start infringing upon others rights, which then makes them not free. You say laws shouldnt be able to tell people what to put on their body because it is our own. moreover I wouldnt want a free monastic order were people could go around naked without clothes. You might not think people would take it that far, but some surley would. On the matter of smoking weed, weed is a gateway drug that leads to other drugs. And weed just like alcohol impairs your belief and slows you reaction to things down, if people were free to smoke it then they could ticktack behind the wheel and hurt someone else. A aversion is a crime. I dont think people should get the aforementioned(prenominal) amount of time for stealing items as to killing someone. But petty crimes done enough will lead to felonys because they believe they can get away with it. And besides the point they are hurting peoples business. Good paper overall with excellent points, but what we do not need is a totally free society.

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